Chat Log: Ep. 2 "His Visit: Day Two"

Chat Log: Ep. 3 "His Visit: Day Two, Continued"

Saturday 25 April 2009

Chat Log: Ep. 2 "His Visit: Day Two" Begins

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waterbroad: hello, hello!
waterbroad: I just got home, and still have to set up the DVD player. Have you started?
SaveJFC: I'm here now.
SaveJFC: I didn't start bc no one else was here
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SaveJFC: Are you here now?
waterbroad: yes, I am checking my FB wall
waterbroad: IE just keeps dumping out on me, so if I disappear, I will be back.
waterbroad: Do you think anyone else is coming?
SaveJFC: sorry had to go get a new ice pack. Hurt my back a bit today. Nothing major but have to baby it for a while
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waterbroad: Oh so sorry to hear that.
waterbroad: Hi Guest,
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SaveJFC: I haven't called anyone. last week myles showed up for the second hour
waterbroad: So, are we going to review epi2 or should we just wait until 10?
SaveJFC: Myles and I decided to wait for this week to ask people what they wanted to do.
SaveJFC: So.... what do you want to do? ;-)
waterbroad: I just got in from being on the beach all day, and then dinner, so I don't have the dvd even set up.
waterbroad: I can wait until 10.
waterbroad: I am flexible.
SaveJFC: That's probably best at this point.
waterbroad: I did watch all 10 epi's last Sunday straight in a row, while I did some spring cleaning. It was lovely.
SaveJFC: I'll call cissyyost and see if she'll join us.
SaveJFC: Oh that sound great!
SaveJFC: Both getting lots of cleaning done AND the whole series all at once
waterbroad: Yeah, it was actually more powerful seeing all at once then week by week. I can't quite put it into words.
waterbroad: Okay, I am going to go shower, check email and such, but I will keep coming back periodically.
waterbroad: Hopefully we are ago at 10.
SaveJFC: That sounds like a plan... on the phone with cissy now...
SaveJFC: She says 10pm is cool with her ie 7pm PDT
SaveJFC: See you then.
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J2N: hello
SaveJFC: Hey Jimmy
SaveJFC: We are not doing the 9pm/6pm show
SaveJFC: no one but me showed
J2N: oh
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SaveJFC: But water and cissyyost will be here for 10pm/7pm show
J2N: I just got home from my ride...
Guest5574: How was your ride JIM
J2N: beautiful
Guest5574: Thats great
J2N: ok who are you guest?
Guest5574: Guess
J2N: Ronda
Guest5574: Somebody needs to round up the rest of the gang
SaveJFC: Jimmy, only Myles was here last week for the 10pm show so we decided not to do it then but talk this week about which ep to watch when
Guest5574: Jim you are good
SaveJFC: Cissyyost is getting her computer booted
Guest5574: psychic
SaveJFC: Water just got home and needs to do some stuff but will be back on the hour
waterbroad: I am here, just trying to get other things done while we wait.
Guest5574: ok Jimmy i leave and come back as sonra lets see how do we do this?
SaveJFC: So should we watch ep 2 or 3 or maybe even both?
SaveJFC: Just refresh the page
Guest5574: Wheres chat Myles Skorda and Oil
J2N: I'll be back at the top of the hour
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SaveJFC: I just sent all 3 an email. Don't know what else to do.
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! SaveJFC has made J2N a host.
Guest4344: So whats the big deal with host
SaveJFC: Oh, that's what Jimmy always does for everyone when he is in first so I thought I would return the favor
Guest4344: If i live in Hawaii do I need to wait til 4pm
SaveJFC: LOL yes
Guest4344: Ok I dont
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SaveJFC: Are you having a hard time loggin in with your real name?
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Guest4344: Hey Cindy
cindy: hey
Guest4344: Hows it going
cindy: its good to be here
cindy: having phone conversation
Guest4344: who is 21445
Guest4344: Cindy who you talking to
cindy: i dunno i dont know who you are yet
Guest4344: Guess
cindy: rhonda lil sister
Guest4344: Damn your good
Guest4344: Hows it going cindy
cindy: oh yeah you know i know you!
