Chat Log: Ep. 7 "His Visit: Day Six" Saturday 13 December 2008

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SaveJFC: Hello!
SaveJFC: Hello
myles: knock,knock
SaveJFC: It looks like we may have to delay a couple minutes
SaveJFC: give others time to show up?
myles: ok
SaveJFC: How are you tonight?
myles: very well...cold here in Bos
waterbroad: Hi Everyone. I am "double watching" with It's A Wonderful Life
SaveJFC: It's A Wonderful Life is my #1 favorite film
myles: Clarence / John
waterbroad: Pair it with John, and could you ask for a better night?
SaveJFC: I thought the same thing myles!
myles: sad news from Sonra
SaveJFC: Pretty good one indeed.
waterbroad: So, what time are we going?
SaveJFC: What happened to Sonra?
waterbroad: What is the sad news
SaveJFC: I was we wait to either 10 or 15 after
SaveJFC: I'll make some calls.
myles: she posted on JFC, father passed this morning
waterbroad: Oh, that is terrible. Do you have an email where I may send condolences?
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waterbroad: Evening OIl!
oil: hey
waterbroad: We are on indefinite hold
oil: I'l rewind then
myles: no, lost it in my messages on hbo
myles: Hey brother Oil
SaveJFC: Tammy will be late she said to start without her.
oil: when is the planned start
waterbroad: George is courting Mary
waterbroad: Trishah is making the play call
myles: Mary !, Mary !...Do ya know me
waterbroad: Buffalo Girls won't you come out tonight?
myles: You want the moon?
oil: I'm at the first note of Johnny.....waiting
myles: me too
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waterbroad: Me too.
waterbroad: Hey Tammy
ChatAngel: Hello!
ChatAngel: Which epi
waterbroad: 7
ChatAngel: thx
Cindy just got bad news and has a few relatives on their way over so she wont be on tonight
oil: I'm glad were delaying, My PC seems to be fighting me every saturaday at this time
myles: Oh, not more bad news, poor thing
waterbroad: What is Cindy's call name?
SaveJFC: Hey Tammy, glad you got on
waterbroad: Is that Sondra or Cissy
SaveJFC: CassKai
SaveJFC: no
SaveJFC: Cissyyost
oil: Are Skor and Jimmy here? Farley?
ChatAngel: Thanks for calling me Trisha
SaveJFC: No oil
ChatAngel: Where is J2N?
SaveJFC: none of them
myles: J2N may be on the road
waterbroad: He said he ws on travel
oil: bummer
myles: Farley, why won't you join us
SaveJFC: Cissyyost said that J2N said he would be here
waterbroad: George will not marry Mary
oil: I thought Skor was all set for tonight?
oil: who are George and Mary?
SaveJFC: Someone what to check the HBO boards for people?
waterbroad: It's a Wonderful Life.
myles: Thanks to Farls, I got these vids
SaveJFC: oil... Its a Wonderful life is on
waterbroad: yes, NBC
oil: seen it
oil: many times
waterbroad: I am using the pic-in-pic feature on the TV
myles: many, many, many
waterbroad: Yeah, but it is a classic
SaveJFC: It's A Wonderful Life is my #1 favorite film
SaveJFC: I won't watch it though if it has commercials. I'm a traditionalist in that way ;-)
waterbroad: A very early/rough version of John
myles: ZuZu, love that name for a kid
oil: I think I know every line. Had a lot of years without satellite or cable
ChatAngel: Back
waterbroad: Well, I will be putting it on the small screen for JFC, and I am trying to work after, so commercials will wait
ChatAngel: posted an alert on epi 10
ChatAngel: What time are wer going??
SaveJFC: Thanks Chat.
SaveJFC: 15 after
oil: when are we gonna light this candle
oil: go it
oil: got it
myles: waiting for the stray 'guest'
SaveJFC: There is always one
SaveJFC: lol
waterbroad: Could Milch be lurking
SaveJFC: Whooo! That's an idea!
myles: me thinks it Farls, HA
ChatAngel: Oil how are you up there? Cold. more snow on the way...... blizzards
oil: Anyone catch American drug wars: The last great white hope on showtime?
