Chat Log: Ep. 5 "His Visit: Day Four" Saturday 22 November 2008

And Our Early Viewing of Ep. 6 "His Visit: Day Five"

JimmyTwoNutz: rode my Bad Motor Scooter
JimmyTwoNutz: welcome
ChatAngel: Hey Ya'll
myles: last Sat, 70 degrees, today high of 25, not liking this
waterbroad: where did you ride?
ChatAngel: me either Myles.. cold
JimmyTwoNutz: It was 80 here
waterbroad: Hi Chat!
skords: hi-I just want to say hello. I cannot watch and type at the same time since I only have 1 computer rihght now
ChatAngel: are we time delayed
ChatAngel: Hey Skorda
waterbroad: It is running in the low 40's here in NJ
JimmyTwoNutz: 10 after the hour
ChatAngel: let me rewind.. or back it up
skords: freezing. Harvard won= many happy people in my household
waterbroad: Are we starting at Johnny Appleseed?
JimmyTwoNutz: First note
myles: yeah, crimson !
skords: where in NJ WB, I grew up exot 109 p'way
waterbroad: exit 81
skords: sorry on keyboard with no letters
ChatAngel: HI WaterBroad! How are you?
waterbroad: I got a new job, so life is like being in cincinatti!
skords: not far away. good beaches
waterbroad: How are you Chat
waterbroad: Yes, surf South Seaside park all summer
JimmyTwoNutz: 5 Minutes
! JimmyTwoNutz has made ChatAngel a host.
ChatAngel: good.. could do without this earache that just started a few minutes ago
skords: Tki is very happy. It was soooooo cold at the game. Ce;ebration is tomorrow
ChatAngel: Thanks J2N
waterbroad: feel better angel
skords: this is pathetic...I need ti get stickers for my keys
myles: try a drop of oil in the ear
ChatAngel: Thank you.. after John.. I'm turning this house upside down until I find the Sudafed
ChatAngel: Suzi Use a white permnant marker
skords: sudafed makes me crazy-then I sleep for 15 hours or so
ChatAngel: No me.. it will drain my ear
waterbroad: Keep drinking water, and literally putting your legs up the wall may relieve the pressure. Yoga advice.
JimmyTwoNutz: 3 Minutes
skords: for what? Ot os a whote keyboard
myles: how come you don't have letters?
skords: i guess the o and the o must be next to esch
skords: I wore them off!!!!
ChatAngel: Like sweet oil Myles
waterbroad: wish I knew, I just tossed a perfectly good keyboard that I would have been happy to send.
JimmyTwoNutz: 2 Minutes
ChatAngel: they are Suzi
myles: I'm no doctor
skords: I nave fingernails and I type with them
JimmyTwoNutz: No Trishah tonight?
ChatAngel: ? Not sure.. brb
skords: ok I will go. have fun guys. I will check in. later.
JimmyTwoNutz: 1 Minute
myles: enjoy
skords has left the chat. (Connection closed)
waterbroad: Maybe I will start a "garage sale" entry in the savejfc forums.
JimmyTwoNutz: 30 seconds
waterbroad: A way to share stuff that we no longer need.
waterbroad: and other people want.
JimmyTwoNutz: 15 seconds
ChatAngel: SHE FORGOT!
ChatAngel: on her way now
ChatAngel: Save JFC
JimmyTwoNutz: PUSH PLAY!!!!!
waterbroad: play
ChatAngel: did
myles: ....lord
ChatAngel: Myles lord?
waterbroad: a lot of soul
JimmyTwoNutz: after the week I had this song makes me feel so much better
myles: first word of song
ChatAngel: oh..lmbfao
ChatAngel: (((J2N)))
JimmyTwoNutz: in bed
SaveME has joined SaveJFC.
JimmyTwoNutz: Trishah
ChatAngel: WELCOME Trishah
SaveME: Thank you for waiting. I need a minute to que vid
waterbroad: Hi Trisha
JimmyTwoNutz: 1 minute in
JimmyTwoNutz: I want to tell you some things
waterbroad: leave us alone
myles: Cissy goes balistic, ha, ha
ChatAngel: Has been known to go balistic at times
JimmyTwoNutz: beach side bomb shell
ChatAngel: Bleach
SaveME: Okay, I'm ready. On the minute?
JimmyTwoNutz: 3 minutes in
ChatAngel: They started at 8:10
ChatAngel: (:10
SaveME: oh. were are we
ChatAngel: (
waterbroad: work here cass
myles: I'm 5 min in
ChatAngel: John towel on her barrier
waterbroad: la, la, la, la, la
SaveME: cissy in bed?
JimmyTwoNutz: passed
myles: john in cass hotel room
ChatAngel: John & Cass... keys
waterbroad: I am no longer able to trade on my sex
JimmyTwoNutz: Bill
myles: 6:25 in or so
waterbroad: zippy!
SaveME: like a gentleman?
myles: Love Bill talking to Zip
ChatAngel: DVR was exactly 10min in
waterbroad: I love ed o'neil
JimmyTwoNutz: shit heals
SaveME: shit heals.... I'm with you
SaveME: fisheye
myles: my time may be diff, i got a bootleg from Farley
Guest4306 has joined SaveJFC.
