Chat Log: Ep. 6 "His Visit: Day Five"

Note: Only did one episode tonight.

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SaveJFC: drats I thought that would make you the admin
Jimmy2Nutz: here we are again
SaveJFC: lol
Jimmy2Nutz: we both need to go out
SaveJFC: you may be right
SaveJFC: How are you?
Jimmy2Nutz: what do you mean May Be???
Jimmy2Nutz: I'm well....U?
SaveJFC: I usually only go out once every couple of months.
Jimmy2Nutz: oh.... sorry to hear that
SaveJFC: Don't be. I am a hermit by choice.
SaveJFC: It's not that I don't like to go out, it's just that spending too much time around people is very stressful for me.
SaveJFC: I'm going to call cissy... brb
Jimmy2Nutz: I just got back from riding... went to a tax revolt..... Had lunch with a beautiful woman...(Mrs. P)
Jimmy2Nutz: Okie dokie
SaveJFC: Cissy is sleeping. Says to call her back in 45min and she'll try to make Ep6
Jimmy2Nutz: are we on 5 or 6
SaveJFC: Hey, if no one shows up by 10 after how about we wait and do ep6 at 1opm/7pm?
Jimmy2Nutz: ok
SaveJFC: Tell me about the tax revolt... what was that?
Jimmy2Nutz: We out here in the great state of California have the highest taxe rate of the nation.... 10% income and 9.5% sales.... the state put up a measure to raise it even higher.... I was doing my duty as a citiz
Jimmy2Nutz: and protested
Jimmy2Nutz: NJ has nothing on us as far as taxes
Jimmy2Nutz: the state is seeing a mass exodus
Jimmy2Nutz: All of the rich people who can afford the move and the taxes are leaving the state and taking their bussiness with them
SaveJFC: I understand. But I saw on the news a couple weeks ago that NJ has the highest total tax. With CA just slightly behind... But that was a couple weeks ago.
SaveJFC: So you think they will decriminalize pot?
SaveJFC: and tax it.
SaveJFC: Could get people to move there just for that!
Jimmy2Nutz: the 10% income taxe is the top tax bracket.... so how much do you think someone needs to make to break into the top tax bracket????
Jimmy2Nutz: here in CA.?
SaveJFC: 150k?
Jimmy2Nutz: lower
SaveJFC: 90k
Jimmy2Nutz: lower
SaveJFC: no...
Jimmy2Nutz: 46K
SaveJFC: 50k
SaveJFC: wow
Jimmy2Nutz: I shit you not
Jimmy2Nutz: oops sorry
SaveJFC: lol
SaveJFC: np
Jimmy2Nutz: i get excited
SaveJFC: I don't blame you. I know it was bad when I lived there but now I can't imagine how I could survive there.
SaveJFC: At least here the house is paid for.
Jimmy2Nutz: most are moving to NV....No state income tax there
SaveJFC: what's the sales tax in nv?
SaveJFC: Personally, with the water wars I wouldn't move anyplace out west.
Jimmy2Nutz: I'm not sure but I know it isn't 9.5%
SaveJFC: unless I had redundant sources for water
Jimmy2Nutz: drill a well
SaveJFC: The wells are going dry and it costs to much to get down to the lower water tables for most.
Jimmy2Nutz: see you at 10?
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SaveJFC: hey skorda!
skorda: hi, are you watching now?
SaveJFC: cissy will be here in a minute
SaveJFC: no, it was just jimmy and I and we decided to wait for the top of the hour and do ep6
skorda: I will be back...I am not yet organized to watch on one compiter and typr on the other, I'll see what I can do and return
SaveJFC: we'll be here
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SaveJFC: Cissy has to go visit a dear friend who is not doing well so cissy won't be joining us tonight.
Jimmy2Nutz: how lonely
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Jimmy2Nutz: hey skor
skorda: hey jimmy
SaveJFC: Cissy has to go visit a dear friend who is not doing well so cissy won't be joining us tonight.
skorda: I'm all set- I am trying to watch and type on the same computer...will that work? I hope so
Jimmy2Nutz: Ep6 then?
SaveJFC: yes ep6... Sermon on the Snug!
Jimmy2Nutz: let me que
SaveJFC: Skor I do that all the time. I make Windows Movie Player about a quarter of the screen and I can watch the chat underneith, of course I can't see the movie when I type
skorda: I have 2 windows on my desktop, we'll see how it goes...are we ready?
SaveJFC: Shall we say 5 after?
Jimmy2Nutz: Qued
SaveJFC: I'm qued also
skorda: fineQued???? Is that a word?
SaveJFC: got the volumn up and ready to go. Jimmy you want to give us the countdown?
SaveJFC: yes. It's common in England
Jimmy2Nutz: watch your head Skorda
Jimmy2Nutz: Ready
skorda: hahaha that word is not used in England, hahaha
Jimmy2Nutz: set
Jimmy2Nutz: go!!!
