Chat Log: Ep. 2 "His Visit: Day 2" Saturday 01 November 2008


Note: There was an error in the old chatroom. Admin had to find a new one to use so we delayed the start of the show for one hour.

You have joined SaveJFC.
Chatangel: Hi Save
SaveJFC: Phew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chatangel: ((TRISHAH))
Skorda: Hi Tammy- I cannot watch from here, but I am watching through you guys
SaveJFC: Man I am so sorry about the other chat room! I have absoultely no idea about what happened
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oilgatsam: My browser crashed. What's going on??
J2N: I think a new start time of 7pt 10et....
Myles has joined SaveJFC.
Myles: I'm still puke green
Myles: where is everybody?
oilgatsam: only in your own eyes myles
Chatangel: We don't know .. Trishah made miracles happen and found a new chat program for this evening
Chatangel: WB Oil
oilgatsam: Thanks
Chatangel: YW
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oilgatsam: I'm already 1/2 way through ep 2
Chatangel: Me too Patrick.. this chat window uses that puke green so u can c when u last typed
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oilgatsam: that must have been Sjor timing out. HI SKOR
Chatangel: I haven't started it yet
Myles: Ahh, hence, only in my eyes! HA
J2N: nor I
Myles: nor I
oilgatsam: I will restart
SaveJFC: I working on changing the links on the site to this room.
Chatangel: J2N when do we start.. I need at least 10min advance notice plz
J2N: I'm thinking on the hour
Myles: Skorda pinged out on us
oilgatsam: how rude
Chatangel: wow.. I did not know the chapters were named on offical dvd!
Chatangel: ping.. PONG!
Myles: me don't have the official one
Chatangel: purple haze
J2N: I think if you lose connection you "ping out"
Myles: I had trouble getting back once I left
Chatangel: cool right side bar tells who is here.
oilgatsam: I will return @9PM cst
Chatangel: sounds great that would be 9:00PM CST,
Chatangel: stick around Rich
SaveJFC: We should que our DVDs and VHSs to the first note of "Johnny Appleseed"
oilgatsam: I wont log out
Guest2153 has joined SaveJFC.
Chatangel: welcome 2153
oilgatsam: already there
Chatangel: k
Chatangel: probably can't make this dvd do that Save
Guest2153: I am afraid that if I leave I may not get back on!
Chatangel: me
Chatangel: Oh you'll get back
Guest2153: 2153=skorda
Chatangel: hey Suzie Q
Myles: ok, i'm paused at opening notes of song
Guest2153: where are you goes? started?
Guest2153: I am paused same place. So letters on keyboard. forgive me
J2N: I saw shaun in EP10 room I think he wants to join us
Myles: cool themes, night,day, classic
oilgatsam: I need a snack, haven't eaten today, don't start without me
oilgatsam: brb
Guest2153: let's go fishing while we wait, OIL! I am starving. Have lobster bisque on stive and baked stuffed shrimp ready to go in oven
Myles: oh man stuffed shrimp
Myles: my favorite food EVER
Guest2153: uh oh, what's happening
Myles: my font has grown
SaveJFC: This room will not allow me to cut and paste the text in the window or save it for the archive.... grrrr...
SaveJFC: upps... never mind... it will if I post it to a text file... we have archive!
J2N: I guess this is it????
Chatangel: added another message to epi 10 for Farley... I'll call him if he doesn't show up soon
Guest2153 has left the chat. (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
Chatangel: BRB... goint to grab a snack
Chatangel: I got the last screen SAVE copied and pasted
oilgatsam: mmmm homemade banana bread
Chatangel: hush.. Oil.. now I'm really hungry.. lol
Chatangel: BRB.. SNACK, munchie time
J2N: Pissa tonight for me
Myles: for a sec ther J2, I thought you were doing a boston accent
Myles: ...wicked pissa
Myles: roger,thats a go in - 9
J2N: great Meatloaf last night.....
Myles: still in good voice??
Chatangel: back
J2N: Lost a little of the real high notes but other than that... outstanding
Myles: if anyone is trying to get in from Save site, will they have problem?
J2N: I was in MILF heaven there
Myles: I could only get here from link on ep 10
J2N: ofcourse it was because I hat Mrs. Pineapple with me.
J2N: had
Chatangel: that's correct myles.. I just tried EVERY link on still getting that error.. but Trishah would have lots of reprogramming to do
Chatangel: HAD or hat j2n?
