Chat Log: Ep. 4 "His Visit: Day Three" Saturday 15 November 2008

   Save: I'm qued and ready to go
JimmyTwoNutz: I'm not....
Save: lol
JimmyTwoNutz: Im looking at scooters....
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JimmyTwoNutz: It sure is crowded in here
JimmyTwoNutz: I'm cued!!!
JimmyTwoNutz: and cute too...
ChatAngel has joined SaveJFC.
ChatAngel: Hi dee doo
myles has joined SaveJFC.
ChatAngel: I'm qued up
ChatAngel: Hi Myles
Save: Whoo Huuu... Now we're cooking
JimmyTwoNutz: Howdy all and welcome
myles: Evening !
JimmyTwoNutz: 3 minutes!
ChatAngel: Thank you for the warm welcome.. lmao
ChatAngel: ready set.......
Save: Are you quedMyles?
myles: yup , 2 min to go
Save: 2.5
Save: ?
JimmyTwoNutz: I would like to put us on a 5 minute hold
ChatAngel: J2N or Myles. you put the word on Epi 10?
myles: nope
ChatAngel: NP MB
Save: Jimmy meaning that we start at 5min after the hour?
JimmyTwoNutz: 5 minute hold for late comers
JimmyTwoNutz: yes
ChatAngel: sure thing1
Save: Great! I have time to get my pizza out of the ovem
ChatAngel: I'm go round them up if possible...
myles: ok, 7 min to go
Save: lol
ChatAngel: save it's not friday?? Pizza wtf1
ChatAngel: lmao
Save: My brother brought me KFC last night so my PizzaNight got delayed
JimmyTwoNutz: Mrs P has made me a pineapple upside down
Save: okay I'm running to the kitchen brb
JimmyTwoNutz: I'm trying to get Mrs P to log
myles: I might as well get a beer and some peanuts
JimmyTwoNutz: 4 minutes
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JimmyTwoNutz: 3 Minutes!
JimmyTwoNutz: 2 Minutes!!!
ChatAngel: ty MB!
Save: I
Save: m back
ChatAngel: I'm back.. didn't see anyone
JimmyTwoNutz: just us then.... bummer
Save: We are the core!
JimmyTwoNutz: 1 MINUTE!!!!
JimmyTwoNutz: TY
ChatAngel: YES WE r
ChatAngel: YES WE r yw
ChatAngel: 1 min
myles: ...and MANY MORE
JimmyTwoNutz: 30 Sec...
JimmyTwoNutz: 15 secs....
JimmyTwoNutz: START!!!!!
ChatAngel: Kewl
myles: music playing
Save: wheeeee
ChatAngel: this music still gives me the chills
JimmyTwoNutz: Mrs P. says she is shy....
myles: me too Mrs. P
ChatAngel: Tell her not to be shy around us! She's our sister too
myles: john stares at cage
JimmyTwoNutz: She likes to play her v computer games
ChatAngel: ronald mcdonald benefit?
ChatAngel: lol
JimmyTwoNutz: piggy back
myles: I thought Farley would enjoy these viewings
Save: I think we're all qued together for thefirst time!!!!!
myles: I wouldn't have these vids without him
ChatAngel: me too? He came for the first one or two??? then I called him.. nopte
Save: Ah! So john is at the elephant cage and so he is "hearing" everyone which is why he knows to say "Put it in a PS" later in the episode.
ChatAngel: hate mitch a nd cass scenes?
JimmyTwoNutz: whore
myles: you are good Save, never saw the connection of John and the cage
ChatAngel: YEP
JimmyTwoNutz: Mitch not Cass
ChatAngel: BOth whores, one is mone
Save: i hate this part
ChatAngel: John and mi amigos
JimmyTwoNutz: I know that
myles: btw, saw Cissy last night in 'trip to bountiful'
myles: ...she was so young
ChatAngel: do I ever get to fucking relax?
ChatAngel: why is roman cleaning butchie's stove?
myles: OK, I really like the relationship of Palaka and Freddy
JimmyTwoNutz: What room is that????
ChatAngel: that never made sense to me
ChatAngel: butchie's room
Save: he smelled smoke from when butchies implants smoked... Ramon thought the smoke was the stove
ChatAngel: OH..