SaveJFC: yippee
Jimmy2Nutz: How is your Dad Skor???
skorda: the water looks so clean, must be the old days
skorda: he was home one day then rushed back to the hospital. He is in intensive care now.
skorda: I hope they can stabilize his heart soon...
Jimmy2Nutz: oh my..... I'll keep him in my thoughts
SaveJFC: ditto
skorda: Cass has my laptop- wonder if she wore the letters off the keys,hahah
Jimmy2Nutz: hit that mini bar
SaveJFC: is that what happened to yours?
skorda: Thank you both, this is difficult, my sister came up, she is at the hospital now,
skorda: Shaunie looks so young here
Jimmy2Nutz: nice tat tina
skorda: justice must be served, Joe
Jimmy2Nutz: Justis must be served
Jimmy2Nutz: zippy told Bill
SaveJFC: Zippy told Bill we'd be over
skorda: time for your ballbuster booster shot?
Jimmy2Nutz: ball buster booster shot
skorda: which of those piss pots gave him a f**k film?
Jimmy2Nutz: It's ok Skor.... I said shit earlier
skorda: miracle boy says shit?
skorda: oh God I miss this show!!!!! STILL
Jimmy2Nutz: this is so sad
skorda: I never noticed before- his wrist is green from that bracelet
Jimmy2Nutz: I know I would miss P. as much if she died
skorda: how sweet
skorda: you are asofty at heart, Jimmy
Jimmy2Nutz: yes... I am... don't tell anyone
SaveJFC: if barry has so much money, why is everyone working on the motel?
skorda: good question, Save. must be beyond logical thought.
SaveJFC: maybe you should get out of the sun
skorda: scuse me, I gotta clean the 4
Jimmy2Nutz: you shut up
skorda: your speech pattern inclines towards the megalomaniacal
Jimmy2Nutz: I love that line
SaveJFC: That's on e of my favorite lines!
Jimmy2Nutz: Palm Ave.
SaveJFC: i love this scene
skorda: are you ashamed of your flooring?
SaveJFC: butchie calling Tina
skorda: I'm a human parrot
skorda: my least favorite scene
skorda: hate the racist side of Butchie
Jimmy2Nutz: She is driving up the strand... going to Coranado
Jimmy2Nutz: Now Where did she put that gun..... there it is.....
SaveJFC: astral projection
Jimmy2Nutz: good seen
SaveJFC: the worst ball buster known to man
Jimmy2Nutz: Tell her John
Jimmy2Nutz: dirty dancer
skorda: Baby's a bitch
SaveJFC: lol
Jimmy2Nutz: Bueller.....Bueller....
Jimmy2Nutz: wet willy
skorda: young Henry Kissinger
SaveJFC: I got work to do at the UN
Jimmy2Nutz: tuna for Tina
SaveJFC: I wish they showed Tina coming to the door and Cissy answering
Jimmy2Nutz: That's how I make it... I don't know how he likes it... I never asked him
Jimmy2Nutz: sad
skorda: nah...I'm sure he likes it just the way she makes it. who would ask a kid that anyhow/
Jimmy2Nutz: My mom does
skorda: how sweet. She spoils you. Not me. I made things and then my kids had to learn to like them. N
skorda: I MISS PALAKA!!!!!
Jimmy2Nutz: He was killed...
Jimmy2Nutz: In Entourage
SaveJFC: who was killed?
Jimmy2Nutz: Palaka
SaveJFC: Ben-Paul Victor
Jimmy2Nutz: Paul Ben-Victor
skorda: nver watched that. But I watched Windtalkers not long ago. Not good moveie but Butchie was in it. Got killed.
skorda: mitch wipes out.........
SaveJFC: My father runs the mega millions
skorda: time to get back in the game, Linc Stark
skorda: fur is big mud is bog the stick is big
SaveJFC: In the word that hears my father
Jimmy2Nutz: Evolution of mans technology
skorda: we are coming 9/11/14
Jimmy2Nutz: boom boom boom
SaveJFC: you will not forget what we did here
skorda: we should make these cookouts a fixture
SaveJFC: the sun does not go down Bill
skorda: the sun does not go down, Bill
SaveJFC: lol
skorda: this was time well spent
SaveJFC: Well, this was time well spent.
SaveJFC: lol
Jimmy2Nutz: My fathers birthday is the same as mine
SaveJFC: for real?
skorda: It was so good to see the gang again!
SaveJFC: Yes. I'm so glad we are doing these retrospectives
Jimmy2Nutz: no///// but I was born on my Grand fathers birthday
skorda: I gotta go get something to eat, it has been a long day and I did not have time, wanted to be here, It is a good thing to do.
SaveJFC: wow.
skorda: later
Jimmy2Nutz: well ladies... I too need to eat
SaveJFC: ok. We can call it a night
Jimmy2Nutz: love you all
SaveJFC: see youlater
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