Chat Log: Ep. 8 "His Visit: Day Seven" Saturday 20 December 2008

   Sorry, but this chat log is incomplete. We talked a lot more then usual tonight and the chat started cutting off the log at the top so there is about 20 mins of our chat before the showing and about 10mins of it thst is missing. If I had known I would have copied and saved it earlier. Live and learm...
Save: Shawn will soon be gone
Cissyyost: message
waterbroad: She could have opened the door
Save: dickstein enters also
Save: Love Butchies line when he comes in
waterbroad: butchie
JimmyTwoNutz: great line Buchie
Save: if thei is an itnerverntion ... im clean.
Guest4877: haha
Cissyyost: I love that line~~~~
Guest4877: yeah so many great lines throughout the show
Cissyyost: yes
Cissyyost: litttle slow there tina
Save: Shaw and Tina plan to go to see world
Cissyyost: on the uptake
waterbroad: She is trying to walk on egg shells
myles: Bill
waterbroad: and Zippy
Save: bill and palaka
Cissyyost: ok, 20 sec's behind
oil: non greasy birds
Save: Your' about to get 86's
Cissyyost: incident
Cissyyost: greasy feathers
Save: 86'd
Guest4877: the other day i was thinking, well for some reason i think about this line all the time when john tells kai about them
Guest4877: pissin in her ear everday
Cissyyost: lol, issues too guest
Guest4877: yeah, many
Save: guest, yeah when kai and bill are sitting on curb
Cissyyost: sorry guest
Cissyyost: grok
Guest4877: yeah i love that scene...i love when john came out of nowhere and interacted with their subconscious
Cissyyost: and the rest of us
Cissyyost: think that too
myles: like the bill/freddy exchange
Save: ask him about the halo effect the next time you got a few months
Guest4877: thanks cissy, its ok
Save: bill enters freddies room
waterbroad: love freddy and bill scenes
Cissyyost: ((((guest)))
Guest4877: ((cissy))
Cissyyost: i love if i spoke monkey
Save: I'd assume not go back into the joint that's why I don't tune you up
Guest4877: i speak monkey
Cissyyost: ty guest
JimmyTwoNutz: You half a fucking ape
Guest4877: exactly
sonra: LOL2nutz
Save: I drempt of the kid gone
waterbroad: Love the choregraphy on this
Cissyyost: can
oil: Palaka has boundary issues
Save: Palaka squeezes int he car window
Cissyyost: t speak to that
Guest4877: oh shit i forgot about that
Save: such a social dweeb
waterbroad: but we love him anyway
Cissyyost: we do!
Save: yes very much
myles: Odd how they kept Mitch out of these eps
waterbroad: and they are all social misfits
Cissyyost: lol, nails
Save: shawn will soon be gone
Cissyyost: goose bumps
Cissyyost: lol, who does he do that to?
Save: palaka tells bill and freddie about shawn
Cissyyost: drive safely
Cissyyost: i bet if the sound was off, we'd all still know every word
Cissyyost: hi john!
Save: almost
Guest4877: i wish i had the dvds
Save: John arrives at motel
Cissyyost: aw guest, i wishyou did too
Save: Guest you can get them on Amazon used for about $25.
Guest4877: i will someday, it would be good for me
Cissyyost: guest, for sure
Guest4877: yeah i know where i can get them, thanks
Save: hurthing shawn doesn't ring a bell
waterbroad: It was my xmas present to myself, four months late
Save: we don't remember our fathers words
Guest4877: thats nice
Save: try to tell bill what you mean john
Cissyyost: i like when bill hits john but holds him with the other hand.. it's kinda sweet
waterbroad: barry leaves with determination
Save: bottom teir is 10 off... you don't reward failure ramone... interesting line
waterbroad: are they in room 24?
myles: no more parrot talk
Cissyyost: yes
Save: yes.
Cissyyost: where else?
Cissyyost: lol
Save: Whan you leave this room... you will tell me exactly what that message means
Cissyyost: how's the last word the first word for bill?
Save: is shawn gone now... what doesn soon mean..
Save: slap
Save: could it mean 1000 year?