JimmyTwoNutz: close enouth
waterbroad: jc, jc, jc
ChatAngel: Never heard this before.. Bill going to take a piss
SaveME: My computer is working but it's not all working (DVDs) so I'm watching it from my DVR
SaveME: No time stamp
myles: Palaka
ChatAngel: in his conversaion ....Freddie & Palka
SaveME: Thanks chat, I'm cued now.
ChatAngel: VFW
JimmyTwoNutz: Who is Marie???
ChatAngel: YW ((trishah))
waterbroad: lvoe this scene with joe
waterbroad: the woman killed on hawaii and buried five different places
ChatAngel: The woman that overheard Freddie, night speaking
ChatAngel: and no dead
ChatAngel: talking in sleep.. shyt
waterbroad: she isn't dead and buried?
ChatAngel: Oh fuck yourself acting like an idiot..
ChatAngel: did you hear that?
ChatAngel: Sounded like Milch's voice?
myles: wonder if these are regular IB folks in the bar
JimmyTwoNutz: I don't know them
waterbroad: I would think so
waterbroad: Miltch seems to go for authenticity
waterbroad: I hope they are vets
myles: Hello guest4306
ChatAngel: Hi Guest4306 welcome
waterbroad: welcome
! JimmyTwoNutz has made SaveME a host.
myles: guess shaunie never pursued acting after this
waterbroad: Does anyone know what hotel this is in IB?
JimmyTwoNutz: Tina.... so Linc called her
JimmyTwoNutz: Yeah
ChatAngel: shove it
JimmyTwoNutz: It is called Lowes
myles: wondering myself about the hotel
myles: cissy overdoes this scene
ChatAngel: There was another name.. camino
JimmyTwoNutz: It is just outside of IB... Up the beach a bit
waterbroad: last I read, greyson was in Bali with Christen
waterbroad: I will consider staying there next time I am in SD
JimmyTwoNutz: Camino Hotel is the Snug Harbor
myles: one day I'll want to do the JFC tour in IB
waterbroad: I will just drive by the camino
waterbroad: Group trip?
myles: Great idea !
JimmyTwoNutz: Let me Know when you're in town
ChatAngel: _----oh..lost in the chat?
myles: so what's Joes secret again
ChatAngel: he didn't tell ne1 that he left someone behind
waterbroad: something about battle in Vietnam?
ChatAngel: left them in country.. wounded
waterbroad: there, done!
myles: thanks
ChatAngel: YW
myles: go ahead Cissy, smoke if you want too
waterbroad: I wish I had a tree house
myles: is this where Mitch disappears for a few eps
waterbroad: thank goodness
myles: I used to build cool forts as a kid
waterbroad: why let adult hood stop you?
ChatAngel: we did too Myles.. 3 girls
JimmyTwoNutz: Blacks Beach.... was a clothing op. beach at one time
SaveME: I'm looking at the incense burner I bought at Blacks in Ocean Beach CA near IB
ChatAngel: Awh....
waterbroad: astro project girl
ChatAngel: was born in CA... but has never seen CA :(
myles: we don't give refunds...good line
JimmyTwoNutz: Babe Ruth
SaveME: Blacks is a "head shop" in OB
myles: headshop....memories of childhood
waterbroad: as I said, astro project
waterbroad: bye bye mitch
SaveME: oHHH... so Shawnie wants to go to Blacks Beach? Not Blacks head shop!
ChatAngel: Didn't see him leave b4.. coming down the steps.... but this hissy Cissy fit is something else
JimmyTwoNutz: This is Balboa Park
ChatAngel: cool
waterbroad: Now what was this scene in the crowd suppose to be about? Didn't get it on the "pipliene" on site.
myles: tourist trap in IB ?
ChatAngel: it's also on Jmonad's youtube page too
ChatAngel: 0's & 1's maybe?
JimmyTwoNutz: Sort of a cultral center
ChatAngel: 0 & 1 for Cass's camera?
JimmyTwoNutz: the worlds fair was there at one time
ChatAngel: go John go.. dancing
waterbroad: I just wish I understood Milch's point
SaveME: Even though that is Balboa Park, I thought that for the show it was supposed to be Tiajuana
ChatAngel: I have no idea of the purpose
JimmyTwoNutz: Work here cass
waterbroad: IB morality brigade
ChatAngel: The name of the Youtube video is Node 10 whatever the f that means?
waterbroad: still balboa park?
JimmyTwoNutz: yes
ChatAngel: Was probably going to tie the Masked Wrestler story together n Season 2
ChatAngel: Bill mentions it on TV... woman in Jail to Cissy.. now John
waterbroad: The questions season 2 would have answered
ChatAngel: I KNOW! sob
waterbroad: great scene between butchie and cissy
ChatAngel: LOve Saunie aditude
waterbroad: look at the confusion in Kai's face
myles: Kai and Shaunie work well together too
JimmyTwoNutz: Where is she from????
waterbroad: Hibbing, MN
ChatAngel: Minisota
waterbroad: What was in the camera?
ChatAngel: in other words.. BFE
waterbroad: This is the part that I am missing
ChatAngel: bum fucked eygpt
myles: I don't quite understand the camera thing
waterbroad: BFE, never heard???
