Chat Log: Ep. 1 "His Visit: Day One"

Chat Log: Ep. 2 "His Visit: Day Two"

Saturday 11 April 2009

Chat Log: Ep. 1 "His Visit: Day One" Begins

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waterbroad: Good Evening.
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oil: well hello ladies
waterbroad: I am going to go set up the DVD player.
waterbroad: epi 1 right?
oil: yeppers
SaveJFC: Hi. I'm here now. Had to make dinner.
waterbroad: Hello! Good to "see" you.
SaveJFC: Good to see you too!
oil: thanx
oil: you too
waterbroad: I received a message from Tammy on FB. She can not make it tonight.
SaveJFC: Ep.1, should we wait until 5after to see who shows?
waterbroad: sure, I am not going anywhere
SaveJFC: Just talked to Tammy. Her grandson's christening is tonight
waterbroad: Yes, that is what she told me this AM
SaveJFC: Also, Cissy/cindy is going to her son's birthday party.
SaveJFC: So both of them won't be with us tonight.
waterbroad: Well, at least they are celebrating!
waterbroad: I am sorry oil, I forgot which part of the country you are in.
oil: Wisconsin same as rn
waterbroad: rn?
SaveJFC: 1974rn
oil: 74 RN
waterbroad: Are you starting to see signs of spring yet
waterbroad: okay.
oil: snow is almost gone , beautiful today
SaveJFC: I think Jimmy said he had to work tonight or was going to be out-of-town
oil: just little snow banks here and there
waterbroad: To bad, Jimmy always has some good lines.
waterbroad: I have been way out of the loop with everyone. Has Cissy relocated?
oil: I'm expecting company tonight so I might not be here long
waterbroad: Okay.
oil: sorry
waterbroad: I have to fold laundry, so I am going to be stepping back and forth between teh computer.
waterbroad: the
SaveJFC: Cissy is still in the same house. They keep looking but haven't found anything yet
SaveJFC: I'll let you know if you miss anything LOL
waterbroad: Is this the same house with all the water issues.
waterbroad: okay
oil: it might be rude of me to make them just sit and wait halfway through an episode
SaveJFC: Yes. House hasn't gotten any better.
waterbroad: nahhh, everyone could use a little JFC, guests or not LOL
oil: leaky roofs are a pain
waterbroad: Yes they are.
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waterbroad: hey myles
oil: I had a rental once, it was like Niagra falls when it rained and the roof was brand new
SaveJFC: Myles, we will start at 5 after
myles: evening folks
oil: hey Myles
SaveJFC: We will do ep. 1 first
waterbroad: I had a new roof put on, and the first heavy southeast rain bought water running through my smoke detector in a bedroom.
myles: Oil, how are ya brother
SaveJFC: Chatangel and Cissyyost both can't be with us tonight
oil: I'm still kickin M
myles: good
oil: That spare room is still open if you ever get sick of beeantown
SaveJFC: 3mins to go
oil: where are the clocks?
waterbroad: I have clocks.
SaveJFC: They are right up top for me.
SaveJFC: 2mins to go
myles: may take you up on that offer!
oil: not me and the background of the homepage is still cluttered
SaveJFC: If you can't see the clocks you might have to reload the page but that will kick you off the chat and you'll have to log back on
oil: someone give me a go sign
SaveJFC: You using IE6 aren't you
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myles: 1 min
SaveJFC: works best in
SaveJFC: FireFox or IE7
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SaveJFC: Any better oil?
SaveJFC: 20 sec
waterbroad: oil come, oil goes
oil: no luck stiill no clocks
SaveJFC: 15 sec
SaveJFC: 10sec
waterbroad: 9
SaveJFC: 5sec
waterbroad: 4
SaveJFC: go
oil: dum da dum da dum
waterbroad: Ahh, Johnny
SaveJFC: the he goes johhy appleseed
waterbroad: Ride those waves
SaveJFC: lots of whip outs... anyone figure out why they did that?
waterbroad: Is that greyson skateboarding?
myles: wasn't that cool of Jim beaver dropping by last week?
oil: awesomwee
SaveJFC: very good
waterbroad: And I missed it! Shoot!
oil: i mean awesome
waterbroad: The sloughs
SaveJFC: old school long board
waterbroad: Herbie
waterbroad: amen my brother.
SaveJFC: did anyone see Emily
oil: cheep
SaveJFC: Rose on ER this season
SaveJFC: Bill!
waterbroad: yes, I am an er girl
myles: No Save, I only caught the finale, was she on it
oil: I watching 2 oops!!
waterbroad: Did anyone see Austin on One Tree Hill?