Save: it could mean 10mins
Cissyyost: poor bill
Cissyyost: friend, shauns friend
Cissyyost: my fav line
Cissyyost: i dunno
Cissyyost: you all know
waterbroad: great expression on John's face
oil: So is John stabbing himself the manisfestation of his frustration in not being able to communicate effectively or what? Is he just trying to show Bill what he is capable of? Healing that is?
JimmyTwoNutz: Shape shifter
Cissyyost: so great, that expression
Save: f'in steal it i'll split the insurance with ya
Guest4877: yeah oil
myles: love that look on johns face, HA
Cissyyost: knows kill in on bills mind,
Cissyyost: i think
Cissyyost: john's face helped me heal, a lt
waterbroad: I think John is demostrating he is from Cincinatti
Cissyyost: good water, like that too
Save: showing bill that bill can't hurt him?
Guest4877: yeah he has a sweet face, austin nichols playing john was one of the most important aspects of understanding john
Cissyyost: yes guest
myles: agree
waterbroad: No, showing he is above mortal threats or concerns
Cissyyost: pointing, i don't know his whereabouts
Cissyyost: lol
Guest4877: that too but when you cant understand him, he gets this look on his face that explains everything
Save: fair notice miss, I apologize in advanced, your' not leaving here with your kodac
Cissyyost: guest, exactly
Cissyyost: specially when he goes in last ep to bring rollins out
Guest4877: yeah
Save: telegraph, telegraph, the lost suffering telegraph boy has been located... Palaka really cares for freddie
waterbroad: freddy and bill
Guest4877: haha
myles: Wonder what freddy was doing with john, how could he have hurt him?
JimmyTwoNutz: Don't kill him
Cissyyost: that expression, those 5 seconds... a lot to me
Guest4877: yeah that was a powerful scene
Save: Bill and Freddie bond
JimmyTwoNutz: More friends than not
waterbroad: freddy and bill join sides
Cissyyost: i like the out loud commitment
Cissyyost: awww kai
waterbroad: This was not her best scene
Guest4877: which scene is it
Cissyyost: well, she isn't an actor, she does great i think
waterbroad: Kai giving up the keys
Save: kai in cafe complaining about cissy yelling at her
Cissyyost: and with bill on the curb later
waterbroad: Yes, but she did some other really good work for a surfer chick
Cissyyost: ssss lap!1
Guest4877: oh yeah i remember, its ok because most peope who love the show remember kai as the person, not the actor
Save: cass: slap, what have you got me in the middle of here John?!!!
myles: that face, again!
Guest4877: the character i mean
Cissyyost: guest, right
Cissyyost: myles, right
oil: poor John is everyones punching bag
Guest4877: heh
Cissyyost: lol oil
Cissyyost: face, john
Cissyyost: mmmh
oil: including his own
Save: does you father mean well?
myles: what is john doing to cass?
Cissyyost: bye bye now to cass
Guest4877: are they in the hotel room again?
Save: she goes back into her "helping" trance
Guest4877: yeah
myles: ahhh
Cissyyost: this good scene, bar tina butchie
Save: She is the only one who is that open to him.
Guest4877: yeah did anyone ever figure out what song that was in the background
Guest4877: save you mean cass with john?
myles: they make a believable couple
Guest4877: or tina?
Guest4877: yeah butchie and tina are a really real couple
Save: Even tho mitch levitates I think Cass is closer to be enlightened
Cissyyost: butchie and tina
Cissyyost: me too Save
Guest4877: save, because of her work with john
Cissyyost: or she's more open
waterbroad: didn't he say jack and coke?
waterbroad: looks like jack to me
Guest4877: more open which leaves her more enlightened, imo
Cissyyost: butchie, i like butchie
Guest4877: yeah me too
Cissyyost: yes jack and coke
Cissyyost: lol guest, love butchie
Save: It hink the same thing happens to John. When he is in his body he doesn't remember what he does as a spirit. When he is spirit he seems more evolved and all knowing
myles: bartender looks like cass
Cissyyost: kid won't let me watch houst of wax, says will ruin butchie for me
sonra: Now I am on cue
oil: Butchie has a lotof personal growth over 10 eps
Guest4877: yeah i agree save, and when he is pressured by people in the show to explain things to him it gets difficult, and thats when he has to stab himself
waterbroad: shawn signs his life away
Cissyyost: great son
Save: Cissy signs Shawn over the Linc management
Cissyyost: to linc
Cissyyost: funny scene, in car
Guest4877: i watched house of wax before jfc so yeah that might be true cissy
JimmyTwoNutz: John said "I will be killed twice"
Cissyyost: ty guest
Save: zippy!!!
