Chat Log: Ep. 1 "His Visit: Day One"

Saturday 04 April 2009

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SaveJFC: Hi Jimmy!
SaveJFC: Waterboard can't make it tongiht but will next week.
SaveJFC: I'm going to go eat dinner. I'll be back for the show.
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Jimmy2Nutz: Hello
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Jimmy2Nutz: <10 min
Jimmy2Nutz: 9 minutes
Jimmy2Nutz: 8 minutes
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Skorda: Is this where I should be?
Jimmy2Nutz: 7 mini-nutz
Skorda: How come I am in here twice? I thought I left last time. Must be my evil twin
Jimmy2Nutz: did you go skitzoid?
Skorda: maybe......
Skorda: who else has said they will come tonight?
Jimmy2Nutz: Lets see..... there was me..... and you..... Trishah........
Jimmy2Nutz: Did you call Tammy?
Skorda: Myles
Skorda: I have not spoken with Tammy. Have you, save?
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Skorda: and Cindy said she would be here
skor was kicked from by Jimmy2Nutz for : Jimmy2Nutz
Skorda: wtf???
Jimmy2Nutz: could't stand that wench
Jimmy2Nutz: she was all....bla bla bla
SaveJFC: I'm here now
Jimmy2Nutz: How dy
SaveJFC: I emailed Tammy but didn't call her
SaveJFC: I'll call cindy right now
Jimmy2Nutz: I guess it is safe to say were on hold for now
SaveJFC: Let's say 10 after?
Jimmy2Nutz: Skor you still with us?
Skorda: I'm here
Jimmy2Nutz: 10 after
Skorda: ok 10 after sounds fine..I'll be back then
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SaveJFC: Talked to Cindy she had fallen asleep but is working on getting her computer up and qued
SaveJFC: I also just talked with Tammy. She did not get my emails and has not been on the boards so didn't know about it. She also is getting qued and should be here shortly.
SaveJFC: Waterboard can't make it tonight but will be here next week
Jimmy2Nutz: Lucky me..... One dude... all of these chicks....
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Jimmy2Nutz: TAMMY!!!!
ChatAngel: Hello everyone
SaveJFC: Yo!
ChatAngel: Doug
ChatAngel: ((HUGS))
SaveJFC: Cindy is getting her computer up and is queing as we speak. Should be here soon.
ChatAngel: what time are we going to start
ChatAngel: Waterbroad just sent a message on Facebook she's got a hot date tonight but will be here next week
Jimmy2Nutz: Will hold for Cindy
Skorda: Tammy! hi
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ChatAngel: Hi Suzy Q how are you?
ChatAngel: thx J2N
Skorda: just fine, you? and Faith?
SaveJFC: It was interesting this time. When I sent out the newsletter I got a lot of nice responses and very few unsubscribe notices
Skorda: date,,,,double sigh...
ChatAngel: doing good.. we should test for her canine citizen with in the next 2 weeks
SaveJFC: Are we waiting for Cindy?
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ChatAngel: that's a good thing Save
SaveJFC: There she is
Jimmy2Nutz: not now
ChatAngel: I think J2N said we were
Cindy: Hello everyone!
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SaveJFC: Hi Cindy. Are you qued to the first note?
ChatAngel: Hi Cindy!
Cindy: nope, no tele in here, was gonna try to watch fromhere and still chat, not sure i can do it, but you roll, okay??
SaveJFC: How much time do you need?
ChatAngel: what time we supposed to go?
SaveJFC: Let's go at 15 after. Cindy says not to wait for her
SaveJFC: So 35 sec
ChatAngel: k
Jimmy2Nutz: 15 seconds
Jimmy2Nutz: 10
Jimmy2Nutz: 5
Cindy: k good
Jimmy2Nutz: go
ChatAngel: went
SaveJFC: there goes Johnny appleseed
SaveJFC: headlights in dark
Jimmy2Nutz: love all of those long board surfers in the opening
ChatAngel: what type SUVV
ChatAngel: is linc drivign
Cindy: headlights in the dark..
SaveJFC: linc's driving no idea on make of suv
Cindy: a lincon??
SaveJFC: the end is near
ChatAngel: thought it might be a navigator?
Jimmy2Nutz: amen my brother
Cindy: maybe chat! hey you
ChatAngel: hey! Cindy
Jimmy2Nutz: good health plan
Cindy: hey tammy!!
Skorda: iscrewed up by fiddling just before we started, but I am just about 20 seconds behind you, if that. Somebody tell me where, ok?
Cindy: in case he's not crazy?