Myles: T -5
J2N: Hey she is my MILF
Myles: roger, roger, whats your vector victor
oilgatsam: still in aholding pattern
J2N: I hold myself all the time
J2N: no pattern
Chatangel: me 2, my screen has a large bubble and two smaller ones on it.. no actor names yet
Chatangel: is this the correct starting point
J2N: yes
Chatangel: 3 min
J2N: first note
Chatangel: ty j2n
Myles: at same place Angel
oilgatsam: Im at black screen
Chatangel: cool Myles
Myles: T - 2
J2N: I guess it's just the 5 of us tonight....bummmer
Chatangel: Patrick do u smoke cigarettes? I do.. if so got a wonderful money saving tip for yo
J2N: 1 Minute
Myles: I got one, I buy them from a reservation in NY
Myles: T -1
J2N: get your fingers on the play button...
Chatangel: I stuff my own...
oilgatsam: I buy mine from the Chippewa
Myles: scew the MA tax
Myles: GO
Chatangel: Yippie...
oilgatsam: playing
Myles: SAve, you with us ?
SaveJFC: yep... just started the dvd... I'm tweaking in the background :)
SaveJFC: then you don't go killin..
J2N: I was down in IB today
Myles: Bees
oilgatsam: theme song ends now!!
Chatangel: I was able to copy this chat screen
SaveJFC: song ends
Chatangel: luckymJ2N
J2N: slap it on him
Chatangel: SHE IS
Myles: Cass makes the moves on Mitch
Chatangel: ZIP
Myles: zip
Chatangel: nut job
J2N: I was playing a video game and Emily Rose was staring in it
oilgatsam: someone let me know when John is shy doing his business, I was on the wrong ep.
Myles: Bil F'ing
Chatangel: ok... Rich will do
Chatangel: almost there OIL
Myles: Johnny!
Chatangel: herendous dump
Myles: push
Chatangel: THERE RICH
oilgatsam: got it thanks
J2N: Im shy too
Chatangel: YW!
Chatangel: me 3
Myles: Cissy!
J2N: Link
Myles: pull your pants up
J2N: A+
Myles: A+
oilgatsam: a+ on fume control john
Chatangel: calling FF
SaveJFC: A+
Myles: F A R L E Y
SaveJFC: Guess I'm behind but that's my punishment for screwing up the chat lol
Myles: I think you are just second behind
J2N: Tap this Link
Chatangel: got his voice mail..
Myles: Link Mitch Shaun Cissy at home
Chatangel: trying home number now
Myles: F A R L E Y !
Myles: Skorda, Where are you
SaveJFC: I think she left...
Myles: was she Guest?
SaveJFC: yes
J2N: I think she Pinged out
SaveJFC: lol
Myles: John Butchie on dock
SaveJFC: on dock now
SaveJFC: I like this scene
Myles: fire up that fattie
Chatangel: Farley doesn't feel well tonight! :(
Chatangel: sounded very down, or depressed
Myles: Farley needs to dump out
Chatangel: yes he does
Myles: He'd feel better here with friends
Chatangel: empinada
J2N: pull out the gat
Chatangel: I tried.. you want the number Myles?
Myles: Barry !
SaveJFC: HEY... that was Butchie THINKin g "what the F is going on" while JOHn looked at the antena... So JOHN can hear people's thoughts!!!!
J2N: Yeah... caught that too!!!
Chatangel: That's what I've always thought.. sounds as if Butchie is screaming
J2N: Freddie!!!
SaveJFC: But then when you see Butchies face it is obvious that he looks calm
Myles: Sha Na Na
Chatangel: I chalked it up to Butchies thoughts racing
Chatangel: rm 24
Myles: It's Ok, It's Ok
Chatangel: back in the contest
Chatangel: I'll send it to you on HBO PM Patrick
Chatangel: brb
Myles: crap machines
Myles: I don't think I can convince him
Myles: hope he feels better
J2N: I guess I never told you guys that Mrs. P grew up in IB
J2N: Bill
Myles: Lois ??
J2N: rm 24 haunted?
Chatangel: back
Chatangel: F rm 24.. it's okay
Myles: Barry has great lines written for him
Chatangel: Really J2N? That is where your daughter lives too correct?
Myles: bow head for prayer
Chatangel: Yes.. Barry has some to the gr8est lines
J2N: well she moved a couple of months ago
Chatangel: MFAM
Chatangel: Brother
Myles: MBFM
Chatangel: closer to you and the Misses?
