Chat Log: Ep. 3 "His Visit: Day Two Continued" Saturday 08 November 2008

immyTwoNutz: We were just talking about that
JimmyTwoNutz: Welcome MB
bitg: my first time to make it
JimmyTwoNutz: How's TX?
ChatAngel: Wow... Hey BiTG!
bitg: howdy
ChatAngel: gotta call Save tell her to take down taat link
JimmyTwoNutz: please do
bitg: TX is big - actually full of allergens it seems, I was out on the lake skiing on thursday and haven't been able to breathe much since
ChatAngel: its ringing
JimmyTwoNutz: I was in Lubbock a couple of weeks ago.... it was stilll hot.
bitg: yeah, it's pretty nice right now
ChatAngel: rut ro
JimmyTwoNutz: You're down by Austen right?
bitg: in Austin
bitg: well, not in downtown
ChatAngel: should be fixed in a minute or two
ChatAngel: lol
ChatAngel: Golden rod still in bloom down there?
JimmyTwoNutz: Ammy went to the wrong room
ChatAngel: or alage on the lake
ChatAngel: That was me it didn't take my T
ChatAngel: lol
bitg: not sure about the golden rod - there is some duckweed in the lake but not too bad
bitg: kind of a menace to us hyrdofoilers.
bitg: since you can have a wing 3 ft under the water
ChatAngel: golden rod.. those yellow flowers bloom here late august
bitg: hadn't noticed a lot of them - we have a zillion bluebells in the spring
bitg: Most things die in the summer here ;-)
bitg: bluebonnets rather
bitg: I will admit my knowledge of botany is rather limited
bitg: ;-)
ChatAngel: Doug... the retro link is the only one that gets u to the old chat room correct?
ChatAngel: love bluebells.. normally those are in Virginia
JimmyTwoNutz: I don't know if it is the only one.... It's the one that put me there
bitg: ditto
ChatAngel: thx
Save has joined SaveJFC.
JimmyTwoNutz: Welcome to your room Save
Save: Hey Jimmy! I'm eatting dinner... I'll come back in a few...
JimmyTwoNutz: See ya then
ChatAngel: day two continued? to make sure I'm on right episode.. cue to where?
JimmyTwoNutz: first note of johnny appleseed
ChatAngel: k....
ChatAngel: Graham here's a link to golden rod
ChatAngel: http:
JimmyTwoNutz: I'm cued
JimmyTwoNutz: and cute too
ChatAngel: my dvd player took a major dump.. picture went black! shit
ChatAngel: brb
JimmyTwoNutz: NNNOOOOOoooooo....
ChatAngel: 5 yr old grandson.. played iw it too much
JimmyTwoNutz: Check for peanut butter
ChatAngel: still says loading... he burnt up every dvd player in the house.. 5 of them.. but not the computer
ChatAngel: going to try this one , 1 more time
ChatAngel: grrr
JimmyTwoNutz: My daughter shoved a sandwich in my VCR when she was 3.....
JimmyTwoNutz: we have less than ten minutes... where is everyone???
myles has joined SaveJFC.
JimmyTwoNutz: Myles...MB .... welcome
myles: greetings
Guestbabythichsex has joined SaveJFC.
Guestbabythichsex has left SaveJFC.
myles: what is that icon next to you J2N
JimmyTwoNutz: looks like a tux
myles: I thought is was a suit of amour
Save: I'm here now... all cued and ready to go....
JimmyTwoNutz: is everyone cued up to the first note???
myles: cued
ChatAngel: is having a screaming FIT!
myles: like the clocks Save
myles: Chill Angel
Save: I called Cissy/Cindy and Josh says she is very ill today and probubly can't make it.
JimmyTwoNutz: Her dvd player is giving her fits
ChatAngel: KAI TAKES JOHN TO HER TRAILOR for epi 3? Having to use the DVR
JimmyTwoNutz: yes
Save: Thanks Myles! When this chatroom didn't have time stamps I figured it was the best way to all be insync
ChatAngel: Hi Myles... k
JimmyTwoNutz: 1 minute
myles: say when
myles: 30
myles: 15
Save: Watch the clocks... I have we still have 1 min
myles: 5
Save: upps you;re right
myles: i'm playing
Save: lord there goes
JimmyTwoNutz: me too
ChatAngel: I'm paused a de mornay's name.. best I can do with this dvr! 5 DVD players in this house and NONE work!
JimmyTwoNutz: GO!