Guest4344: Ya
Guest4344: So what has been going on
cindy: its been crazy tho here
Guest4344: Cindy I will be back
cindy: ok
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Sonra: is this better
SaveJFC: You did it! Great
Sonra: Where are my roomies
SaveJFC: Sorry, I was off doing some other things.
Sonra: Whats up save
SaveJFC: Tweaked my back today. Got ice on it. Nothing major just having to baby it
SaveJFC: I emailed everyone you mentioned. don't know what else to do there
Sonra: Sorry to hear that
SaveJFC: no worries.
SaveJFC: but thanks
cindy: we are here
Sonra: Hey cindy
SaveJFC: So should we do ep 2? ep3? or both?
cindy: hey girl
cindy: TRISHAH!!!!!!!
Sonra: Reunion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SaveJFC: Please everyone vote:
"2" "3" or "both"
Sonra: both
J2N: back
Sonra: Hello Jimmy
SaveJFC: Please vote: "2" "3" or "both"
Sonra: BOTH
SaveJFC: Jimmy?
J2N: both
cindy: BOYH
cindy: BOTH
SaveJFC: Okay, Que 2 and let's get ready to go at say 5 after?
J2N: let me turn on my equipment
cindy: 5 AFTER
SaveJFC: or 10 after depeding one everyones queing
waterbroad: I am back. So we are going for epi 2 correct?
SaveJFC: Yes ep 2
Sonra: BOTH
SaveJFC: Then ep 3
waterbroad: cool beans.
SaveJFC: I want to say "we got ourselves a convoy" but the reference might be too old LOL
Sonra: LOL
J2N: Qued
SaveJFC: I'm ready too
waterbroad: ?
waterbroad: Okay ready
J2N: Where is Myles
SaveJFC: sonra, cindy, tell us when you are cued
Sonra: I am ready
SaveJFC: I emailed him but haven't heard back
SaveJFC: Cindy?
J2N: I'm cute
SaveJFC: We'll wait. Going at 5 after
cindy: TY
cindy: sorry caps
cindy: your time is?
J2N: 1 minute
cindy: ok 1 minute
J2N: 30 seconds
cindy: ok
J2N: 15 sec
J2N: 10 sec
J2N: 5 sec
J2N: go
waterbroad: bubbles in the water
SaveJFC: Got it
waterbroad: hi cindy! Long time, no chat
cindy: hey water, very long time no chat
J2N: have you ever noticed that the begining looks like an old 8mm home movie?
Sonra: Where is Chat
waterbroad: Yes
cindy: from the beginning jimmy
cindy: chat?
waterbroad: I wondered if was done on purpose, or use of vintage video
SaveJFC: Yes. I heard they did it on super8 to get that look
cindy: on purpose, josh has always said it's not even...
SaveJFC: Cass on beach
waterbroad: Kai
SaveJFC: Mother of God
waterbroad: so, do you think Butchie and Kai where going to have a baby?
cindy: sorry where are we exact
SaveJFC: Cass likes vinatage
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waterbroad: I like vintage
cindy: Butchie and Kai went away... John and Cass are here
waterbroad: Bill
SaveJFC: bill on phone
waterbroad: How difficult is it to remove a water fountain handle without anyone noticing?
cindy: disgrace?
cindy: ahhhh, butchie in bed
cindy: fart dogs they look like
cindy: nice, i haven't watched in a while, it's good
waterbroad: linc
cindy: yes, linc
cindy: cissy
cindy: Ramon in the new film, fighting
waterbroad: Yes, he looked very dark in the roll.