ChatAngel: WB.. my last post defines BFE
ChatAngel: it's a country thing.. I live in a BFE place
waterbroad: Well the quesiton I have is our friend Guest4306 actually Miltch visiting us?
JimmyTwoNutz: maybe ... going up in the air is Mitch's merical and the camera is casse's merical
waterbroad: Sorry two glasses of wine is affecting the typing
myles: Kai, heart broken :(
ChatAngel: possibly
ChatAngel: NP .. WB. enjoy
waterbroad: my heart breaks for Kai
waterbroad: seeing butchie and tina
ChatAngel: mine too
myles: cissy with a gun, scary
waterbroad: And, how much does Kai love Cissy to watch over her
ChatAngel: Kai hiding the gun behind her back
JimmyTwoNutz: She is acting like death has just knocked on the door
ChatAngel: Gross stop holding her hand!
waterbroad: Well, this is her worst fear
ChatAngel: In a way it did
ChatAngel: Death of Cissy & Kai's protection of Shaunie
waterbroad: yes, but amazingly, there is nothing to fear
ChatAngel: protection from Tina I should say
ChatAngel: Emotionaly yes there is alot to fear.. I've been there myself
waterbroad: I feel so bad for Kai
waterbroad: I actually saw a really good meteor last night, and thought of this scene
ChatAngel: all aboard
ChatAngel: Is Palaka high
myles: Freddy and Palaka should have their own show, ala Odd Couple
waterbroad: I love palaka in this scene
waterbroad: This scene just proves how much I love the writing and production of this show
waterbroad: I feel so bad for kai
ChatAngel: amazing script
ChatAngel: Wonder where is Oil tonight?
waterbroad: I lliked this bartender
JimmyTwoNutz: at his sisters
waterbroad: Did you see the HBO Boards, Oil sent his apologies
ChatAngel: no
ChatAngel: oh.. 4 holidays
waterbroad: Over already??
ChatAngel: Ok.. anything new in this episode for anyone besides me?
JimmyTwoNutz: Ok folks..... No viewing next Saturday....
ChatAngel: Over too quickly
waterbroad: I still ponder over the 0's and 1's and the park scene
ChatAngel: ugh.. I know my son is getting married next SAT..
myles: Wish you were doing Ep 6 next week
waterbroad: congrats!
JimmyTwoNutz: I think the 1's and 0's refer to the digital world
waterbroad: we could do a night on the out take on the dvd alone
ChatAngel: TY.. Last minute decision on their part.. 3 weeks of planning
myles: I'm gonna miss the great BBQ show, won't be around Dec 6th
JimmyTwoNutz: And Casses camera is digital.
ChatAngel: 0's & 1"s I thought were meant for binary computer code AND people
JimmyTwoNutz: The internet is huge
ChatAngel: No Doug.. really
waterbroad: Refering to the digital world, do you think Milch was refering to the fact that the universal change is coming via entertainment, internet, etc?
JimmyTwoNutz: Casses camera records in 1's and 0's
ChatAngel: Will not be the same w/o YOU J2N
SaveME: Next show is Nov 29th
ChatAngel: In episode 10 I believe Cass says she is recording ALL the Zero's & One's my brother
waterbroad: and what does that exactly mean?
myles: thought you were skipping next week
ChatAngel: No.. not doing next Saturday Save (Thanksgiving)
JimmyTwoNutz: Skipping next Saturday
waterbroad: Next week is too far away to plan
ChatAngel: I'd not heard Bill & Zippy's conversation b4 regarding taking a piss
myles: see you in 3 weeks then
ChatAngel: Three weeks?
waterbroad: Myles, you are missing the best epi
SaveME: Oh, that's right... we are skipping the 30th... got it
myles: won't be around Dec 6th, can't be helped...a party!
JimmyTwoNutz: This is a
waterbroad: well if you have to be in the real world......
ChatAngel: I misread... (MYLES)) have fun!
waterbroad: yes, enjoy
ChatAngel: looked over my bifocals lol
myles: yeah, but a dumb xmas party
waterbroad: have an extra egg nog for me
ChatAngel: dumb?
JimmyTwoNutz: I don't do those
myles: I hate xmas
ChatAngel: J2N hides in the basement.. stays away from mainstream?
ChatAngel: Agrees with Myles
waterbroad: I choose to focus on December 21st being the birth of light
JimmyTwoNutz: I don't do well at parties
myles: I like that 12/21
SaveME: Tammy, can you copy the beginning of the chat before I got here for the archive and email it to me?
waterbroad: But we love you here J2N
ChatAngel: Yes I will
SaveME: Thanks dear
ChatAngel: Done!
ChatAngel: SO everyone but me.. knew that Bill was talking to zip about going to the bathroom?
waterbroad: Question for everyone, aside from tonights show. I do not see a lot of activity in the SaveJFC forums. It is ashame to let it sit so idolly by. Anyone care to join me in there on a regular basis?
JimmyTwoNutz: I just might take a sneek peek of EP6 tonight
ChatAngel: Me too J2N.. can't wait
ChatAngel: ready set go?
waterbroad: I am up for epi 6
JimmyTwoNutz: Who else?