Guest4877: yeah true oil, butchie grew a lot
myles: great line, Bill
Guest4877: yw cissy
Cissyyost: yes jimmy, always thought that
Guest4877: i miss zippy
myles: zippy chirps right on cue
Guest4877: heh
Cissyyost: here, on curb i like this
Save: Mortal combat with unseen forces, I should deprive my self of psychic input to spare you irratation... from cheeping
Save: That's my most favorite line of the whole show.
Guest4877: i love the dialogue
waterbroad: 15 years
Cissyyost: wow save!
JimmyTwoNutz: I heard that Zippy was a "Cheep" bastard
Cissyyost: jimmy!!
Cissyyost: lol
sonra: LOL
waterbroad: wa, wa, waaaa
Guest4877: har
myles: got paid in seed
Cissyyost: myles, good point
Guest4877: and not the seed that begets new life
Cissyyost: every day
Save: Yeah. Mortal combat with unseen forces, I should deprive myself of telepathic information to spare you irritation from cheeping.
Guest4877: someone put that on a t-shirt
Cissyyost: on the water... will need you on the water who knew how great that was going to be
oil: I have to cut out early folks. The wee one isn't feeling well wants to be picked up from her girlfriends house. Good times. Be well all.
Cissyyost: guest, save's your girl for that!
oil: U@!!
Guest4877: aww, bye oil be safe
JimmyTwoNutz: Later My Brother
Bill: (To Kai) A terrible person. I’d rather stand outside. (They sit on the curb together. Kai pulls out a flask and offers it to Bill. He takes it and says “Thank you”. After drinking, he carefully wipes the top of the flask with his shirt and hands it back)
Kai: 15 years…a nice round number.
Bill: Would you rather I move?
Kai: Why?
Bill: (Shrugs) I don’t understand what you’re saying. I’m keeping an informal watch on the boy.
Kai: I resigned that position this afternoon.
John: (John has “appeared” behind Kai and Bill. Neither of them seem aware of his presence or his words) You let Cissy piss in your ear, Kai, every day. You surfed with Shaunie every day he wanted to. You kept Butchie’s boards… every day. Shaun will be gone. Butchie will need you on the water.
Kai: (to Bill) Should I stick around?
Bill: (pauses) Staircase situation in my own home, failed to alleviate it going on a year….probably I’m not who to ask.
Freddy: (Alone in the car with Zippy, watching the Yost house) All nice inside. All lit up. This ain’t over, believe me.
Freddy: Shut up.
waterbroad: Bye
Guest4877: yes she must be saved
Cissyyost: bye shaunie....
waterbroad: Any word on Tammy?
oil has left the chat. (EOF from client)
Save: before love came to town...
Guest4877: yeah wheres chatangel
Cissyyost: anyone call tammy?
JimmyTwoNutz: A good viewing tonight I think
Cissyyost: geez, two sat.s in a row, amazing for me
waterbroad: as always, enjoyed it!
Guest4877: i could remember most everything
myles: verry good , as always
Cissyyost: i loved this
Save: I did right before the show. I told her to take a cool bath. Would you like me to call her again?
Cissyyost: watching with you all
Guest4877: yeah
waterbroad: yes, we in cincinatti are worried about her
Guest4877: it was fun cissy
Cissyyost: well, guess she might have been in the bath, then Save?
Save: hold on I'll call her right now...
Cissyyost: yes guest, it is good,
Cissyyost: cool Save
Save: She couldn't speak too well when I called before.
Guest4877: that sucks
Cissyyost: i got a couple emails during, maybe oil?
Guest4877: tell her to take vitamin c and echinacea
Cissyyost: wait, tammy has fever, cannot speak? what?
sonra: I will drive to kentucky and
Guest4877: oh and zinc lozenges
Cissyyost: you go lil sister
Guest4877: blue moon of kentucky keep on a shinin
Save: tammy says thank you
Cissyyost: Save, how high fever?