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J2N: no wipe???
waterbroad: no dump
cindy: Yes he did, right no wipe, if it's noise only, what's to wipe, Huh Jimmy/
cindy: ?
cindy: hi little
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cindy: and mitch in new star tred
cindy: k
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cindy: geez
cindy: hello skor
waterbroad: Tapping the Source. Great book by Kem Nunn.
cindy: I hear it is water
waterbroad: The thing itself, that is the thing
cindy: linc may be a saint
waterbroad: little does he know
cindy: lol, right
J2N: he is the devil you know
skor: hi cindy...I csn't watch tonight, but thought I'd stop in anyhow
skor: i can imagine as you all type
cindy: well he does hear john's father's words. or did in ep 9
Sonra: Hello Skor
skor: hey sonra
cindy: well it's good to have you around Skor
waterbroad: Is the pier a nice place to cop a fix?
skor: thnx
cindy: hey you guys, this week i opened mom's safty box, it had my ring from my summer in IB in it
skor: cool
waterbroad: Very cool!
cindy: it was a happy surprise!!
Sonra: That was nice Cindy
skor: i would think
cindy: Yeah, really nice
cindy: it's a black pearl and a white one
cindy: from sea world
waterbroad: we will figure it all out.
waterbroad: the dolphin tank
cindy: you pick the oyster, anyone been??
cindy: YES dolphin tank, petadolphin
waterbroad: LOL
cindy: I like
waterbroad: teddy is back
cindy: yes, good to see teddy again
cindy: there is always a good reason to not blow your brains out
waterbroad: Freddy is in from the islands
J2N: It's Bowzer
cindy: the next day, just gotta wait for it!
cindy: LOL
cindy: Bowzer
Sonra: LMAO
waterbroad: LMAO??
cindy: LOL
SaveJFC: Laughing My "butt" Off
cindy: laughing my ass off.... water?
waterbroad: Thank you!
cindy: found a dinosaur egg
waterbroad: Shaun back in the contest.
Sonra: What are you watching Cindy
cindy: right out side
cindy: ep 2
waterbroad: They are crap machines.
SaveJFC: crap machines
SaveJFC: lol
J2N: crap pumps on full
waterbroad: And, Bill's birds seemed to have found my car all this week.
skor: see you later, enjoy.
cindy: see you skor
waterbroad: we will be here.
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cindy: Cass?
waterbroad: A Tony Robbins seminar.
J2N: tone robbins
cindy: Oh, John the cat trying to type here, he's just
cindy: john
waterbroad: Did anyone see the video of Keala's wipeout on Surfline?
cindy: no! that sounds good though
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waterbroad: I make movies
cindy: you do?
waterbroad: no, Cass does.
cindy: why little sonra go
cindy: ah, yes she does
J2N: pre heating my oven to 375
cindy: i've never been this close to everyone here
cindy: i mean in timing on the ep
cindy: frightened feeling
J2N: 24 haunted
cindy: ah yes it is
cindy: i love the way john looks when he goes to that room in bbq
waterbroad: I woke up this morning happy.
cindy: and, fuck rm 24
J2N: big teeth smile
waterbroad: If he's hanging with Butchie, he ain't juiced.
SaveJFC: he's juiced
cindy: i like those big teeth
cindy: he's juiced...
cindy: gosh
cindy: been too long for me
cindy: bang our heads on a lampost, love that,
waterbroad: I am feeling a little Cincinnatti.
SaveJFC: OHHH... that's where John gets the twist around and pointing that he shows Shawn in Police station. The police station was a foreshadow!
cindy: and this, fall in love with the cardboard models...
J2N: walking up Palm Ave.
cindy: Ah good work good eye Save!!!!
SaveJFC: IE when John and Butchy is talking to the cutout women
cindy: Right!
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SaveJFC: Tic
cindy: Summer, summer is coming back
waterbroad: Shaun looks stoned there
cindy: Tic
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SaveJFC: "Tic", performed by Kava Kava
cindy: lol, those girls that come t o see Shaun
waterbroad: Exactly what did he cut his foot on?
cindy: Shaunie had shoes on
cindy: i always think a can, like Kai
waterbroad: no, the kid who was on the ground.
waterbroad: It looked like the other kids threw something down.