ChatAngel: You ready myles?
SaveME: Got it. Thanks Tammy
ChatAngel: We can still do it again
waterbroad: I am going for another glass of Pino. Be right back
ChatAngel: You're welcome
ChatAngel: k.. hurry back
ChatAngel: Watch epi 6 now and again on the 6th.. alot to digest
myles: enjoy the BBQ speech, :(
JimmyTwoNutz: I'll be starting supper for Mrs. P soon
myles: See ya, it was fun as always friends !!
JimmyTwoNutz: Later dude
ChatAngel: I'm going to watch it
ChatAngel: You got time Myles?
JimmyTwoNutz: start time 15 after the hour
ChatAngel: Sounds good
JimmyTwoNutz: cue on the first note
SaveME: Are we watching again?
myles has left the chat. (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
JimmyTwoNutz: 30 seconds
SaveME: 30 secs to what
ChatAngel: Episode 6
JimmyTwoNutz: 15 seconds

Episode 6: Viewing #1

JimmyTwoNutz: Push PLAY!!!!!
waterbroad: paly
waterbroad: opp, play
SaveME: johnny appleseed
JimmyTwoNutz: Ramon is in a new movie this christmas
waterbroad: I wish I could surf like these guys
waterbroad: what is that statue in the opening credits?
JimmyTwoNutz: Cass still dosen't get it
ChatAngel: I don't know what the statue is?
ChatAngel: stick in the mud
ChatAngel: You hurt my feelings Gram.. YOU DID!
JimmyTwoNutz: Pink bottoms
waterbroad: I love how you can see Greyson maturing throughout the series
ChatAngel: He grew between pilot and the rest of the filming.. 6 inches or so
ChatAngel: partly the reasoning behind his age changing from 13-14
waterbroad: His real dad makes Butchie look like Beaver Cleaver
JimmyTwoNutz: r u with us Save?
waterbroad: don't be afraid joe
ChatAngel: Imagine she is posting chat archive for epi 5
ChatAngel: She'll be back ne min
JimmyTwoNutz: Justus must be served
JimmyTwoNutz: Bill
ChatAngel: Jutus.. and Justis
waterbroad: no one should give up the herb
JimmyTwoNutz: Zippy told Bill
ChatAngel: needs a booster shot myself!
SaveME: I wonder if John is "working on his wings" like Clarance in "It's a Wonderful Life"?
waterbroad: I love Clarence
waterbroad: Should we chat through IaWL?
ChatAngel: Iawl?
waterbroad: IT a Wonderful Life, one of my fav
ChatAngel: Just figured it out.. a bit slow 2nite
waterbroad: glass three of pino, no apologies necessary
JimmyTwoNutz: John sounds like his wife
waterbroad: Again, I love Ed
JimmyTwoNutz: Billy
ChatAngel: His facial expressions changed too
ChatAngel: Cass high with the munchies?
waterbroad: food!!!!!
waterbroad: first time I ever ordered room service was in San Diego
SaveME: She's blocked and doing whatever she can to figure out what John wants her to see
ChatAngel: paint I huff
ChatAngel: thank you
waterbroad: And the point of the shuffle board court??
waterbroad: Barry!!
ChatAngel: Flowers for the rooms
JimmyTwoNutz: How would be druwning in low lifes?
JimmyTwoNutz: I guess my fingers don't work either
skor has joined SaveJFC.
ChatAngel: small surprise Palaka
ChatAngel: Hey Skorda wb
waterbroad: Welcome back skor
skor: hi chat, wb
waterbroad: 13:16 min in epi 6
waterbroad: chocolate, vanilla
JimmyTwoNutz: I got to clean the 4
waterbroad: Freddie does love Palaka
ChatAngel: I'll BRB IN ABOUT 5 MIN
skor: O bannpt watch and chat- only 1 computer tonight- later! Enjoy
waterbroad: meglamo****, need to get out the dictionary
skor has left the chat. (Connection closed)
JimmyTwoNutz: He runs after the doc... not taking the
SaveME: Megalomania (from the Greek word μεγαλομανία) is a historical term for behavior characterized by delusional fantasies of wealth, power, genius, or omnipotence - often generally termed as delusions of grandeur or grandiose delusions.
waterbroad: Thank you, Trishah.
waterbroad: There is no scene in this epi that I do not love
JimmyTwoNutz: Palm ave.
waterbroad: My flooring is just fine, and my friend's love me regardless
JimmyTwoNutz: Still on Palm Ave.
waterbroad: palm runs between where and where?
JimmyTwoNutz: I 5 and the Beach
waterbroad: In IB?
waterbroad: And they all begin to fall.....
waterbroad: Was Carter a company that made liver pills?