SaveJFC: lol me too oil! I'm such an idiot!
myles: Butchie's on a show now too, didn't see it though
waterbroad: what show is that?
SaveJFC: sons of anarchy?
waterbroad: Sounds too negative for me.
SaveJFC: Where are we in ep1?
waterbroad: I love Ramon's belly. Reminds me of Buddha's belly.
SaveJFC: Where are we in ep 1?
oil: Im lost too
SaveJFC: who is watching on DVD?
waterbroad: 7:39 on dvd butchie shooting up
waterbroad: mitch rinsing off.
waterbroad: mitch rising up
SaveJFC: Got it. I'm qued now
SaveJFC: john and joe
waterbroad: Frat Boy
SaveJFC: 50 bucks
SaveJFC: you cued oil?
waterbroad: turn out your pockets
myles: I believe Butchi is on Burn Notice
oil: I'm on it
waterbroad: look how blue the sky is in the background.
SaveJFC: really, didn't see him there. Michael Shanks from SG1 is on Burn Notice though
waterbroad: It rained here all day
oil: wehere you at WB?
waterbroad: Loading the truck.
waterbroad: butchie and freddy on the phone
waterbroad: shaun knocking
oil: shaun at the door
oil: love that helmet
SaveJFC: imdb says butchie was on csi this year and sons of anarchy last year
waterbroad: I have like John on OTH, it is good to see him acting with language and more expression.
myles: Buthice on CSI? , I only see the Vegas one
myles: And there was a great ep with Trixe
waterbroad: What else is Trixie doing, I saw a promo for something.
waterbroad: Kai
myles: She played a hooker pretending to be an FBI agent
myles: pretending to be a hooker
SaveJFC: That's right. She was good.
myles: and she acted just like Trixie
waterbroad: can she play anything else? I would love to see more out of her.
myles: and her partners name was....Myles!
waterbroad: Coinidence or memorex?
waterbroad: comfy cozy
myles: so I guess Milch's new series will never be?
waterbroad: I am out of all loops, what new series?
myles: I still can't find an announcement
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oil: the cop show
waterbroad: Jimmy!
J2N: Howdy
myles: J2N !
oil: Ntz!!
J2N: Just got back to the hotel from work
J2N: How is everyone?
SaveJFC: Trixie, Paula Malcomson, is going to be on "Caprica" the new spinoff SciFi series that takes place before the BattleStar Galactica story
SaveJFC: Zippy dead?
myles: zippy was a good bird
SaveJFC: We were hoping you would make it Jimmy!
SaveJFC: Doyou have the DVD?
myles: twinkies !
J2N: I need to load upmy dvd
SaveJFC: we're at abt 19.00
waterbroad: Yes, that was it Caprica. That should be phenominal with Eric Stolz.
oil: gimme a jkiss
J2N: EP 1 Right?
waterbroad: yep
SaveJFC: Yes Ep 1
SaveJFC: 19:30
J2N: saw that one last week
oil: were doing #2 next
SaveJFC: I like how Milch forshadowed Shawns injury with the neck bobbing and Bill's fiber myalgia comment
J2N: Comming up on my other laptop
oil: you got 1/2 hour to take a shower before ep 2 Jimmy
SaveJFC: Jim, we are doing 2 eps each week. Starting with a repeat of last weeks show.
J2N: Hey good Idea...
SaveJFC: That bowl of soup comment gets me every time... how did Milch come up with it!
oil: bowl of soup :)
oil: caps lock oops
waterbroad: Yes, Mr. Slate was the Grand Poobah of the Loyal Waterbuffalo Lodge.
waterbroad: Yes, I know, I am sad.
oil: lol
waterbroad: What about the healing power of sex.
waterbroad: Vroom
oil: tire seal?
myles: doesn't ring a bell
waterbroad: I guess you huff it for a high
oil: plug your nostrils
waterbroad: So, were butchie's implants for horns in his head when he was "Butchie the Beast"?