Cissyyost: love you tammy
sonra: who are u 4877
Guest4877: happy hanukkah
Save: calm her down to hear my voice and that all you are caring about here
Guest4877: in two days
Cissyyost: well, happh hanakka to you too
Guest4877: yeah tell her to take care of herself
waterbroad: Yes, tomorrow is the birth of light
Save: fever on the way down now 102
waterbroad: good
Cissyyost: myles, my style, joyous solstice
Guest4877: and think of shirley bassey crooning to her as often as possible
JimmyTwoNutz: That's good
Guest4877: merry christmas
Cissyyost: wow Save, glad she got in that cold bath
sonra: I know who u r
Cissyyost: sonra, who?
waterbroad: who are they?
Guest4877: tell her to keep taking showers as often as possible to cool down
Cissyyost: no guest
waterbroad: Lot's of fluid too
Cissyyost: and mega C for tammy
Guest4877: someone call up austin nichols to sponge bathe her on command
Guest4877: oh no thats the Rome retrospective chat, sorry
myles: See ya my friends for Ep 9
waterbroad: So, any ideas after the retrospective is over?
Guest4877: bye myles
Cissyyost: ohhh, that would make her well right fast!
JimmyTwoNutz: Have Zippy give her a little
Guest4877: haha
myles has left the chat. (Connection closed)
Cissyyost: watch it again without sound, see how much we do all know
Save: Tammy says she feels too bad for john to give her a sponge bath... would give her a panic attach
Cissyyost: aww, bye myles
Guest4877: hahahaha
Save: lol
waterbroad: poor thing, to turn down john!
Guest4877: im not sure john has a member so i think he's ok
Save: well we all have our priorities
Guest4877: question, is john a unic?
Cissyyost: lol save/tammy, he would make it all right, she would know when she felt him, his presence anyway
waterbroad: Okay, I have been under the weather myself, and am heading back to bed. Good night everyone, and enjoy the solstice and christmas
Guest4877: we'll know if she felt his presence when we find out if he's a unic or not
sonra: whats a unic?????????????????
Cissyyost: lol guest, we have john cat, keep thinking will be ok to neuter, like john
Save: Tammy doesn't think he has a member either... she never thought of john that way
Guest4877: goodnight waterboard, it was nice talkng with you, take care
Cissyyost: water, good to be with you here
Guest4877: a unic is someone without private parts
waterbroad has left the chat. (Connection closed)
Guest4877: ha cissy
Guest4877: yeah i never did either until you guys made me
Guest4877: jk
sonra: hahaha
Cissyyost: lol
Cissyyost: butchie's got one!!!
Guest4877: yes he does
sonra: haha
Cissyyost: that's good for me, i like john to not
Cissyyost: to see god instead, ask kai
Save: I'm reading chat to tammy she is chuckling
Guest4877: that reminds of me of edward brimley in cocoon singing, im in the mood for love, simply because ive got one
Guest4877: chuckling is good
Cissyyost: that's good to hear!!! we can cheer you up a bit sister t
sonra: Yes you can
Guest4877: tell tammy i'll post another shirley bassey tune to cheer her up when she returns
Guest4877: please
Cissyyost: guest, good chuckle
Save: Tammy is enjoying this.
sonra: Hey chat
Cissyyost: is she taking vit C?
Guest4877: its our alternative to a john sponge bathing
Save: Thank you Guest. Tammy says she knows who you are Guest... Your HBO identity anyway.
Cissyyost: best we can do, less sonra drive there!!
Save: She says thank you all
Guest4877: ok good
Cissyyost: well, why don't i know?
Guest4877: how far away are you from her?
JimmyTwoNutz: Sponge John.... I think my kids watched that...
sonra: Take a straight shot of some crown royal
Guest4877: because i go through identities like i go through unpaid bill reminders
Save: Vit C burns her stomac
Guest4877: oof bad call jtn
sonra: hour and a half
Guest4877: but ha
Guest4877: oh thats not far
Cissyyost: to chase the vit C sonra, for Tammy!!!
Guest4877: oh but my hbo name is generationf8
Cissyyost: how about child kind?? bad too? tammy?
Guest4877: plesae ignore me when im ranting or in a bad mood
sonra: oh fuck
Cissyyost: thru chat?