JimmyTwoNutz: yes
JimmyTwoNutz: Break her John
JimmyTwoNutz: Keep going
waterbroad: Hold the gun under the spicket
JimmyTwoNutz: another great scene
waterbroad: one of the top five in the series
JimmyTwoNutz: Just go away
JimmyTwoNutz: Dutch oven
waterbroad: For once, I would love to see Paula play another type of character other than "trixie"
waterbroad: we missed you
ChatAngel: thx
waterbroad: think greyson is good in the bowl, you tube uncle nathan
ChatAngel: I did which one WB? So many uncle nathan's
waterbroad: nathan fletcher, greyson's uncle, dibi and herbie's younger son
waterbroad: world class surfer, skate boarder, moto rider. I can send you an article.
waterbroad: can you feel kai's relief?
waterbroad: I love rebecca's acting in this scene
ChatAngel: Does Freddie always stand on that parking block? = Steady Freddie?
waterbroad: I will have to screen the whole series to see
ChatAngel: i believe he does
waterbroad: shep nachas? what does that mean?
ChatAngel: He wrote something to the effect hurry up and die already
ChatAngel: Doug you still w/ us?
JimmyTwoNutz: Back...sorry was cooking
waterbroad: I never make tuna without thinking of this epi. I really need to try Cissy's recipe some day.
waterbroad: What you makin?
JimmyTwoNutz: Veggis
ChatAngel: I thought so when I read dutch oven
waterbroad: The pivotal scene
waterbroad: sound's good
JimmyTwoNutz: Who played the dead guy?
ChatAngel: i'm not sure good trivia question
waterbroad: the guy who violated barry at the age of 12
waterbroad: mr rollins
ChatAngel: He was 10 when he was deflowered.. 12 when hit with the broom
waterbroad: Sorry, mea culpa
waterbroad: 3 glasses of pino
waterbroad: great cinematograhy in the window
ChatAngel: when he makes that speech in epi 1.. throwing out all those numbers it's confusing
ChatAngel: circle and line.. same as zero's and one's?
JimmyTwoNutz: yes
ChatAngel: that is where I tied the two together
waterbroad: Yes, the evolutiotion of ChatAngelhuman communcation from early to now
ChatAngel: kai has kept the faith
waterbroad: the wave lifts them up
ChatAngel: I love the duet of music
waterbroad: amen my brother
ChatAngel: the plus it's the actual actors playing their own music
JimmyTwoNutz: Room 45
SaveME has left the chat. (EOF from client)
waterbroad: this scene shows the brillance of milches choices in actors
ChatAngel: I heard that and 25
JimmyTwoNutz: # Booms?
ChatAngel: yes
waterbroad: why is mr collins in the yost family picture, or am I wrong and the dead guy is not mr collins
ChatAngel: 7 n 25? not sure my ear is so messed up
Save has joined SaveJFC.
JimmyTwoNutz: Mr Collins I think is the Dead guy
ChatAngel: Mr Rawlings rollins.. the man that molested barry
ChatAngel: He is there because of Barry
ChatAngel: I assumed
Save: Tammy, I got booted out, I'll need you to get the transcript again
Save has left the chat. (Connection closed)
Save has joined SaveJFC.
waterbroad: Milches brillance
! JimmyTwoNutz has made Save a host.
ChatAngel: sure thing... we will do it again e(pi ) 6 6th
waterbroad: yes, please save this transcript
ChatAngel: Done Save
waterbroad: Thank you
Save: Man, I just got bootedout 4 times in a row
JimmyTwoNutz: Was Mitch in the picture?
ChatAngel: Wow Save what is going on with your puter/
waterbroad: checking
Save: Don't know.. Waiting on some wires to rewire it
ChatAngel: No Mitch Yost?
Save: I got the transcript. Thanks Chat. I'll have it posted in a few
ChatAngel: Not to my knowledge at the sermon on the snug
ChatAngel: Ur quiet welcome
ChatAngel: I"m going to re wind to seee if he was? hum
waterbroad: yes, it is mitch , butchi, shawn, tina, cissy, mr rollins, butchie(again) and kai
JimmyTwoNutz: Just did he was
ChatAngel: WHERE doug???
ChatAngel: is Mitch
waterbroad: So, how does mr rollins fit into the yost family? Do we have clue
ChatAngel: No.. just with Barry is all we know for sure
JimmyTwoNutz: why is Butchie see twice???
ChatAngel: some spectulated that Cissy may have killed him
waterbroad: Ahhh!!!! the frustration of open ends
waterbroad: what is the theory behind that story line?
duncanbiscotti has joined SaveJFC.
JimmyTwoNutz: Was that the kindness that Barry was talking about???
ChatAngel: Trying to figure out Butchie being seen twice
ChatAngel: I'm lost Jimmy where are you at?
waterbroad: My guess, is at some point Cissy did something very nice for Barry or showed some act of kindness when he was a boy
duncanbiscotti: hello all
Save: I don't think that Cissy would have killed Mr. Rollins unless he did something to Butchie
JimmyTwoNutz: Howdy
waterbroad: welcome
waterbroad: are you the person with the posters?