SaveJFC: I'm Down!
oil: we think so
oil: So is Jimmy off showering? I'm having visions of him soaping up the pineapple
J2N: give me some cues
oil: not good visions
waterbroad: 30.26
oil: I dont know Butchie instead
waterbroad: I like Kai
myles: would like to see her act in something
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J2N: You are'
waterbroad: I would love to see her surf.
myles: that too !
waterbroad: meet the Jetsons
oil: more hanna barbarra refrences
waterbroad: Well, I was more of a Flintstone's, Speed Racer kind of chick.
oil: garys a douchebag
J2N: Trixie?
waterbroad: yes, he is.
waterbroad: no Trixie
waterbroad: Traffic
SaveJFC: Yes but we needed Gary to give a reason for everyone to go to the police station
oil: a necessary douchebag
waterbroad: But, he is a diabetic
waterbroad: Barry!
oil: low blood sugar is no excuse
J2N: His douchebaggery is unmatched
SaveJFC: I guess that could excuse his behavior. lol
waterbroad: I don't know about that, being a girl in Jersey trying to date, he is pretty tame from some of the men I encountered.
SaveJFC: I don't know butchie instead
waterbroad: JC, JC!
SaveJFC: this is a blow out
SaveJFC: this is a puncture of the left front tire
oil: jesus Christ Jesus Christ!!!
waterbroad: The end is near!
SaveJFC: I love how cissy doesn't know what "watch your head" means, but for the show, it works well when taken metiphorically.
oil: I turned my Bro in law rto JFC. Now he's always saying JC JC?
SaveJFC: what's this nonsense now?
myles: the dead shall be forgiven
waterbroad: Where is Ramon from?
oil: hollywood?
waterbroad: vaudvilles of degradation.
SaveJFC: John: Where Ramon is from they would build Mitch a shrine.
SaveJFC: Barry: Don't we find so often our bodies are theaters of our resentments?
SaveJFC: john and shawn
waterbroad: trestles was saved!
SaveJFC: Trestles? what are those?
waterbroad: Trestles, a california state park/beach front with a great break. The wanted to plow a highway through it.
waterbroad: Surf community rallied massive protests, and shut down the highway.
SaveJFC: When did that happen?
waterbroad: In the past year or so. J2N might now more.
SaveJFC: I'd like to know technically how they made Mitch float.
oil: magic
waterbroad: My name is John, He is my friend.
SaveJFC: I got my eye on you.
myles: Pete's Pistol Hut
oil: Im a constant danger to myself
waterbroad: That line cracks me up too.
waterbroad: I love this last scene.
myles: it's good
SaveJFC: Barry played a small part on "Chuck" as a rival Beverly Hills BuyMore store manager.
waterbroad: Notice there are no real waves right now.
waterbroad: Nothing surfable.
myles: Ha , never noticed that
waterbroad: The pier is always piles with surfers, regardless of TV.
J2N: I'm havig trouble with my disc....
waterbroad: oh no.
SaveJFC: Cissy: Maybe this is the time to admit that we donít have the perfect marriage.
waterbroad: duck dive
SaveJFC: monkey on crack
waterbroad: notice the sun is higher now
myles: sad teddy
SaveJFC: I like when Teddy surfs
oil: teddy wiped out
myles: cool tune
SaveJFC: great song
waterbroad: who sings?
SaveJFC: "Sun/Rise/Light/Flies", performed by Kasabian
waterbroad: and now there are clouds
myles: damn those waves showed up fast
waterbroad: now no clouds
myles: stem to stem checkup tomorrow
waterbroad: Notice how quickly they change height too.
myles: did they do the surfin there?
SaveJFC: Because the waves are so poor in southern california it was a major reason for the cost over-runs. If the waves were up they had to stop production and get all the actors to the beach even if they were in LA
waterbroad: Now other surfers are out
myles: no waves again,
waterbroad: I still love the scene.
waterbroad: That one chick looks so much like Mila Kunis from That 70's Show
SaveJFC: Should we do Ep2 at 10 after?
oil: I'm logging out to see if my clocks come back
SaveJFC: or 5 after?
waterbroad: okay by me
oil has left the chat. (Connection closed)
SaveJFC: Should we wait for Jimmy?
waterbroad: Whatever you want.
J2N: I'm ready
waterbroad: I'm ready too.
SaveJFC: There he is. Okay I'm getting cued. Let's try for 5 after
waterbroad: okey dookey
waterbroad: dokey
SaveJFC: Waiting for oil

Chat Log: Ep. 2 "His Visit: Day Two"

Chat Log: Ep. 2 "His Visit: Day One" Begins

J2N: Ready
SaveJFC: should we wait for oil
J2N: ok
waterbroad: doesn't he have company
SaveJFC: he said oil: I'm logging out to see if my clocks come back
SaveJFC: I say give him a couple minutes
oil has joined
waterbroad: myles, you around?
myles: yup
SaveJFC: oil you got clocks
SaveJFC: ?
oil: nope
SaveJFC: We'll give you a countdwn
SaveJFC: Go in 30 secs? everyone qued?
oil: and behind the chat window is the jumbled homepage
waterbroad: give the go
myles: yup
oil: ready
SaveJFC: 10
myles: 5
SaveJFC: 5
SaveJFC: go
waterbroad: strum, strum, strum
SaveJFC: Thre he goes...
oil: looked in a factory, theres something I've felt
myles: spotted the wrestlers in the opening
myles: CSI did a show on that too !