SaveJFC: Is everyone qued to the first note of Johnny Appleseed?
myles: guess I can't complain about the weather here then
waterbroad: Ready and waiting
ChatAngel: Sure WB... he doesnt' do computers. an aid probably watching for him
ChatAngel: yes
myles: ready, bubles in water
SaveJFC: myles, you qued?
oil: Actually it might rain tonight but it hasn't gotten above 40 for a month
ChatAngel: garrett dilanhunts name
SaveJFC: Where do you live oil?
waterbroad: I like that line "bubbles in the water"
myles: heh, heh
SaveJFC: 2 minutes
oil: Close to canada in northern wis
ChatAngel: it was beautiful here this morning........ High tomorrow is 60
oil: bah humbug
waterbroad: The crowd takes on the Building and Loan? Is this the news?
ChatAngel: wind chill here of 20 now
myles: Ice storm yesterday here in NE
SaveJFC: I have to help my brother replace the side view mirror on the van tomorrow... only warmish day we'll have for awhile
waterbroad: We are flooded on the Jersey Shore
ChatAngel: Thought about you Myles. did you loose power
myles: 45 sec
SaveJFC: 30 sec
myles: no, was in the over freezing zone
SaveJFC: 15
SaveJFC: 5
myles: 5
SaveJFC: There goes Johnny appleseed
ChatAngel: We have those storms here instead of snow........... it's awfull, but beautiful too
waterbroad: Love seeing those dolphins
SaveJFC: lots of falling off waves..
ChatAngel: butchie in the water
waterbroad: butchie doing his aerials
ChatAngel: As if Butchie is re learning the aerials
ChatAngel: big nad huge
SaveJFC: like dancing
waterbroad: I want to find out who his stunt/standin was
waterbroad: work here
oil: who has huge nads?
ChatAngel: They did some of their own..
ChatAngel: stunts
myles: halo effect?
waterbroad: 1244 hits
ChatAngel: Butchie is getting hits from Shaunie
ChatAngel: Halo (xbox game came out about this time too)
waterbroad: don't even try to live green
myles: is that Kai's sister or real life friend?
ChatAngel: Don't think so?
waterbroad: I do not think Keala has a sister
ChatAngel: Not sure..........maybe real life high schoool best friend
waterbroad: grew up on North Shore will al the big name surfers
ChatAngel: It's on the boards
waterbroad: She may be a pro surfer, I will check the mags
oil: ele cage
waterbroad: I love this scene.
ChatAngel: HBO boards. as to who Jamie is
myles: when the show first aired, i would google map the cage to see it
oil: cool I gotta do that Myles
waterbroad: I google mapped just about all of IB the summer of 207
ChatAngel: elephant cage. anteanne tower for the military
waterbroad: 2007
ChatAngel: google it n find out
waterbroad: What exactly did wonderboy do to piss linc off?
SaveJFC: are we all watching the same episode?
ChatAngel: e commerce is down
waterbroad: linc is flipping the bird after paddling out
oil: I think Linc just has a bug up his ass in general
oil: speaking of asses
SaveJFC: Are you watching ep 7 or 8?
waterbroad: epi 7
ChatAngel: 7
SaveJFC: day 7 or episode 7?
waterbroad: nice rear
waterbroad: epi 7
ChatAngel: Epi 7
waterbroad: day 8
oil: I didn't see one up there did anyone?
SaveJFC: linc is talking to tiny in dinner right?
waterbroad: palaka
SaveJFC: tina
ChatAngel: Palaka sick from tatt
waterbroad: no palaka just came into surf shop
waterbroad: do we need to hold?
ChatAngel: Kai gets back Butchies boards
myles: poor Palaka
waterbroad: George is kissing mary
waterbroad: What other role did the lawyer play?