Save: ridin down the line
JimmyTwoNutz: hey
ChatAngel: went
myles: bees
JimmyTwoNutz: he's much improved
ChatAngel: hosp
Save: dr smith
ChatAngel: zippy kiss my dvd players please?
JimmyTwoNutz: Ham sandwitch
myles: f'ing vampires
oil has joined SaveJFC.
Save: hey oil
JimmyTwoNutz: OIL!!! welcome my brother
Save: shawn has recovered... bird shit in pocket
JimmyTwoNutz: shit
myles: ha
oil: Hi all sorry I'm late again
myles: shaun is much improved
Save: smooth talking city dude
JimmyTwoNutz: I'd like to bone you Kai
Save: oil we started on the hour so we are 5.5 mins into the show via dvd
JimmyTwoNutz: slap it on him
oil: I think I'm close
ChatAngel: Hi Oil!
oil: hey Angel!!
Save: notice when mitch and cass are walking across the side walk it is in slight slow motion?
ChatAngel: yes.. have always wondered what that was about.. their walkin'
Save: whats the word curd
myles: Palaka
ChatAngel: i'm bit behind
Save: I've really come to love palaka
myles: ouch
ChatAngel: me too... he's so sweet, yet a big pain
ChatAngel: but I love Freddie too
JimmyTwoNutz: I love this music
Save: makes me think of the 2400lbs of birdseed video lol
ChatAngel: John was the only 1 holding up his jacket to cover his face?
ChatAngel: me too... gives me chlls when I hear the high note
Save: yes... I just noticed that... wonder why
JimmyTwoNutz: bad direction
JimmyTwoNutz: lol
myles: what is Cass's job here
ChatAngel: to get Mitch away from Cissy
JimmyTwoNutz: whore
ChatAngel: agreed, slut for hire
Save: so "Work here Cass" means she's a working girl?
JimmyTwoNutz: I guess it depends on what your pointing at
ChatAngel: ??? not sure on that... I believe work here is after she is forgiven.. like Mary Magelin
oil: I really enjoy The doc's slapdown of linc
myles: Barry speaks poetic
ChatAngel: me too Oil.. that was so slick
JimmyTwoNutz: dead man singing?
ChatAngel: loves good fences
myles: debbie boone
ChatAngel: 3 men... 3 cardboard ladies
oil: lol animate ior inanimate
ChatAngel: did I hear "BLACK KNEE SOCKS?"
ChatAngel: as or after barry closed the door
Save: yes chat... if you look at the youtube video of the dead guy in the room you'll see the socks
ChatAngel: oh.. ok thx
ChatAngel: Freddie has a case of "hero worship" too
myles: So Freddy is there to save Butchie from himself, why
ChatAngel: I don't know Myles?
ChatAngel: but I believe u r correct
JimmyTwoNutz: They are walking on a beach called Silver Strand... North of IB
ChatAngel: thx J2N
oil: precipice of a clusterfuck!!!
ChatAngel: cluster fuck.. my favorite word for a traffic jam
myles: make her see god john
ChatAngel: break her jaw first.. see god
Save: I think bc he had the drug trips in the volcano he is more intouch with the "monad side" of things. He was "drawn" or "called" to go to IB. Remember he said that if hadn't sold Butchie the fake dope Butchie would have been dead before his 3rd hit.
oil: God I love the dialog in this show!!!
ChatAngel: dish towel curtains
ChatAngel: me, too it's amazing
ChatAngel: butchie looks like a little kid with cissy
ChatAngel: he keeps holding his own tit too
myles: thanks Save
Save: yup
ChatAngel: my favorite between Jacks, and Freddie
myles: pin a rose on your donky nose
ChatAngel: Yes thx save
ChatAngel: palaka's neck is like a ping pong ball back and forth
oil: diphit who looks like someone smashed his face in wityh a board
Save: lol
myles: oooh, gotta watch this scen close
JimmyTwoNutz: tit don't ring a bell
ChatAngel: bone mean John?
ChatAngel: ding dong.. bells not ringing
ChatAngel: Do u feel as if this is the 1st time Butchie feels like Shaunie's father?
Save: probubly the first time he has been clean in years
ChatAngel: Shaunie's helment reminds me of a green cartoon character.. I can not remember the little aliens name?