ChatAngel: A mother's rebuke of one son is taken for kindness aby anothter
ChatAngel: Hi Duncan
duncanbiscotti: hey chat
duncanbiscotti: it's me mickey
duncanbiscotti: are we suppose to be watching show 6
Save: Cissy told Butchie that he was a "Piece of shit" or something like that, bc of something Butchie had done or said to Barry. Tho this was "vile" Barry took it as a kindness
waterbroad: mickey, are you advertising the posters on the forum?
duncanbiscotti: not me
JimmyTwoNutz: Mrs. p is home .... I gotsta Boogie
waterbroad: soryy
Save: We just finished watching 6
waterbroad: sorry
duncanbiscotti: but i did buy one ..i got a big 6 foot one
waterbroad: Bye-Bye J2N
ChatAngel: I'll watch it with you Duncan
JimmyTwoNutz has left the chat. (Connection closed)
waterbroad: I will watch it again
duncanbiscotti: LOL..i have show 2 right now
Save: Did you bid on the Poster with Milches signature?
duncanbiscotti: i should have
duncanbiscotti: i'm not into autographs
waterbroad: Yes, I would like to purchase the poster, but $$ are short at the moment
duncanbiscotti: but i do like this big poster..
duncanbiscotti: i have to find a spot for it
ChatAngel: I'm sure.. green with envy
duncanbiscotti: but my girl friend thinks i'm nuts
ChatAngel: lmao
waterbroad: face it, we are all nuts, that is why we are here
Save: Contact Susan at Wildcoast and ask her if it's still available. You could get it for maybe $50
duncanbiscotti: ha
duncanbiscotti: i got mine on ebay for about 30
ChatAngel: TRUE
duncanbiscotti: it's got that sticky stuff on the back so i can mount it..
ChatAngel: Duncan what time zone are you in?
duncanbiscotti: ny
waterbroad: so, are we cuing up again? and for what epi?
duncanbiscotti: ummm eastern
waterbroad: I am est also
ChatAngel: Epi 6
duncanbiscotti: i have 1 2 3 on
duncanbiscotti: ok
duncanbiscotti: i'll switch
ChatAngel: I'm central.. Look at the clocks I need a few seconds
ChatAngel: when the second had gets on the 12
Save: I've got to go make a call... Chat, please get the last of the chat text after everyone signs off just incase I lose it again? Okay?
duncanbiscotti: what show.. 6.???

Episode 6: Viewing #2

waterbroad: Let me know when to hit play
ChatAngel: Now
waterbroad: Where in ny are you duncean. I am in NJ
waterbroad: Johnny Appleseed
duncanbiscotti: shit
duncanbiscotti: i missed the open
ChatAngel: what wrong?
ChatAngel: do we need to start again?
duncanbiscotti: ust start after credits
duncanbiscotti: just start after credits
ChatAngel: ok
waterbroad: I can rewind
duncanbiscotti: allllll set to go
duncanbiscotti: give me the word
waterbroad: where is everyone at?
ChatAngel: I'm here.. just 3 of us I believe that are active
ChatAngel: GO
duncanbiscotti: good thanks
ChatAngel: yw
duncanbiscotti: this is the day five one
duncanbiscotti: didyou ever see this actress before
duncanbiscotti: i never did
ChatAngel: Yes.. sermon at the snug
waterbroad: where are you at?
duncanbiscotti: ny
ChatAngel: Yes.. in Risky Business
duncanbiscotti: long island
duncanbiscotti: not rebecca
waterbroad: close to Brooklyn?
duncanbiscotti: i know that
duncanbiscotti: no long island
ChatAngel: who?
duncanbiscotti: the risky business girl
duncanbiscotti: i know her
ChatAngel: possibly on different episodes
duncanbiscotti: i mean.. cass
waterbroad: she is on er right now
ChatAngel: No I had not seen cass b4 either
duncanbiscotti: i'm on show 6... but it's day five
duncanbiscotti: i can't wait to go to LA and visit san diego
duncanbiscotti: LOL
duncanbiscotti: i want to see the hotel
waterbroad: San diego is my definition of heaven.
ChatAngel: lol
waterbroad: okay, I had a dvd mess up, where are you all at?