ChatAngel: Deadwood Magstrate Jerry
myles: well he was on Deadwood
SaveJFC: Barry and Ramon in bar?
waterbroad: okay
waterbroad: no Barry or Ramon
myles: cissy in surfshop
oil: cissy shows some compassion-nice
SaveJFC: Am I in the wrong ep? Did it open with Butchie surfing?
ChatAngel: Cissy and hospital att at surf shop
ChatAngel: Tina's first scene
waterbroad: Yes, but not the epi with Sonny Mac
SaveJFC: sigh... i'm in the one with Sony Mac...
myles: Save this is the ep where Palaka gets sick
ChatAngel: Jake Farris and Tina
ChatAngel: Calls for Mom or Ma three times
myles: do you want us to hold
waterbroad: should we stop for trishah?
ChatAngel: sure
waterbroad: hold
ChatAngel: I'm paused on Shaunie's shirt......where Butchie busts him
waterbroad: holding on butchie and wayne at the surf shop
ChatAngel: Hurley
myles: holding at 15:35 in
oil: pausig on shaunie hurley shirt
ChatAngel: You dvr or dvd Myles
myles: ...or so
SaveJFC: what is the time stamp on dvd please?
myles: I got a bootleg from Farls long time ago
ChatAngel: ?
ChatAngel: I"m on DVR
myles: so I am not watching the official dvd
waterbroad: 15:32 on dvd
oil: me either
ChatAngel: 17.22 on it
SaveJFC: is that butchie and dwayn coming out of dinner?
ChatAngel: but I had recaps
ChatAngel: yes
myles: that what I am seeing, butchie and dwane
waterbroad: Butchie and Wayne catch SHawnie smokin' up
SaveJFC: ok.. I've got it now. Start
myles: I'm thre
waterbroad: start
SaveJFC: shawie smoking
ChatAngel: busted
myles: what's going on shaunie?
waterbroad: Who is the key guy?
ChatAngel: tedd man
oil: love that shirt. Hurley'a litlle border town on the UP border about 70 miles north of me. Big hooker town
oil: used to be a mining town
oil: now it's just depressing
waterbroad: I'll consider it for my next vacation
waterbroad: the cage
SaveJFC: the cage
oil: lol
myles: Palaka was getting a tat in honor of Freddy?
myles: That's sweet
waterbroad: Yes, a purple salmander
waterbroad: Mean old Mr. Potter
SaveJFC: Freddie
SaveJFC: s
SaveJFC: strong
waterbroad: Was anyone able to read Palaka's cast?
SaveJFC: yes. there are close ups of it. I'll lookit up I can't remember
waterbroad: Bill Jacks!
oil: ah Bill!!!
myles: watched an ep of DW last night, freddy was good in it
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SaveJFC: dam. Lost the chat.
waterbroad: Welcome back
myles: Trixie!!
SaveJFC: Waterboard, could you copy and paste the chat log from the beginning till now and email it to me?
waterbroad: Sure
SaveJFC: Thansk!
SaveJFC: dam. Lost the chat.
waterbroad: Welcome back
myles: Trixie!!
SaveJFC: Waterboard, could you copy and paste the chat log from the beginning till now and email it to me?
waterbroad: Sure
SaveJFC: Thansk!
oil: Trixie still uses the same language
oil: I guess a hundred years dont change anything
SaveJFC: palaka's cast photos
myles: love that Trixie
waterbroad: Trish, sent
waterbroad: She played the same character on ER also
myles: Freddy cares so much for Palaka
oil: Freddy hates needles?
waterbroad: Deep down, Freddy is a good guy, just sells drugs to little kids :)
SaveJFC: Got it, thanks waterboard!
ChatAngel: i'll be in and out of the chat..... coming down with a 24 hour bug! Send positive energy please
waterbroad: Be well Tammy!
oil: hope it's only 24 hrs
ChatAngel: Mom's lasted 18
ChatAngel: yesterday
oil: You mean you, not your computer right?