J2N: nope
Chatangel: bang our heads, paper cuts
J2N: ouch
Chatangel: NO :( !
J2N: she move more in land
J2N: inland
Myles: I am from Cincinnati !
J2N: you get the fuck out!
Chatangel: mag trip
Chatangel: u do not get a vote
Chatangel: KAVA TIC
J2N: Jail bait
Chatangel: i'm a bit behind J2N
J2N: don't cut your foot fool
Chatangel: yes.. they're jail bait
Chatangel: jerk off
Chatangel: I hadn't seen that hand signal before.. lol
J2N: oops
J2N: piss in my ear
oilgatsam: here we go
oilgatsam: earthquake
SaveJFC: I don't want to watch this...
oilgatsam: I'm sorry I'm kinda outof it here. 2 teenagers yapping in my ear and distracting me
SaveJFC: watch out shawnie
Myles: thanks for not killin me
oilgatsam: thanks fornot killing me
Chatangel: Anderson
Chatangel: Bless your heart Oil... I remember those days! Mostly fun until you want sm piece and quiet.
J2N: I just don't know why they took him to Mercy from Huntington????
oilgatsam: Maybe some hospitals are better equiped to handle certain injuries
SaveJFC: Is there another Mercy Hospital near Huntington?
Myles: Mitch is sooo COLD.. Get A Dog?
J2N: Mitch is a bit of an asshole there
Chatangel: agrees.. Mitch is a heartless bastard at times.. so cruel
Chatangel: I'd murder him in his sleep.. J/K
Myles: John in funny trying to mimic
J2N: shit in my pocket
Chatangel: Jacks appears to be having a heartache..
Chatangel: lol Zippy beating like a cartoon
J2N: don't hold back on me pal
Chatangel: Zippy's leg has such a pretty reddish spot on it
Chatangel: The end is near
J2N: That was just too fast
Chatangel: Jesus Mary & Joesph...
Chatangel: I agree.. can't stand it too end
Chatangel: Did anyone see or learn anythng new in this episode?
J2N: Yes
oilgatsam: soory folks I have to duck out. See yall next week
Chatangel: Wonders why John was looking up in the bathroom as the scene cut to bill
oilgatsam has left the chat. (Connection closed)
Myles: no, tell me
Chatangel: Nighty Nite Oil
Chatangel: Me too J2N.. what did u learn 2night
SaveJFC: Question: I have tweaked this chatroom. Is everyone okay with using this one from now on? Youcan reload and see what the new version looks like then log back on
Myles: oopps I slipped into ep 3
J2N: Huntington is too far from Mercy Hopital
Chatangel: really
Chatangel: how far?
J2N: Mercy is like 25 miles from IB
J2N: Huntington is about 140 Miles nort of IB
J2N: north
Chatangel: I learned that each episode has mini titles within it.. playing on my computers dvd player didn't see those options
Chatangel: WOW... that is huge story.. map stretch
SaveJFC: Are we liking this chatroom okay?
J2N: Its ok
Chatangel: To answer your question Save YES! This one is much better
Chatangel: Just wish the viewing screen was larger.. hurts my eyes.. text too small
Chatangel: but it'll be fine
Myles: once again Save, you came through, thanks
SaveJFC: I'll get some clocks to load on the side so we can sinc better
Myles: there are Option to change the font
SaveJFC: Chat. go under the options tab and you can change the font size
Chatangel: I beleive we did excellent tonight with the sync
J2N: How did we lose OIl?
Myles: Thanks, friends, I need to eat
SaveJFC: I think so... But the episodes go by soooo quickly!
Myles: This was great
Myles has left SaveJFC.
SaveJFC: By Myles! See you soon...
Chatangel: Cool that's better for chat screen.. but my typing window seems much smaller
Chatangel: Night Miles
J2N: I got grog to drink tonight
Chatangel: Just the 3 muskteers left
J2N: yum yum
Chatangel: Grog?? What is that
SaveJFC: Are you up to talking via phone Chat?
Chatangel: Sure.. for a bit
Chatangel: Jimmy u still here what is GROG
Chatangel: BRB
J2N: Ok you ladies gab.... I'll catch u later
SaveJFC: Jimmy... What is Grog?
J2N: Hot apple cider with stuff in it
J2N: Lots of rum
SaveJFC: Ahhhh.... sound great for an Nov evening enjoy!
J2N: night ladies
SaveJFC: nite nite
Chatangel: spices
J2N has left the chat. (Connection closed)
Chatangel: night J2N love n hugs to you and yours