SaveJFC: watch this..
cindy: love that
waterbroad: here we go.
cindy: yes
cindy: here we go
waterbroad: what do you want Butchie Yost?
cindy: all the time...
J2N: We have been having a few of those the last few days
cindy: yes, you have, i noticed Jimmy
SaveJFC: he never came up...
waterbroad: Again, I am reminded of Greg Brady and the evil Tiki
cindy: And I, of blonde young men in hospitals
waterbroad: shape shifter
cindy: Freddy hates coming here, to this country, good one for all the where's obama's birth certificate ppl
waterbroad: don't yell at me.
cindy: did i yell at you????
cindy: water, did I yell at you?
waterbroad: no, I am quoting Bill when he was on the phone. There is no real yelling :).
cindy: Edward Skur
cindy: oh, good Water
waterbroad: where is everyone going?
cindy: I'm not going any where!
waterbroad: neither am I.
J2N: Get a dog... he's dead
cindy: yes,, go to the clubhouse
cindy: mitch wipes cissy out
cindy: i like the way the doc comes forward to meet Bill, i love that part
cindy: more no wipe
cindy: lol
J2N: Did I ever tell anyone that Mercy was where my daughter lost her baby?
cindy: I didn't know that Jimmy
J2N: and where my father in law died
cindy: wow
cindy: hospitals do suck
waterbroad: Oh yes they do.
J2N: Mrs. P works at one
cindy: keep all the germs there, now, swine flu there???? eek
cindy: Mrs. P stay healthy!!!
cindy: ah Bill,
waterbroad: and Zippy
cindy: yes, and Zippy
cindy: there should be more Zippys
cindy: ok, john just erased my post
waterbroad: Well, the only thing I can say, is every morning when I see yet another bird crapped on my car, I think of Zippy.
cindy: it's good you think of Zippy every day
cindy: my John here, is biting me, and trying his best to write to you al
cindy: l
cindy: and keep me from seeing!!!
waterbroad: Yes, but must they always crap on my car to remind me????
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cindy: Hey, whatever it takes!
J2N: still gives me shivers
cindy: me too jimmy
cindy: and goosebumps
SaveJFC: "Staring At The Sun", performed by TV on the Radio.
cindy: ty Save
cindy: there should be more Zippys
J2N: where did WB go???
waterbroad has joined
cindy: don't think on purpose,
J2N: wb
cindy: john, he is so john!!!
waterbroad: sorry, ie keep dumping out on me.
cindy: this cat who is john, right name for sure
waterbroad: Okay, where are we now?
SaveJFC: Okay. Do we need a break or go into ep 3?
waterbroad: I could use a 5 minute break
J2N: let me get a drink
cindy: I'm good
SaveJFC: Im ques
J2N: on the hour?
SaveJFC: I'm qued
waterbroad: good for me.
cindy: fine
waterbroad: brb

Chat Log: Ep. 2 "His Visit: Day Two, Continued" Begins

SaveJFC: On the hour then
cindy: so save, start it and stop at johnny apple seed?
J2N: first note
SaveJFC: On the first note of the sone
cindy: thanks Jimmy
SaveJFC: song... gingers are dylexic tonight
SaveJFC: drats... Fingers
cindy: song starts after mitch surf....
cindy: gingers, too cute
cindy: Hey, for a change, I got it! I use a player I don't usually use when I do this, here with ou all
cindy: so we aren't too comfortable with each other, me and this player
cindy: I really do want to get my John pics to myspace, so you all can see him.. he's so John
J2N: 45 seconds
cindy: now, i'm green again
SaveJFC: Jimmys our time clock
cindy: stop watch on your puter jimmy
J2N: 30 seconds
waterbroad: Okay I am here
J2N: 15 sec
J2N: 10 sec
J2N: 5 sec
J2N: go
SaveJFC: Yippee!!!
cindy: hey water welcome back
cindy: yee haw
waterbroad: Lord there goes Johnny Appleseed.
waterbroad: some of this does look like old stock footage.