Skorda: first cissy for me=how far behind
SaveJFC: space cadet back there
ChatAngel: Mitch stepped on a syringe
Jimmy2Nutz: Ill mark you when Mitch is in the air
Cindy: I'm at butchies syringe
Cindy: linc talking
SaveJFC: shall we all stop on his floating and sync up?
Cindy: are we all apart?
ChatAngel: I'm usingmydvr
Cindy: i'm using the laptop, it'sletting me watch and be here too
ChatAngel: i think so Cindy
ChatAngel: cool
Cindy: so fast?
Cindy: everyone?
Jimmy2Nutz: I think were all good
Cindy: me too
SaveJFC: butcy dump
ChatAngel: me 2.. close enough
Cindy: old for hero worship, surfing attys
Cindy: i only have thumbs
SaveJFC: mitch water over head
Jimmy2Nutz: in the air
SaveJFC: mitch floating
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Cindy: where is frat boy, up yet?
Cindy: I love Joe
SaveJFC: Butch disappointed in Freddie on phone
Jimmy2Nutz: saw him in an ep. of star trek enterprize
SaveJFC: Barry was the manager of the BeverlyHills BuyMore store in "Chuck" last week.
SaveJFC: Freddie was in Enterprize?
Jimmy2Nutz: no... joe
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ChatAngel: wb Suzi
Cindy: tell me when it's bill
Cindy: please??
ChatAngel: k
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Jimmy2Nutz: sure
Cindy: thanks much guys!
Jimmy2Nutz: Hi kai
Jimmy2Nutz: you guys talk too much
SaveJFC: shawn is really cute. I'd go for him if I was 14yo
SaveJFC: the end is near
Cindy: he is a a beautiful boy
Jimmy2Nutz: Yeah me
SaveJFC: mitch yost should get back in the game
SaveJFC: lol
Jimmy2Nutz: fat one
SaveJFC: fat one
Jimmy2Nutz: bill
SaveJFC: bill
Cindy: thanks much!!!
SaveJFC: how it going bill
Jimmy2Nutz: bill bill bill
skorda: later
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Cindy: Zippy
Jimmy2Nutz: another one bites the dust
SaveJFC: Jimmy you better stop making skorda a host or she'll never stay connected lol
Cindy: awww
Jimmy2Nutz: poor Zippy
Cindy: i don't mind, jimmy, you did to me, it's cool
SaveJFC: jesus mary and joseph
Cindy: we thought you croaked
SaveJFC: I don't know any more if I'm on foot or horse back was also a line in Deadwood
Jimmy2Nutz: when you're older
Cindy: right, jimmy
Jimmy2Nutz: brain tummor
Cindy: fuckin jerk
Jimmy2Nutz: bring the 200
SaveJFC: stop on his underground railroad
Cindy: 3 stooges
SaveJFC: bowl of soup
Cindy: lol!
Jimmy2Nutz: What did Ramon need to talk to Joe about????
SaveJFC: using the hotel as a stop on his undrground railroad
Cindy: welcome to the rest
Jimmy2Nutz: ah
Jimmy2Nutz: boo boo
Cindy: hey healing power of sex!
Jimmy2Nutz: that's what I'm talking about
Cindy: i knew you were jimmy!!!
Cindy: little green chunks in the cat litter?????
Cindy: anyone ever try em? LOL
Jimmy2Nutz: nope
Cindy: me nope too
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Cindy: i'm down
SaveJFC: im down
SaveJFC: don't do that John... be adult about our possessions
Cindy: this is where i fell for butchie
SaveJFC: isn't that an odd thing for Butchy to say? Sort of foreshadowing how John helps him become more of an adult
Cindy: when he can't be okay with someone on their knees to him
Cindy: yes, save, as we go along, you are right
Cindy: I like Oyeah, too
Jimmy2Nutz: bye Kai
Cindy: why did i just hear a cowbell?
Jimmy2Nutz: It's on the door
SaveJFC: i don't know butchie instead
Cindy: LOL
Cindy: no jimmy it came from the computer!!!
Jimmy2Nutz: I'll bone her too
Cindy: bust her jaw first
Cindy: i've watched this so many times with french subtitles, i can almost write them!
Cindy: i gotta get a tan!
Jimmy2Nutz: Meet the fuckin Jetsons
Cindy: hey skor
Jimmy2Nutz: this guy Gary was in the movie Sidney White
Jimmy2Nutz: and Men in Black 2
Jimmy2Nutz: 427
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Cindy: my volume just screwed up, all the background noise LOUD and the voices are now tiny, good thing I know what they're sayin'
Jimmy2Nutz: so... if I win the lottery... I get to buya gun????