Guest4877: uh oh see sonra knows
Save: I'm in NJ she's in Western KY
Cissyyost: Guest, i think i know who you are!!!!!
Guest4877: thats when youre supposed to say...unfortunately
Guest4877: where in nj, save?
Cissyyost: opps, we are not unfortunate to have you and never have been
Guest4877: thank you, thats nice
JimmyTwoNutz: what exit??
JimmyTwoNutz: lol
Save: Guest... Tammy apologizes if you were not treated well with your new identity
Guest4877: oh its ok, i can handle rejection
Cissyyost: F, I mean guest, i mean that
Save: Asbury Park area
Guest4877: in fact theres nothing i can handle better
Guest4877: oh ok bruce territory
Save: exit 98
Guest4877: i could teach a class in handling rejection
Save: GSP 98
JimmyTwoNutz: I was born in NJ
Guest4877: cool, i didnt know
Cissyyost: why is it that i live in no cali and know about 6 ppl online from there?? i never even been there!
Cissyyost: i would take your class guest
Guest4877: its the garden state, they spread their seed
Save: Where in NJ jimmy
Guest4877: would you? well lets hope you dont have to
JimmyTwoNutz: Princeton... Mercer County Host.
Cissyyost: lol, spread the seed!
Save: You don't need anymore rejection, you need love... tammy says
Cissyyost: ah guest, i've worked on it a long time, but worked on it long enough to know, you can always use some more
Guest4877: awww...see thats why shes the angel of the group
Save: We have all had too much rejection as it is
Save: she says
Cissyyost: Amen Save/Tammy
Guest4877: yeah as they say builds character right?
Guest4877: and my character is a fuckin mess let me tell you
Guest4877: just kiddin
Guest4877: tell tammy that, maybe she'll laugh
Cissyyost: right, it does, and builds inner strength too guest
Guest4877: yes it does
sonra: Helps to hug el camino
Guest4877: haha
sonra: haha
Cissyyost: so we continue to recover, and we hug the way, the el camino
JimmyTwoNutz: Well my friends... Mrs. P is due home soon... and I haven't seen her in a week.... so you know what that means....
Guest4877: bow chicka bow bow
sonra: go gey it
Cissyyost: ahhhh, jimmy, miss you
Guest4877: yeah go gey it
Save: Tammy laughed Guest
Cissyyost: hit it?
Guest4877: good
sonra: good
Guest4877: wait what did kai say about the barry white
JimmyTwoNutz: Night folks see you all on the boards...
Guest4877: jimmy, start off by telling her shes your first, last, and everything
Guest4877: have a good night
Cissyyost: see you later we hope jimmy
Save: Tammy, go cook, supper jimmy... luv ya and mrs P
Guest4877: and we all hope you cant pee straight in the morning
Guest4877: too vulgar?
JimmyTwoNutz: too funny
Guest4877: haha
Cissyyost: lol guest!!!
JimmyTwoNutz has left the chat. (Connection closed)
Guest4877: jimmy has to do some "gardening"
Save: Tammy thinks you are hilarious Guest
Cissyyost: lol, more like he's gone to the stove to cook for her!!
Guest4877: thats foreplay to women
Cissyyost: i'm so glad she can have a laugh save
Save: LOL
Save: of course says tammy
Guest2902 has joined
Guest4877: tell her thanks, and have her give us a temp check
Cissyyost: food is foreplay? maybe raw oysters
Guest4877: we have another guest
Guest4877: yes those too
Cissyyost: well now who are you guys?????
Guest2902: It's Skor, I was out to dinner, just got in, wondered if you all were still here
Cissyyost: skor, hey! good to see you!
Guest4877: hey skor, where did you go out to?
sonra: hello skor
Guest2902: CISSY!!! OXOXOX
Save: Yes Skor... I'm on the phonw with Tammy, She's not feeling well so I'm typing for her
Cissyyost: sweet skor!! oxoxoxoxo besos!!!
Guest4877: they have a special bond those two
Cissyyost: save and tammy, for sure
Guest2902: I Say hi...I see Cissy has been talking about raw oysters...YUM!
Cissyyost: save is very special person
Guest4877: yeah whats the rule, on months that end in y is only when you should eat them right?
Cissyyost: lol skor, you know me and raw oysters, read a while back you went out and had some!!