JimmyTwoNutz: ahhhh
myles: so why does linc want cass to break up mitch and cissy
ChatAngel: share and share alike
JimmyTwoNutz: That's how we do it in IB
ChatAngel: He wants... Cissy... easier to sign Shaunie
Save: To get Mitch out of the way so he can get Shawnie into competition
myles: Show me my heart
ChatAngel: I love the smile on John's face as he is about to be stabbed
JimmyTwoNutz: Fidel Castro
ChatAngel: yes.. his hat
ChatAngel: do the dishes!
JimmyTwoNutz: Do the dishes
JimmyTwoNutz: I smell tuna.... or Tina.....
myles: ..and he does, that was a weird request from cissy
ChatAngel: gave him a "shit" job one she hates
ChatAngel: dishes
myles: zippy !
JimmyTwoNutz: Zip!
ChatAngel: watch how Kai grabs Butchies shirt
ChatAngel: there's your newpaper trishah
ChatAngel: mopes
Save: you have no idea how many times I've watched this scene
waterbroad has joined SaveJFC.
myles: I've always noticed that 'glowing' light coming from upstairs at Bill's house
ChatAngel: Hey Girl! Welcome
JimmyTwoNutz: Welcome WB!!!!
Save: water we are 15 mins in
ChatAngel: me too
waterbroad: Sorry I am late to the party.
ChatAngel: np glad you are here
waterbroad: working on syncing up, happy to be here with everyone
Save: Bills in his house in a robe talking to zippy
ChatAngel: Her ladships shadow on the wall
ChatAngel: love B & K with the boys on pier
JimmyTwoNutz: On the pier
Save: buchie on pier with kids
myles: you been on that pier J2N?
JimmyTwoNutz: Tons of times
myles: soooo jealous
JimmyTwoNutz: Good chowder
waterbroad: coudl someone give me an actual run time?
ChatAngel: dusting pic frames, restrictedd area
Save: 18:00
ChatAngel: you on DVD or dvr
myles: I just passed 18 min
Save: 18:15
ChatAngel: 19 on DVR
ChatAngel: I'm a hanger oner
Save: haneron
Oil has joined SaveJFC.
Save: in surf show
ChatAngel: light is on shaunie
myles: cissy gonna bust a reporter
Save: Hey OIL
ChatAngel: (OIL)
ChatAngel: Hidedo
Save: we're coming up on 20:00
JimmyTwoNutz: Welcome MB
Oil: Howdy, Sorry dinner ran late.
myles: good lines Cissy
! JimmyTwoNutz has made Oil a host.
Save: newspaper assholes
! JimmyTwoNutz has made waterbroad a host.
ChatAngel: np.. glad u r here with us...
myles: OIL !
Oil: Myles!
ChatAngel: Cissy melts with shaunie
JimmyTwoNutz: one kid looks like Lupis from the Bad News Bears
Save: Joe finds john
myles: 20:50 min in
ChatAngel: john playing possum
Oil: has bill had atalk with his birds yet?
ChatAngel: yes
JimmyTwoNutz: passed that
Save: yes were past that
Save: about 6 mins
ChatAngel: butchie and kai at door
ChatAngel: butchie and kai at door testlices on display
JimmyTwoNutz: late for works
myles: love that line from Bill !
waterbroad: shawnie got wet
JimmyTwoNutz: John Monad
Save: bill upstairs
ChatAngel: mental health?
ChatAngel: up in
ChatAngel: I got my eye on u
Save: i got my eye on you
myles: oooh Chat, we are on the same lines
ChatAngel: that is so cool
JimmyTwoNutz: going out to help these two
Save: water, you caught up yet?
ChatAngel: The buckle on Cass' belt is sideways
myles: sorry , Hi Waterbroad !
waterbroad: Hey, myles
ChatAngel: Joker in the deck....
waterbroad: Am I the only one who begins to find Mitch a bit annoying at this point?
Oil: I'm in sync!!
myles: NO, he really full of himself
ChatAngel: NO... He is annoying in this entire epi in my opin
ChatAngel: Gr8 rich
JimmyTwoNutz: It's the Mitch show
myles: but he does disapear for a few eps
ChatAngel: most likely why
waterbroad: I like his point, just not how he is delivering it
myles: David Byrne
waterbroad: even cass wants him gone
ChatAngel: that longing music dr smith
Save: LOVE the talking heads!!!
JimmyTwoNutz: NO BIKES ON THE PIER!!!!