J2N: cass
SaveJFC: old school long board
waterbroad: back to the sloughs
J2N: kai
waterbroad: Keala
myles: welcome to the sloughs
oil: mitch gets stuck with a hypodermic
J2N: I got French sub titles
SaveJFC: maybe that caused his floating?
SaveJFC: lol
waterbroad: bonjour
oil: could be
myles: Le John
SaveJFC: film called legends
oil: rip off of legends of the fall
oil: title that is
J2N: Zip!
SaveJFC: zippy
myles: Bill misses work
waterbroad: Bill is lonely
SaveJFC: work and lois
myles: time to dump out
waterbroad: John does not sleep
myles: just stares?
oil: or eat
J2N: He looks good on the potty
SaveJFC: nice bod
SaveJFC: lol
oil: sick
waterbroad: I wouldn
myles: Method acting for sure
waterbroad: I wouldn't kick him out of my bathroom
myles: Ha ha ha
oil: no matter the smell?
waterbroad: For that body...
SaveJFC: John is such an a-sexual character that I never thought of him that way... but now that you mention it... Could be sortta like "Stranger in a Strangle Land" huh.
oil: I guess fume control isnt an issue
myles: his shit don't smell
SaveJFC: lol
oil: mine either
SaveJFC: Butchie needs more fiber
waterbroad: you know, straining like that is not good for the colon
myles: there should have been a disclaimer
waterbroad: Changing topics... Linc was a grom
J2N: what a snake
waterbroad: The thing itself, that was the thing
oil: whats a grom?
waterbroad: a young surfer
oil: oh
oil: thanx
waterbroad: no problem
waterbroad: no image
oil: forgive me I'm from wisconsin
J2N: Eddie Grom was the youngest boy (15) to win a world title surfing
waterbroad: Well, I do not know much about dairy and cheese production
myles: comfy cozy
oil: what are the slews or is it sloughs?
waterbroad: sloughs
oil: moo
J2N: It's TJ's toilet
myles: Kai pronounces it slews
oil: yuck
myles: soo, not a nice beach area?
J2N: by the way... I made up that Eddie Grom thing
oil: turd surfin
myles: Ramon needs numbers
J2N: It's the mouth of the Tieajuana River
waterbroad: Tijuana Sloughs is the break where the Tijuana rivermouth meets the Pacific Ocean. It is actually easiest to access Sloughs from Imperial Beach, since getting there from Playas de Tijuana would mean paddling north across the border and could result in attracting attention from the Border Patrol. This is a wave that changes greatly depending on the season, the amount of recent rainfall and swell direction. It is usually best in the wint
oil: er
myles: not to tie it in again, but freddy did a good turn on CSI last yr
oil: wow thats a lot of info thanx WB
waterbroad: copy and paste
waterbroad: from the Baja Surf Guide
oil: it did seem kinda typo free
waterbroad: no, it is too late for that many pistons to be firing in my brains
J2N: are we all going to meet in IB this summer?
oil: WB the woman with two brains
waterbroad: or just two personalities LOL
oil: ha ha
waterbroad: I wonder how much they paid Tony Robbins to use his name.
J2N: lol Tony Robbins
myles: no sale chick
waterbroad: well, get me a free airline ticket, a few paid leave days from work, and a place to sleep, and I am there.
myles: is Tony Robbins still someone?
J2N: my disk crapped out again....
oil: Is it just me or is Kai really bad at reading her lines?
waterbroad: yes, people still flock to his seminars, and there is always a new book
myles: yeah, acting must be harder than it looks
waterbroad: Well, she is know for being the top female charger, not an award winning actress.