J2N: OK now I'm riding to the beach tomorrow
cindy: some is, the short shorts part
cindy: you got a bike it sounds like Jimmy
J2N: Vespa
waterbroad: 80 degrees on the jersey shore, I am on that beach again. Water temp 46 degrees, so staying sand side.
cindy: cool!
waterbroad: Blink once for yes, twice for no
waterbroad: rebecca demornay is a beautiful woman.
J2N: I've done her
J2N: then I woke up
cindy: she and me born in same hospital
waterbroad: really
cindy: yup
cindy: say words someone, please?
waterbroad: what?
cindy: say words they are saying
waterbroad: you okay Cindy?
cindy: i managed to get lost, chose wrong ep
J2N: I tooka dump...
cindy: it's me and this player, we don't get on well lol!
waterbroad: okay I will check my timer
J2N: bill gave it a shot
cindy: good jimmy, good
waterbroad: 5:15 on timer
cindy: thanks
waterbroad: freddy narrating in the car
cindy: thanks
waterbroad: cass and mitch
J2N: for some reason I'm compeled to watch the bird seed video
cindy: I've waited long to listen to this
waterbroad: listen to what?
cindy: con te partiro
cindy: i spelled it wrong but you know
waterbroad: I admit, Butchie could be my movie star boyfriend, but after he showers and is off the dope.
waterbroad: got it!
cindy: off dope, but i'll take him without shower
J2N: stinky
cindy: yes, smell man
waterbroad: no, not man smell, stink!
cindy: he's gotta be a bit salty, from the sea... that's good
waterbroad: But I do shower twice a day, so maybe I am just too picky.
cindy: but the bed, scary, i agree on going to Kai trailer
waterbroad: OH yeah, you are right there my friend.
cindy: twice a day, my hair would never dry, ever!!!
J2N: Why was John hiding his face????
waterbroad: I love that car.
cindy: Pea Soup
SaveJFC: I'm really proud of the Bird Seed Video.
waterbroad: again, I can not get over they drove to Huntington, surfed a contest, flew him back to IB, got everyone to the hospital, cured Shaun, and got him home in one day.
waterbroad: I love TV time.
J2N: It's not real
waterbroad: It is TV
waterbroad: Sorry, not TV, HBO
SaveJFC: No... It's HBO
SaveJFC: lol
waterbroad: Is there any decent programming on there now?
J2N: It's not HBO...It's crap
cindy: lol
waterbroad: There has been nothing on there worth watching for almost a year.
waterbroad: did anyone here watch Carnivale?
J2N: Pea soup????
waterbroad: pea soup restaurant.
cindy: yes pea soup
J2N: Pea Soup Anderson's
J2N: yum
SaveJFC: I haven't eatten yet so I'm going to take a break... talk amonst yourselves...
waterbroad: bon apetite
Guest4573 has joined
waterbroad: will guest stay?
cindy: candle fanatics
J2N: He cares
cindy: see u in a bit save
J2N: Freddy
waterbroad: Who says dealers don't care.
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waterbroad: guest did not stay.
cindy: lol dealers
waterbroad: retired cops don't get my name...
cindy: lol
waterbroad: who the heck would want to steel anyone drapes?
cindy: i sure dont want someones drapes
waterbroad: See God Kai.
J2N: not there yet
waterbroad: I am early.
cindy: are we boning now?
waterbroad: let grams do what she has to do
J2N: Im there
cindy: oh, okay thanks where Jimmy
cindy: see god kai
J2N: Cissy smoking
cindy: hm i'm behind?
cindy: butchie head smoking
J2N: not there yet
cindy: ah, i pause then, at shut up
cindy: you tell me, Kai, do you hear me?
cindy: ok, i'm not sure i can stay, bit of family prob....
J2N: See God Kai
cindy: that's what it's like
cindy: ???
cindy: say
J2N: don't do that to me again
waterbroad: sorry pc acting up. I am back
cindy: have to go a bit
waterbroad: okay..
J2N: Almost over anyway
J2N: For everyones info... no Wenchels in IB
waterbroad: What is Wenchels? No such thing here in NJ.