Guest4877: yes i wish i would have gotten to know her better up to this time
Save: Tammy says UCK! not Umm
Cissyyost: is that y thing mussles or wysters
Cissyyost: lol tammy, i know, you don't like them,
Guest2902: I went and had a huge fried fisherman's platter and I can barely move- even brought 1/2 home- who are you guest 4877- I am going out and back in as me
sonra: monday night
Guest4877: yeah lets remember our sickly friend
Cissyyost: but bbq'd maybe tam
Save: No it's nonths with the letter R in them
Guest4877: im generationf8 on the hbo boards
Guest4877: is it really?
Guest4877: lets check
Guest2902: and who are you? I know you are not new to our forum...
sonra: oh fuck
Cissyyost: oh, genfat\
Cissyyost: e, sorry
Guest2902: I eat a dozen oysters every Monday, have for years
Cissyyost: sonra, it is so good to finally get together here!!!!
sonra: yre it is
Cissyyost: you are so lucky skor, i used to, on sunday nights, for five years
Guest2902: how do i leave and come back? do not see a door, lol
Save: Tammy says Thank you Guest
sonra: bullshit cissy
Guest2902: see- we do things similar Cissy
Guest4877: ive been on the hbo boards for years under different names, since 2002 actually but i chat on there off and on
Save: Tammy says she knew that was you. She already told me that was your name
Cissyyost: we do skor, a lot actually
Guest2902: You seemed familiar
Guest2902: somewhat
sonra: oh fuck
Guest4877: yeah youre right about the R rule and oysters
Cissyyost: what bullshit little sister?
Guest2902 has left the chat. (Connection closed)
Guest4877: ive talked with tammy off and on before...on the boards, how is her temperature?
Cissyyost: tammy knows everything
Skorda has joined
Guest4877: oh fuck what sonra
Save: Guest : Tammy says she just got your rely and ash "auwwww... I don't know how to top that:
sonra: cissy hows mom
Skorda: Hey Sonra- have you shown the others your art? Sonra is a very good artist
Guest4877: that's nice of her to say. ive always thought of her (chatangel) throughout my recent life since jfc.
Skorda: I like being here, it is like being in a tent!
Save: Tamy: down to about 102
Cissyyost: mom is in there dying, hasn't woke since the horrible non stop screaming of yesterday for 3 hours, hasn't woken up since, hospice monday if she is still here.....
sonra: no i tried to get chat to take a peek but she is sick
Guest4877: haha skorda, it is
Guest4877: i'd like to see her art
Cissyyost: thanks for askin lil sis
Guest4877: 102 is still high though
Cissyyost: opps, skor, sorry
Skorda: I am so sorry, Cissy, I wish I were closer to you. But I agree, it is now time for hospice.
Guest4877: your mother is in the same house as you right now going through that cissy?
Skorda: Sonra will have to make the deciaion what to show, but she is doing good stuff.
Save: HELP
Save: HELP
Cissyyost: I wish you were too skor
Skorda: what, Save???
sonra: no she lives in a van down by the river
Guest4877: oh so do i
Guest4877: or i will
Save: I just tried to copy the chat and can't get everything from beginning
Skorda: with Farls, who is AWOL as usual
Cissyyost: i'm gonna be living in a van down by the river
Save: Cissy, can you get the top of the chat?
Guest4877: i remember now reading things on the boards cissy
Cissyyost: yes guest, in the next bedroom
Skorda: I do not know how to do that, I was looking forward to reading it bit if it is gone, not a big deal
Guest4877: how old is she
Skorda: we all may be in that van, guest
sonra: not me
Cissyyost: almost 89, a good long time, just wish she didn't have so much pain
Guest4877: yeah maybe we can all live in a big van
Save: Cindy, can you try to Ctrl A and Ctrl S and get the chet log for me?
Skorda: good sonra, I will come visit. lol
Cissyyost: let's get busses, and park them all side by side,
Cissyyost: ok save, hold up
Skorda: like hog farm
sonra: lol
Save: Cindy would you try to copy and save this chat log for me
sonra: chicken farm
Save: I'm missing the first part of it
Skorda: I am thinking it may be time for me to test my Buddha hand-
Save: The old stuff is errasing as we chat
Cissyyost: save where put the cnt a and ant c?