duncanbiscotti: don't be afraid joe
duncanbiscotti: this show is so infectious
duncanbiscotti: i keep telling people about it
duncanbiscotti: but not many listen
waterbroad: yes, I seem to reference it on a daily basis
duncanbiscotti: and some have this odd reaction to it
ChatAngel: I know.. pisses me off they will not give it a chance
duncanbiscotti: i wish i knew what it was
duncanbiscotti: i liked deadwood
ChatAngel: me too.. watched DW after JFC
duncanbiscotti: did you listen to milch talk on the commnet track
duncanbiscotti: it was pretty funny
waterbroad: funny thing though, I think it is was sooo ahead of it's time. I was at a yoga meditaiton last night and it was such a JFC event
duncanbiscotti: ha
duncanbiscotti: i saw alot of humor in this show
waterbroad: milch is brilliant
duncanbiscotti: i always laughed at the dialog
ChatAngel: Yes I listened... cried with him on epi 10
waterbroad: I resonated with so many characters
duncanbiscotti: some of the lines are so funny
waterbroad: funny, brilliant, insightful
duncanbiscotti: all these disconected characters..who don't actually listen to the others
duncanbiscotti: all in their own world
ChatAngel: they do not listen but somehow FEEL each other towards later episodes
duncanbiscotti: of course
waterbroad: and isn't it scary how we all know a butchie, kai, mitch, cissy... in real life
duncanbiscotti: how do you stand the constant cheeping
ChatAngel: hatched in this
waterbroad: your the big cruise director
duncanbiscotti: not permitted
duncanbiscotti: LOL
duncanbiscotti: who has passed
duncanbiscotti: this is such a brilliant scene
ChatAngel: Lois Bill Jacks's wife
ChatAngel: John was channeling her
duncanbiscotti: youknow.. i didn't really like this show when it started
duncanbiscotti: i saw it the next day after the sorpanos
waterbroad: I loved it from scene one
duncanbiscotti: i dind't watch it that night
duncanbiscotti: i saw it on HBO on demand
ChatAngel: to be honest I didn't the first night.. but on dump out weekend I fell in love with int
duncanbiscotti: so i watched.. four shows back to back
duncanbiscotti: oh god ..did you read the Kem nunn book..tapping the source
waterbroad: being I lived in NJ, it was state law to watch the last epi of the soprano's, and since I surf, john just peeked my interest
ChatAngel: I've watched them all back to back
duncanbiscotti: read itit's grat
duncanbiscotti: great
ChatAngel: No I haven't read the book
waterbroad: Yes, I have read all kem's works
duncanbiscotti: i've seen this series at least 15 times
duncanbiscotti: i'm reading another one now
waterbroad: you are in the right place
ChatAngel: Ya'll have fun chatting .. I'm gong to lay back and watch my ear.. is really acting up
waterbroad: tapping the source is incredible
duncanbiscotti: very good book
ChatAngel: I'll be back in a few minutes
duncanbiscotti: twisted but great characters
duncanbiscotti: feel better
duncanbiscotti: oh this pool scene is hysterical
waterbroad: take care of yourself, I am sending you healing energy
duncanbiscotti: warm thoughts
duncanbiscotti: palaka is a hoot
waterbroad: as stated before, I think this is the best epi of the ten
waterbroad: you surf?
duncanbiscotti: i think of it all as one show
duncanbiscotti: no.. me? LOL..i'd hit my head on the board and drown
waterbroad: but the pivotal moment
duncanbiscotti: yes
duncanbiscotti: i'm a pool guy
duncanbiscotti: i never surfed
duncanbiscotti: LOL
waterbroad: Ahh, I am an ocean girl
waterbroad: terrible surfer, but an ocean girl
duncanbiscotti: i mind surf...LOL
duncanbiscotti: where are you
waterbroad: down by seaside, in TR
duncanbiscotti: i'm reading another kem numm novel
waterbroad: and you
waterbroad: which one?
duncanbiscotti: NYlong island
duncanbiscotti: tianjna straights
duncanbiscotti: can't spell
waterbroad: even beter then tapping
duncanbiscotti: scrubbing the pool tiles
duncanbiscotti: ummm what's TR
waterbroad: north shore, hamptons, islip, coney island...
waterbroad: Toms River.
duncanbiscotti: hamp
duncanbiscotti: oh..i grews up in jersy
duncanbiscotti: exit 138
waterbroad: then you have no reason to not surf
duncanbiscotti: LOL
waterbroad: exit 81
waterbroad: lol
duncanbiscotti: wwwwwwoooo wooo go jersey
waterbroad: try to eat in Brooklyn as often as possible
duncanbiscotti: there is not good food out here
waterbroad: better than the suburban hell then what I live in now
duncanbiscotti: ha
duncanbiscotti: she's really good in this show
duncanbiscotti: rebecca
waterbroad: beyond good
duncanbiscotti: it's the best thing she's done
duncanbiscotti: did you see here in runaway train
duncanbiscotti: you moron..LOL
duncanbiscotti: i finally watch this show on my new big screen flat thing
duncanbiscotti: it was great
waterbroad: all of them. in this show, you forget any of the previous characters they ever played. There is no sign of Al Bundy
duncanbiscotti: he's a good actor
duncanbiscotti: he was in the new dragnet show
duncanbiscotti: it was another milch show not on dvd
duncanbiscotti: only one season
duncanbiscotti: it was pretty good
waterbroad: you type faster than me, and I am on my 4th glass of pino
duncanbiscotti: LOL
duncanbiscotti: i type alot
duncanbiscotti: i write scritps
duncanbiscotti: so i type fast
duncanbiscotti: hey did you ever see Maggie and the Ferocious beast
duncanbiscotti: how's your ass..>LOL
duncanbiscotti: are you ashamed of your flooring
waterbroad: What I love is no matter how ficticious butchie is in this show, Christen Flethcer in real life is beyond anything Kem and Hawks could write
duncanbiscotti: yes i heard that
duncanbiscotti: spliff
duncanbiscotti: LOL
waterbroad: no, maggie and ferocious beast?
duncanbiscotti: i love the dialog on this series
duncanbiscotti: it's an animated cartoon on NICK
duncanbiscotti: well its... ummm my show
duncanbiscotti: check it out sometime
waterbroad: limited time in real life, so I don't do much animation
duncanbiscotti: and...also you might like our new christmas show .. online at
waterbroad: nothing wrong with that
duncanbiscotti: well if you have kids around 4=8 i'm sure they've seen it
waterbroad: just a call out, I hope chat is able to find the sudafed and rejoin us
duncanbiscotti: maggie is pretty popular
duncanbiscotti: i had sinus headache today
duncanbiscotti: butchie's crying
duncanbiscotti: are there every more people here
duncanbiscotti: i logged on before but there was no here
waterbroad: sorry, pc is acting up, blanked out for a moment
duncanbiscotti: i have a mac
waterbroad: we have been in since 9PMest
waterbroad: I am considering mac for the next computer
duncanbiscotti: jeeesh
duncanbiscotti: get one
duncanbiscotti: much better
waterbroad: watching the scene in the window?