ChatAngel: is that who is singing
Save: pull over joe
Save: pull over
ChatAngel: lol bikes
myles: Joe is soo nervous
Oil: Joe's got such a good heart
ChatAngel: You can help
Save: yes, david byrns of the talking heads
ChatAngel: Yes, pure golden heart
JimmyTwoNutz: Nam flash backs.... Joe needs to be heald too
ChatAngel: Cass crying.. this is sad music
waterbroad: it is a blessing to see Joe's healing begin
ChatAngel: see is seeing now
Save: she's having visions
ChatAngel: Yes.. it' is
myles: boy, the music played such a good role here
Save: she's becoming connected to john
Oil: I'm crying too
ChatAngel: it does in all episodes thinking back.. carefully chosen
JimmyTwoNutz: Rosa
myles: You are picking up things I never saw
waterbroad: Help clear this up for me, is Cass actually a film maker or actually a prostitute Link hired
JimmyTwoNutz: both
myles: HA
ChatAngel: both wb
waterbroad: The roses are beautiful
Save: Milch found this woman when he was walking around the area and liked her so much he wrote apart for her
myles: Dr Smith is interesting too, searching for answers
JimmyTwoNutz: That is Evergreen street ....I think
ChatAngel: she lives behind the snug in life
waterbroad: I really like Smith
Save: I used to live on Fern Street in Golden Hills
ChatAngel: why did he ask he's already been there today?
Save: Yes when Ramon was cleaning stove
waterbroad: I wish we could of seen more of Butchie and Kai
ChatAngel: that room looks like it was ablaze
JimmyTwoNutz: slap it on him
Save: I wish we could have seen more period lol
ChatAngel: she is
JimmyTwoNutz: 3 ring curcus
ChatAngel: all gathering.. at the snug
ChatAngel: Palka... excuse me
ChatAngel: what is that in spanish
ChatAngel: en heifa
waterbroad: I so love how these actors embraced their roles so you completely forgot any of their previous characters.
Save: The heavy i think
waterbroad: good afternoon, good afternoon
myles: Palaka is so subtle
JimmyTwoNutz: Gay
myles: yup
ChatAngel: listen to the music again..
ChatAngel: heart starts to race
JimmyTwoNutz: Strange haired girl
myles: Freddy , Bill , such tension
JimmyTwoNutz: Joe !!!
ChatAngel: Joe is high on life
myles: I touched him and he healed!!
ChatAngel: ?
Oil: the self proclaimed faith healer
myles: Joe gets paranoid
Oil: John hit a major nerve with Joe
myles: Smoke a phatty Joe
waterbroad: His doubt of John is sad.
JimmyTwoNutz: He never told anyone that he left anyone behind......
ChatAngel: my abso lute favorite line
ChatAngel: Tomorrow is another day
JimmyTwoNutz: Bill Jacks
ChatAngel: that is correct J2N
Oil: an erection !!!
Save: El jefe means "The head" as in head honcho
JimmyTwoNutz: or Chief
ChatAngel: ty save
ChatAngel: John knows Doc is aware
myles: What did that mean from John
Save: freddy is not bill's first freddie
myles: Freddy's not Bill's first Freddy
JimmyTwoNutz: You are in the right place
Oil: there it is chat
ChatAngel: put that in th e PS
ChatAngel: Yes.. it give sme chills
waterbroad: love the porshce
myles: styling and profiling?
waterbroad: what was the deal with the implants?
ChatAngel: back to bibical references.. cass n John
JimmyTwoNutz: The Doc had doubts if he should be there
JimmyTwoNutz: or involved
waterbroad: do we knwo why butchie has implants?
myles: So Cass was drawn to john with a vision?
ChatAngel: Yes J2N until John confirmed it
ChatAngel: yes
ChatAngel: Yes Patrick
JimmyTwoNutz: she saw the hotel... without ever going there before
Save: yes
JimmyTwoNutz: Joker in the Deck
Save: john needs cass for her "ones and zeros"
ChatAngel: rea sea parting
ChatAngel: d
Oil: we knwo why butchie has implants? Some think he has removeable horns from his glory days as Butchie the Beast
Save: I like this scene
Save: can't say the music blows
waterbroad: music is classic
ChatAngel: me too
Oil: P Gabriel
waterbroad: I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen
myles: the 1st time I threw up on you, how romantic
Save: yes, the implants was his fu to those who complaned about his aerals
ChatAngel: He had them implanted becuse some of the old timers were making fun of him
myles: hmm, I'll have to look into implants
waterbroad: beyond my imagination
Save: all my ladies set off the metal detecters or they are not my ladies long
ChatAngel: not a pretty sight
Save: love that line
ChatAngel: Linc rants at an empty door.. lmao
JimmyTwoNutz: Fuck you Link!!!