J2N: Doughnut shop
waterbroad: Oh. Well, we don't have Krispy Kreme either.
SaveJFC: Yeah Water... but they don't have WaWa's!
waterbroad: Thank God for the WaWa
SaveJFC: There is a Krispy Kreme in Bricktown
J2N: We have Krispy's
waterbroad: not anymore. They shut down about 2 years ago. It is now Arby's. 3
SaveJFC: REally. Huh. Tells you how long it's been since I drove down there
waterbroad: Personally, I love the WaWa
SaveJFC: I've never had a Krispy Kreme
J2N: yeah and you can get gas too
waterbroad: So full of the wisdome of the east.
J2N: at Wa Wa
SaveJFC: I used to be an asst. mgr of a Wawa in Absecon, outside Atlantic City
waterbroad: Was there today for gas and coffee.
J2N: I was born in Princeton NJ
waterbroad: Little known South Jersey fact: people do not make coffee at home, we all go out to the Wawa for coffee multiple time a day.
SaveJFC: Wow, Jimmy, small world huh
waterbroad: Well, you are smart, you left NJ.
J2N: Mercer County Hospital
SaveJFC: The show "House" takes place in Princeton
waterbroad: Okay.
J2N: November 16
J2N: 1963
waterbroad: I was jsut going to say that. But the Hospital is actually princeton u's student center.
J2N: 7:35pm
waterbroad: May 11 1968
waterbroad: 3;03
waterbroad: aM
waterbroad: Mitch stuck on nail
waterbroad: So is it another John Miracle that mitch's leg does not spurt.
SaveJFC: Is there a point to this "stuck on nail" part
J2N: there
waterbroad: Butchie and Mitch have a civil conversation.
J2N: you would think they would put a gate there
waterbroad: you would think.
cindy: lol no gate
cindy: save, you think metaphor, good!
cindy: Edward Skur, still makes me see him
waterbroad: what doctor would put horn implants in someone's head?
cindy: certain angles
cindy: did a doctor do it? i always thought aliens..... lolol
J2N: Are we sure it was horn inplants
cindy: come to think Jimmy, no we aren't
SaveJFC: Yes. "The Beast" is reference to "The Devil" so horned devil implants
waterbroad: what else would it be? In this next scene he refers to to when he surfed.
cindy: right
cindy: not the first place you think of for implants
J2N: Maybe he had a surfing ingury???
waterbroad: And the fact they were metal from See god Kai
cindy: right
cindy: lol
J2N: metal plates
cindy: could be?
waterbroad: horned plates?
waterbroad: Butchie the Beast
cindy: plates for attaching from
waterbroad: okay, where is milch when we need him to clarify.
cindy: tonight the doc makes me want to watch xfile
J2N: want me to call him?
waterbroad: yes, you do that jim
J2N: ok hold on
cindy: yeah jimmy do that,we'll have you type for him
waterbroad: tell him Amy wants to know about butchie's implants.
J2N: will do
waterbroad: who sings this song?
SaveJFC: "Feeling Good", performed by Muse.
cindy: gotta see this still frame, love it
waterbroad: who sung it orginally?
J2N: sorry got his voice mail....
waterbroad: i got my eye on you.
J2N: I think it came from the 30's
waterbroad: tell him we are pissed that he missed another night.
cindy: YEAH, that still frame
cindy: ahhhhh
SaveJFC: I love how they did that. And it fits the song so well
cindy: just perfect!!!
J2N: well that was fun... time to eat
cindy: enjoy Jimmy good to see you
waterbroad: it is almost sunday on the east coast. see you all on the flip side.
cindy: Amy be seeing you!
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J2N: TY... It was great being here with you all... good night
cindy: night
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cindy: hello save
SaveJFC: hi
cindy: this was fun!
SaveJFC: I've really gotta go.. back not doing well.
SaveJFC: talk to you tomorrow?
cindy: you know i understand that!
cindy: yes, tomorrow
SaveJFC: nite
cindy: nite
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