ChatAngel: now I'm starting with it. YUCK
ChatAngel: thx OIl , WB
ChatAngel: laying down now be back in a few]
waterbroad: Have clear run, and an extra pail next to you
waterbroad: Butchie and Kai!
waterbroad: So Ramon is not a fan of Cissy's
waterbroad: Uncle Billy loses the money
myles: Bill's helpful hints for sadness
waterbroad: duck in a shooting gallery
SaveJFC: The scene coming up with Shawnie and Buchie on Bill's sofa has to be my favorite of the whole show.
waterbroad: Cissy finds some peace
waterbroad: How many times did they shoot the freddy/palaka/smith scene? And how many time did they drop palaka?
SaveJFC: here we go...
waterbroad: you are right, great scene
myles: love that 'glow' coming from Bill's upstairs
myles: funny WB
SaveJFC: Shawn being gentle in return gets me every time.
waterbroad: seriously, would you wanted to be palake?
myles: when smith slaps freddy, interesting
myles: I think these two actors confronted each other on Deadwood
waterbroad: not very green
SaveJFC: Is Linc really going to give her a million?
waterbroad: I think so
waterbroad: Is john floating? Hard to tell
myles: for a million, you can do...whatever
waterbroad: Captain Kirk
SaveJFC: I don't think so. I think he is just surprised to be in a wetsuit
waterbroad: I will check back later
myles: good scen, john appearing at bill's
waterbroad: Ramon is playing for free
waterbroad: why don't they put the english translation of the spanish in the subtitles?
myles: what is Cass 'realizing'
myles: she seems to suddenly know something
SaveJFC: She finally gets what movie she has to make
waterbroad: Great final scene
SaveJFC: Cass doesn't know what John wants her to do and just then she gets it
ChatAngel: Hi! Awesome scene
oil: John Lennon song. How appropriate this week+
ChatAngel: Don't think Cass ever gets it?
waterbroad: And would we have seen that movie in season 2?
waterbroad: Yeah, I thought of John to on the 9th
myles: Great to be with you guys/gals tonight, it was fun
waterbroad: It was.
oil: ditto
waterbroad: I am going back to IaWL
ChatAngel: I'd love to know what Ramon said
SaveJFC: Why is Lennon song appropriate this week?
ChatAngel: where wb
waterbroad: He was killed on 12/9
oil: The anniverasary of his death
SaveJFC: OH. I didn't remember that.
ChatAngel: me either
SaveJFC: Where were you when you heard the news he died?
oil: I think it's 30 years
waterbroad: So there is another bit of information for your brain :)
waterbroad: After school, while watching Luke and Laura save the world on GH
SaveJFC: I was standing in a warehouse in Asbury Park NJ packing sportswear into boxes.
myles: I remember that night well, I was at home and it came on TV
ChatAngel: I was at home
oil: correction 28 years
SaveJFC: I didn't have a TV at the time. I didn't hear until the next morning
SaveJFC: on radio
ChatAngel: Don't reemember Lennon as well as Kenedy.. I was much younger then
ChatAngel: 19 Lennon
myles: prayers for Sonra and Cissy, g'night folks
ChatAngel: 2yrs when Kenedy was shot
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waterbroad: Good night Myles
ChatAngel: good night
ChatAngel: What up with Sonra
oil: I have to go all. My time is up. Time to revert control to the young'un
waterbroad: Good night
SaveJFC: Sonras father passed away this morning
ChatAngel: Night Rich stay warm
ChatAngel: Oh no
SaveJFC: I'm going to go also. I haven't eaten yet.
waterbroad: I am heading out. Early bedtime
ChatAngel: good night.... you got the the chat thing
SaveJFC: Yes I do. Thanks for asking
waterbroad: did you get my email?
SaveJFC: Yes, thanks waterboard
SaveJFC: I'm putting the archive together now.
ChatAngel: You're w.....night my brothers and sisters much love!
oil: Thanks Angel, I feel for Sonra that's too bad
waterbroad: Okay, see you next week. Be safe. Lots of love.
SaveJFC: nite all
ChatAngel: me too
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