ChatAngel: devil incarntate
ChatAngel: Linc
JimmyTwoNutz: what nerve
waterbroad: Just go away mitch
ChatAngel: brass balls!
ChatAngel: lock him out!
Save: towels
Save: see god kai
ChatAngel: C God Kai.. she corrects him
Save: see god cass
ChatAngel: Cass
waterbroad: yes, what does he mean?
waterbroad: squawk
ChatAngel: I don't know.. I've read differnet
JimmyTwoNutz: Bill believes
ChatAngel: cass kai.. wb?
Oil: Bill dialog with his birds is priceless
myles: Ed ONeil deservd an emmy for that character
Save: as ps to my assistance... the 3rd time "PS" is said this episode
ChatAngel: YES!
Save: YRS!
Save: YES
waterbroad: amen
Save: Let's make our own Emmy and send it to Ed o'neal
Oil: one of the best parts of the show - anarrative for the viewer
JimmyTwoNutz: I'm here on orders from my bird....
waterbroad: cup of joe
Save: I'm here on orders from my bird
ChatAngel: dwarf with the dangling arm
Save: conveyed to me
ChatAngel: we become friends... he conveyed
JimmyTwoNutz: Tina!!!
ChatAngel: shot of Tina's ass
ChatAngel: Dayton got embarassed for a min
ChatAngel: J C J c
Save: what my bird was thinking...
myles: Freddy , funny
Save: todispatch me to you
Save: I have no gd idea
Save: Hey
JimmyTwoNutz: That was fun!
Save: Yes, very good episode
ChatAngel: the song at the end??
ChatAngel: Immoraity
waterbroad: Excellent set up for the story line
ChatAngel: when will it end
JimmyTwoNutz: What do you all think about trivia night?
waterbroad: I am in
ChatAngel: I love watching this as a family!
ChatAngel: sounds good Doug
ChatAngel: When and where?
Save: "Over, Under, Sideways, Down" by The Yardbirds.
JimmyTwoNutz: I haven't figured that out yet
Oil: I like the idea J2N
ChatAngel: PS: I have an anncouncement:
myles: Sorry I missed last night on RealTime , Oil
waterbroad: And you anncouncement is??
Save: I was thinking we might want to saveit until after the retrospecive
ChatAngel: Nov 16th is our very on Jimmy2Nutz birthday
waterbroad: Happy Birthday!
myles: All together now...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUU
ChatAngel: ty save
JimmyTwoNutz: gosh
Save: Happy birthday to you
Save: Happy birthday to you
ChatAngel: Happy Bithday to you
Save: Happy birthday tdear jimmy
Save: Happy birthday to you
Oil: Sorry I missed last night on RealTime , Oil No prob Myles, see if you can catch the repeat
Save: and many more....
myles: Happy birthday to you
ChatAngel: Jimmy2Nutz/dough
waterbroad: And many moree....
ChatAngel: make a wish J2N
JimmyTwoNutz: ok
myles: I saw the show, missed your comments
Save: blow out all the candles lol
myles: went back to read
ChatAngel: Oil wish I could send real time to ya.. have it Dvred
Oil: You look like a monkey and you smell like one too!!
Save: What about real time? I watched it last night... did i miss something?
JimmyTwoNutz: Mrs P did make me a pineapple upside down cake
waterbroad: Yum
ChatAngel: I haven't watched it yet!
ChatAngel: really J2N?
ChatAngel: so you do love pineapples
JimmyTwoNutz: yeah... aint she the best
myles: Tell her we all saw HI, J2N
ChatAngel: Yes she's a keeper!
myles: ...Say Hi
Oil: I was just interested in Myles opinions on some things
Save: So what this about Real Time?
waterbroad: Sounds like you are a very lucky man
ChatAngel: Plz do.. give her hug from all of us
JimmyTwoNutz: well after 20 + years i hope so
Save: Oh. It was a good show.
ChatAngel: not sure..Oil missed and so did I
myles: Oil, you are a smart man, I couldn't add anything
Save: I really liked the editor or newsweek
myles: ...and no, I wasn't offended