JimmyTwoNutz: Now were boning Kia
JimmyTwoNutz: Marvin
ChatAngel: I'd like to give Cissy a hug! She really needs one
JimmyTwoNutz: hert joes leg
Save has left the chat. (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
ChatAngel: butchies head got really hot
ChatAngel: rufie
myles: what is john trying to make Kai experience?
myles: who was that person in the ally who crept up to butchie in the 'dream'
JimmyTwoNutz: Dealer
ChatAngel: Save's computer froze on the Windows Media player will not let her switch back to this tab.. she wanted everyone to know that she's still here.. and will be back
oil: fucking microsoft
ChatAngel: Not sure what he was making her experience? It was a future or seeing in real time.
myles: bitg, you here buddy
ChatAngel: yep.. agrees with Oil
ChatAngel: cause later she tells butchie yeah your head was on fire! or smoke.. something to that affect
ChatAngel: this scene w Mitch has always pissed me off..
ChatAngel: He is trying to create an excuse.. to sleep with Cass
oil: Mitch is just a Diva
ChatAngel: This is the 2nd time John prevented butchie from using
ChatAngel: 3 wise men? Jacks, Freddie, Palaka or guards standing watch
JimmyTwoNutz: why does Joe show up???
ChatAngel: this scene or event with Shaun reminds me of the birth of Jesus.. where every1 came .. followed the star and or signs in this case
ChatAngel: I've felt for a while strong bilicial ties, to these series..
ChatAngel: Jimmy V.Joe's buddies also show up too
ChatAngel: off tonights epi.. I read that the Mother of God Cass-Kai.. could possibly mean that both women were pregnant.. Cass by Mitch, Kai by Butchie.. we already know that Cissy is
ChatAngel: what is palaka doing?? Why is he talking to shaunie?
myles: palaka trying to get info
oil: spying for Freddie
ChatAngel: thx
ChatAngel: paranormal experience eligible... <- I want to be!
oil: I need someone at my door creating money in his pants
JimmyTwoNutz: Smith is so happy
myles: ...feeling good, great version
oil: or my pants - even better
ChatAngel: me too...
ChatAngel: Smith childlish grins..
oil: This song give me chills and goosebumps
ChatAngel: I beleive e1 is gathered to watch the miracle.. shaunie skating
ChatAngel: me too.. all over
JimmyTwoNutz: see god k
ChatAngel: that really gave me chills. see god kai
ChatAngel: I'm feeling good
JimmyTwoNutz: or.... see what God can do????
ChatAngel: could be both.. Monads are all from one thing.. we all part of God or monads?
ChatAngel: I've GOT to watch that episode again!
ChatAngel: need to listen to the commentary again too
ChatAngel: did n e 1 learn something new tonight?
JimmyTwoNutz: I want to watch in Spanish
ChatAngel: or just more questions
myles: Anyone else catch butchie on Entourage
JimmyTwoNutz: Yeh
ChatAngel: lol.. would be cool iF u could speak it.. NO missed when was he on?
JimmyTwoNutz: Played a fireman...or someone playing a fireman
myles: I think he has a bigger part this week, his pic is on the hbo site
ChatAngel: Last I saw him was on Son's of Anachry... I love that series now..not like this one but
ChatAngel: cool..
JimmyTwoNutz: Palaka was on too
myles: saw him too
JimmyTwoNutz: Entourage that is
ChatAngel: Freddy on Sons, Farnam on True blood
ChatAngel: Last week on entourage? that's the one I missed!
ChatAngel: any New, news on Last of the 9th yet?
ChatAngel: 1% is a new series coming to HBO with Dan daughty.. a biker series
KaZeMoHaK has joined SaveJFC.
ChatAngel: Hi KaZe
myles: maybe HBO cancelled it already
KaZeMoHaK: hi chat angel ;)
KaZeMoHaK: so......
ChatAngel: possibly.. last I read.. they rented a lot and warehouse in NYC
KaZeMoHaK: okie dokie
ChatAngel: Kaze you a John From Cincinnati fan
JimmyTwoNutz: True Blood last three ep. is on tonight
KaZeMoHaK: no ima frank from from sandigo fan lol
ChatAngel: and 3 more before the end of the season for TB
KaZeMoHaK: take the other from out ty lol
ChatAngel: lol
JimmyTwoNutz: What part of San Diego???
KaZeMoHaK: y ru from sd
KaZeMoHaK: ??
Save has joined SaveJFC.
JimmyTwoNutz: I uesed to live in IB.... now I live up nere Temecula
KaZeMoHaK: nice lol
Save: I watched the whole episode then was able to reboot.
Save: I lived in San Diego for 14yrears
JimmyTwoNutz: Really ... I never knew that
KaZeMoHaK: JFC?????