duncanbiscotti: how is the pino
duncanbiscotti: yes
duncanbiscotti: this is a great scene
duncanbiscotti: let me tell you about our offer
waterbroad: cheep, terrible, but in the house
duncanbiscotti: drink up one for me
waterbroad: again, you forget SitC and DD
duncanbiscotti: how old are you
duncanbiscotti: jenn gray
duncanbiscotti: bad surgery
waterbroad: if I dropp out, give me time to logg back on
duncanbiscotti: i'll be around
waterbroad: me, I have proudly hit 40, to my own amazement
waterbroad: I wish we could have seen more of everything, but I would love to tapp milches mind into daphe's roll
duncanbiscotti: 47 past the 40 a while back with my dad inthe hospital.. i vividly remember him that day on my birthday
waterbroad: Parent, hospitals, I am an expert.
duncanbiscotti: very sad
duncanbiscotti: we are all frail vessels
duncanbiscotti: i'm taking care of mom noe
duncanbiscotti: now
waterbroad: as stated earlier, try to catch something of nathan fletcher skating or surfing
waterbroad: mom, me too
duncanbiscotti: i can't wait to go out to LA
duncanbiscotti: my agent and i are going to drive down to san diego
waterbroad: Not an LA fan, fun place to visit, but give me San Diego to live
duncanbiscotti: oh LA is fun
duncanbiscotti: it has it's moments
waterbroad: I would love to see keala in another roll
duncanbiscotti: they really should have finished this show for at least one more season
duncanbiscotti: but all makes sense to me as just 10 parts
waterbroad: From the bit I have gathered, you remind me of adam brody's roll in the movie "in the land of woman"
duncanbiscotti: kem nunn should just write a novel to finish it
waterbroad: from you mouth to the universe's ears
duncanbiscotti: hmmmm haven't seen that
waterbroad: cute, but not oscar worthy
duncanbiscotti: better stuff on tv
duncanbiscotti: than film today
duncanbiscotti: this show in particular
duncanbiscotti: there was not other show that came clsoe
duncanbiscotti: close to this..nothing
waterbroad: I am so sorry to hear of the loss of pushing daisies. original stuff
duncanbiscotti: i'm kinda sick of dead people stories
waterbroad: no, nothing like jfc
duncanbiscotti: i can't watch stuff about dead people
waterbroad: I love the theme of hope!
duncanbiscotti: everytime i eat tuna now i think of this show
waterbroad: As said earlier, I have to try this recipe
duncanbiscotti: mayo dill and celery seed
waterbroad: never put in the dill
duncanbiscotti: oooo bayb
waterbroad: I love this scene with cissy
duncanbiscotti: nothing beats dill
waterbroad: I have a very strict diet, and dill reflects the taste of butter on my pallette
duncanbiscotti: shit batteyr low
duncanbiscotti: hav eto go.have fun..sorry
waterbroad: plug it in
duncanbiscotti: i'min bed.
duncanbiscotti: talk later
waterbroad: yeah
waterbroad: anyone else out there??
duncanbiscotti has left the chat. (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
ChatAngel: i'm here still watch wb
waterbroad: I am here
waterbroad: do you want to rewind?
ChatAngel: no.. I've got to go stuff mother some cigarette for tomorrow.. I'd watch epi 7 in a bit aobut 30 min if you'd lke?
ChatAngel: I watched epi 6 wit you twice tonight
ChatAngel: lol
waterbroad: No, I have had four glasses of pino, so I am done. 12:08 on the east coast.
ChatAngel: I'll be back here in 30 minutes...
waterbroad: If I do not chat with you soon, have a very happy T-Day.
ChatAngel: true.. I'm central time.. Holler at me sometime by email I'll log on here and we can tchat
ChatAngel: Who's birthday today?
ChatAngel: Turkey day
waterbroad: Okay, aside, I would like to get more action going on the SaveJFC forums. It is ashame to see Trishas working so hard to keep it up, and not one using it
ChatAngel: I do not have on my glasses everything is so blurry
waterbroad: understandable, no glasses, just wine here
waterbroad: go get ciggies, will chat via email
ChatAngel: I know as you can see.. she and I have both tried to get them to post there.. They're stuck to HBO somehow?
waterbroad: well, you me, and trishah will try
ChatAngel: K... I'll c u soon .. Yes we'll get it a shot
waterbroad: I read some good stuff on and in the mags
ChatAngel: Goodnight friend sweet dreams ((Waterbroad)
waterbroad: have you seen Austin on one tree hill?
ChatAngel: cool
waterbroad: night-night
waterbroad: I will sign off now
ChatAngel: No I do not surf.. the surfing is greek to me.. not athletic at all. lol
waterbroad: namaste my friend
ChatAngel: :) g nite