SaveJFC: I read Keala worked hard to memorize her lines. I think she was just nervous not being a actor.
oil: kinda like the equivelent to a tone deaf opera singer
myles: She still does better than I would
oil: ditto
waterbroad: I could never pull off her hair, which is just like the way she really wears it.
myles: Barry forgives, John predicted
myles: I wish I still had hair
waterbroad: And, she has a rock sold body that you do not see in this show.
oil: I wish I had her skin : ED Gein
myles: ah, hence the title
myles: why cincinnatti
waterbroad: I am feeling a little cincinnati
oil: get the fuck out
waterbroad: who sings this?
myles: another good tune
SaveJFC: "Tic", performed by Kava Kava
oil: little surfer groupies
SaveJFC: Podcast with lead singer Pat on front page of
myles: real young surfer here?
myles: .. surfers
waterbroad: I just know it is Jon-Jon Florence surfing for Shaun
waterbroad: I love going to surfing contests. The kids are great.
waterbroad: Freddy
myles: Sha Na Na
J2N: Bowzer
SaveJFC: Remember when we donated to WildCoast for the surf contest? I wrote them recently bc they never sent us any pictures or info about the kids we sponsored but they never got back to me.
myles: they fled town
J2N: Sould I go down there and pound on their door?
oil: I don't like this part coming up. I can feel the pain of hitting the reef
SaveJFC: Would you Jimmy? That would really shake them up.
myles: was there anyone named Madoff there?
SaveJFC: Is that a serious offer?
J2N: I guess I could do it if I ever get
waterbroad: Did Milch steal this from the Brady Bunch. Greg, Hawaii, the curse Tiki necklace.
oil: seems familiar no?
myles: omg, you remember that!
myles: I saw that
waterbroad: yes, again, I am sad
J2N: Oh Jan
oil: it was the bradt bunches jump the shark moment
waterbroad: No, I am Marcia
J2N: "Jump the Shark" Thaken from the show Happy Days.
waterbroad: You think, I thought it was Oliver. But, I also remember Fonzie jumping the shark.
waterbroad: in his leather jacket
myles: what is john really saying every time he asks Butchie
myles: What do you want?
oil: bingo Ron Howard was talking about it on RT last night
myles: saw it, Oil
waterbroad: RT?
oil: real time
J2N: Re Tard
waterbroad: missed it
SaveJFC: I think that John is telling Butchie that he can ask for what he wants instead of just dealing with things that happen to him.
oil: conservatives hate it too much truth
waterbroad: So does Bill drive all the way to Huntington with zippy in his pocket?
waterbroad: Isn't it a ride?
SaveJFC: They take Shawn from Huntington to Mercy hospital in San Diego
waterbroad: again, isn't that quite a ride, even for a helecopter?
waterbroad: J2N, you are our local CA guy.
oil: J2N? is it a ride?
J2N: 2= hours by car with traffic
waterbroad: Are there no hospitals in Huntington?
J2N: Lots
oil: Is Mercy a spinal specialist hosp?
J2N: no
SaveJFC: Huntington Beack is 80.5 miles from San Diego
waterbroad: So, you break your neck, living on a machine, and you travel to SD instead of getting to the closest hospital.
waterbroad: Just nit picking.
oil: suspension of disbelief
waterbroad: okay
J2N: The best place is Loma Linda
waterbroad: good to know
J2N: or UCLA Medical Center
waterbroad: Nathan Fletcher, Greyson's uncle, had a real bad leg break out in the waves a few months ago He is now laid up for six months.
J2N: Hard waves
waterbroad: big wave at pipeline
oil: Zippy kissed, Shauns condition is much improved
waterbroad: does anyone use a public rest room and not think of this scene?
J2N: I'm glad he pulled through yet again
oil: I avoid public restrooms because of it. Don't know if I could resist pulling a John
oil: just to freak the other guy out
waterbroad: Heaven forbid, any of us be found in a unisex at the same time.
oil: fake farts for everyone!!
waterbroad: So, "the end is near" does that mean enlightenment is soon upon them?
SaveJFC: "Staring At The Sun", performed by TV on the Radio.
oil: wecan only hope
waterbroad: so, same time next week?
oil: who's up for ep 3??
myles: I'll be back next wk for #3
waterbroad: yes, I have some things to get done around here before bed.
SaveJFC: Ep. 2 at 9pm ET
myles: night folks !
SaveJFC: Ep. 3 at 10pm ET
waterbroad: Does anyone facebook?
oil: just kidding. my ass is sore from the desk chair
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SaveJFC: night myles. Have a great week everyone
oil: same to you
oil: my daughter does
SaveJFC: Jimmy let me know if you are serious about going to WildCoast for us.
J2N: I'll let you know when I go to IB next
SaveJFC: Great!
SaveJFC: Tanks so much
oil: good night all. again this was fun. the chats are never the same are they?
waterbroad: Well I am signing off.
oil has left the chat. (Connection closed)
waterbroad: Have a happy easter.
SaveJFC: Nite all
SaveJFC: you2
J2N: bye
SaveJFC: bye
J2N has left the chat. (Connection closed)
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