Skorda: I am sorry, Save. Wish I knew more, but don't.
sonra: I got my stuff ready Skordamou
Skorda: what stuff is that?
Guest4877: skordamou, whats that statue on your roof?
Save: select all then copy then paste in an email
sonra: liquor, all legal
Skorda: athena- goddess of the TV antennae
Guest4877: ahh
sonra: I did one for Taki
Skorda: is it still legal in your state? lucky you
Skorda: I would love to see that. Patient Taki is waiting to watch Mama Mia. Is the picture on MySpace, Sonra? I did not play poker ALL DAY!!!
sonra: I know I was looking for u
Guest4877: where do you play poker, myspace?
Skorda: I lost 100,000 on one of those all-in jerks yesterday. The one time he wasn't bluffing, lol
sonra: oh fuck
Save: Tammy says goodnight. She has to go lay down now. She says she loves you all very much
Cissyyost: save tell josh, he's here
Guest4877: tell tammy to take care of herself and we await her return
Guest4877: and we love her
sonra: hey Josh
Skorda: Good night, Tammy. We love you.
Skorda: yep, myspace
sonra: oh nooooooooooooo
Skorda: what is it, Sonra???????
Cissyyost: be better tammy, get well??
Guest4877: sonra that song you played yesterday has been in my head...bobby vinton i believe
Cissyyost: got it save, josh to the rescue again
Save: Poker? I just found out that it IS NOT illegal to play online poker for money in US. Though Bush signed the bill it was never made law. I just opened a real money account this week at Ultimate Bet poker and have been playing for real money all week. It's perfectly legal
Guest4877: are you any good at it?
Skorda: I don't play for $$ online, only in the flesh.
Guest4877: heh
Skorda: watch out for cheaters, Save
Cissyyost: so that's why you were eek when you lost those 13000 pts, then Save
Skorda: read about Absolute Poker
Save: Thank you JOSH
sonra: ya guest she is good at ittt!!!
Skorda: so did you win, Save?
Guest4877: i like to play but for fun
Cissyyost: skor, my game is 21, that definitly needs to be in person~
Guest4877: yes i like to play but for fun
Skorda: 21 has good odds
Skorda: I play anything, 21 poker, slots if I have the $$
Cissyyost: he's gone now save, back to his computer
Save: I've been playing both real money and play money hold em for years.
Cissyyost: I have from when I said he got it, not this rest
Cissyyost: though
Skorda: and how does it wash out, Save.
Save: You have to be patient and wait for your hand to come round
Guest4877: yeah, patience daniel sahn
Skorda: I've thought about it, but I think I would end up losing too much
Skorda: when I go to casinos I either win or lose big time
Cissyyost: i'm 4 hours from tahoe, love to gamle there,
Cissyyost: love it
Guest4877: that would be fun
sonra: I can feel when i will win its in the left
Guest4877: haha
Guest4877: youre in tune with your body
sonra: very much
Save: I'll get the end of the chat ok. It's the beginning I've missed... we must have talked more tonight then usual and we hit the limit of how much they will save
Skorda: I went to some casino up on the late in Mendo, closer than that Cissy, can't remember the name
Guest4877: we took it to the limit
Cissyyost: lol, left hand? i get it in my don't know how to say, senses
Guest4877: haha
sonra: Left hand will itch
Cissyyost: good, when do you want me to send it, now? save?
Skorda: I have taken leave of my senses,
Save: Cissy, remember to email the chat log to me so I can put it on the archive
Skorda: That's funny, Sonra.
Guest4877: im getting this involves you holding yourself yelling I'M A WINNER I'M A WINNER!
sonra: too bad skor
Cissyyost: lol, skorda, you wish
Skorda: I had one of those strange esp things tonight.
Cissyyost: save i will it's on my desktop, so anytime you want
Cissyyost: what happened Skor/
Cissyyost: ?
Skorda: I was talking to my girlfriend, she said, "do you know where I really want to go?"
Guest4877: right now jimmytwonutz is telling his girl, Cissyyost"you fill up my senses"
Save: As soon as you can. I like to put the chat up asap and get all the links updated for the next week.
