Chat Log: Ep. 3 "His Visit: Day Two Continued"

Saturday 18 April 2009

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SaveJFC2: Sorry, I got booted off
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SaveJFC2: Myles, you still want to do it tonight or shall we just pick it up again next week?
myles: So , my turtle isn't doing so well
myles: We can pick it up next week
SaveJFC2: Which turtle are you rooting for?
myles: It'll make it last longer into the summer
SaveJFC2: Oh, you mean do this week next week and extend it...
myles: It's nice to watch when it's beach weather
myles: maybe we should ask again if there is interest in this
SaveJFC2: I was thinking just not doing this week and keep on schedule. Maybe we should ask people next week what they want to do.
SaveJFC2: We did have 5 people last week. Maybe this being a nice night people had other things to do.
myles: sounds good Save
SaveJFC2: The boards have been very slow this week also
SaveJFC2: could just be the season
myles: I know some folks are busy, but I would still like us to gather if we can
SaveJFC2: I agree... I'm Not ready to give up yet.
SaveJFC2: See you next week?
myles: Yeah, I miss chating with some folks
myles: See ya Save, my turtle is something Jones
myles: I'll be tracking her
SaveJFC2: Me too. Okay, well, have a good weekend... Mine is Wawa Bear. Cissyyost's is Cali
SaveJFC2: Bye
myles: Have a great weekend!!!
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