Cindy: you do jimmy!
Cindy: a 'gun of the hand' lol
Jimmy2Nutz: no bazooka?
Cindy: fuckin phat one
Jimmy2Nutz: I know that taco shop
Cindy: cool jimmy
Jimmy2Nutz: Pigs got grandma
Cindy: c'mon
SaveJFC: we are all frail vessles
Cindy: theaters of our resentments
Cindy: such a good line
ChatAngel: brb
Jimmy2Nutz: making monads in the sand
Cindy: how bout i don't sit down!
Cindy: i like this part, with mitch and butchie and on the other side of the wall, bill
SaveJFC: this scene is when I knew that the story would come together... all those characters being in on the floating
SaveJFC: what is spanish woman saying to cissy?
Cindy: yes save,
Cindy: my son, something about my son
Cindy: does mitch sorta look at bill as he and butchie go round the corner?
SaveJFC: The transcript only says: Cissy: (to her cellmate) I went bullshit at Jenco. (Her cellmate gets up. Speaking Spanish, she puts something in Cissy’s hand
Cindy: from calamity dan?
Cindy: lol, poor Bill
Cindy: thanks save
ChatAngel: bk
Cindy: hi chat
ChatAngel: ty
ChatAngel: hidee
Cindy: teddy actually rides a wave barry is watching
Cindy: out the window
Cindy: that sounds butchie
Cindy: yeah
SaveJFC: we don't have a perfect marrage
Cindy: well he's not a monkey on crack
SaveJFC: teddy wipes out
Jimmy2Nutz: I gota sell it!!!
Cindy: i love he wipes out when the wave breaks
Cindy: ahhhhh, yes
Jimmy2Nutz: this song gives me chills
SaveJFC: Somebody call an ambulance! Johnny Monad just put that wave in the ICU!
Cindy: me too jimmy, every time
Jimmy2Nutz: it's nice to see Cissy smile
Cindy: it sure is
SaveJFC: ah... ends too soon
Cindy: yes, much too soon
Jimmy2Nutz: See it again next week
Cindy: that was great
ChatAngel: Hey just uploaded new photos of faith
Cindy: cook tammy!
Cindy: cool, sorry
Cindy: i got to watch this on my laptop, and still be here with you, didn't know i could do that
ChatAngel: one was taken tonight durng the retro.. she was upside down in her crate
Jimmy2Nutz: I may or may not be here next week... I'm in Modesto
ChatAngel: That's gr8 cindy.. I haven't figured that out yet
Cindy: just what i thought, you were gone then there were pics!
SaveJFC: That's why it's good we are doing two eps every week
Cindy: chat, interactual player, that works
Cindy: right, the 2 eps, will be good
ChatAngel: is it a special player Cissy
Jimmy2Nutz: See you fokes latter... I need to make supper
ChatAngel: yes two will be good
Cindy: my computer guy loaded it on my laptop, i don't know but i can ask
ChatAngel: Night nite Jimmy good ot c u
Cindy: bye jimmy,
ChatAngel: Tell dorothy hello
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Cindy: thanks save for getting me here!
ChatAngel: Ya'll going to be here a fewm inutes
SaveJFC: cute pup
ChatAngel: Yes Thank you.. I would have missed it!
Cindy: i gotta go, company coming,,,, gonna check faith first though
Cindy: Chat you so kind
ChatAngel: thank you.. she's getting so big.. about as large as she's going ot get now.
SaveJFC: Yes she looks big.
ChatAngel: Thanks Cindy so are you. She is big up past my knees now. About 50lbs
SaveJFC: Gnite Cindy. Have fun with your company.
ChatAngel: Nightie night cindy...
ChatAngel: Have fun
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SaveJFC: Chat, glad you were able to make it on such shor notice
ChatAngel: Where s skorda
ChatAngel: me too... was just lazing around after multiple outdoor pit stops with Faith
SaveJFC: she was here but then had connection pbms. Probably doesn't even know she's still on the chat
ChatAngel: ur prob right
SaveJFC: I know you don't get newsletter so I sent you a copy of the newsletter from my trishah email and I thought you would get that one.
ChatAngel: Guess I should go too.. and post link on HBO to faith's new photo's
SaveJFC: Yeah. I have to get this chat log up in the archieve.
ChatAngel: I will check again. I scanned it quickly the other day. I haven't deleted anything in a week. Tera got married a week ago today
SaveJFC: See you next week?
ChatAngel: Yes ma'am
SaveJFC: Great! Dont' be a stranger.
SaveJFC: night
ChatAngel: See u then. I won't
ChatAngel: nightie nite.. sweet dreams