Cissyyost: awwww,
sonra: like nights in a forest
Guest4877: um where did the cissyyost come in at
Cissyyost: ok, send now, brb
Guest4877: who put that there
Guest4877: where does she want to go skorda
Skorda: I said, Nunavat- why the hell would I say that? esp in winter? she said- that is exactly what I was thinking...TOO WEIRD!!!
Guest4877: i like when that happens
sonra: who said what
Guest4877: her girlfriend
Skorda: I mean, who the hell ever even thins of Nunavat?
Guest4877: where is that
Cissyyost: that happens a lot, it's cool, mom needs me to read her mind.... really now, brb
sonra: whos girlfriend
Skorda: SEE???????? That's what I mean!!! Who even KNOWS Nunavat!!!
Guest4877: yeah that happens when people get close cissy, sometimes its a family thing
Guest4877: skors girlfriend
Guest4877: yeah i see your point skor
Skorda: Canada, I only see this friend every few months
Guest4877: and its never come up in conversation before?
sonra: skor likes
Guest4877: i figured but you know how women call their lady friends girlfriends
sonra: i just feel like a smartass tonight
Skorda: not that I can remember, it is a rather esoteric subject
Guest4877: i feel like that every night so its good
Skorda: men, women, what does it matter on the internet???
Guest4877: hmm yes i would consider that a bonafied oddity
Guest4877: men, women, unics, who cares
sonra: it matters
Guest4877: sonra, could i please see your art sometime?
Skorda: how, sonra? How does it matter what gender one proclaims?
Skorda: But it's true, I do like men
Guest4877: well gender is different to some, to proclaim your sex i can understand her point
sonra: Oh Skor It doesn't..........
Skorda: I am also being smartass...
Guest4877: cool
Save: I'm still here. I'm just multi-tasking and getting the website updated
Skorda: cabin fever, too much snow. Even going out to eat did not take away the claustrophobia of this snowstorm
Guest4877: i was just thinking about you. youre good like that, with the multitasking.
sonra: I know your ass is smart, shed a damn genius...Guest!!!!!!!
Guest4877: hhsh
sonra: she is a genius
Guest4877: youre in R
Guest4877: RI right skor?
Skorda: hahahahah
Skorda: yes, liitle rhody
Guest4877: yeah my family is from there, newport and providence
sonra: It isn,t an Island
Guest4877: theres block island
Skorda: and Aquidneck and prudence and Patience and Hog
Guest4877: theres a hog?
sonra: Whats the name of your lil town skorda
Skorda: Hog is small
sonra: no response
Skorda: n
Cissyyost: lol son, isn't an island!!!
sonra: n yop u too
Guest4877: my laptop is burning up on the sheet, its starting to smell like perm solution in here which reminds me of steel magnolias for some reason
Guest4877: i thought i just read that your son is an island hinking wow, i hope he gets you good presents
Skorda: my town is tiny, Sonra, pm me, I will tell you
Guest4877: now thats a mothers love
Guest4877: yeah so no one comes and takes athena away
sonra: My son is balls to the wall
Skorda: MY SON IS A ROCK!!!
Cissyyost: my son is amazing
Guest4877: josh?
Skorda: right, Guest, she is needed
Save: My son is non-existent lol
sonra: Yes JOSH
Cissyyost: yes, a rock, a caring wonderful person to help me here like he does
Guest4877: same here save
Cissyyost: Save, lol
Guest4877: thats awesome, im glad you have him
sonra: Skorda has goodlooking children
Guest4877: boys should take care of their mothers
Save: Yes, at 52 I think I won't be having kids this lifetime
sonra: i agree
Skorda: and smart,
Cissyyost: i am too
Cissyyost: and their grandmothers too
Skorda: But didn't you see that Indian woman who had her first at 70?? How exhausting!!!
Guest4877: well some people dont, it is what it is, some people do other important things
Cissyyost: Save, too much energy to do at 52
Save: Too much evergy for 22!!!!
sonra: I seen that skorda
Guest4877: giving birth at 70?
Skorda: creepy
Skorda: yes, with IVF
sonra: More power to her
Save: Cissy... could you take a minute and send the chat log to me so I can get that done?
Cissyyost: Hey! just found out my ex is a ..... Great Grandfather!! i hope that makes him feel old, but i doubt he even knows
Guest4877: i dont really agree with that though, but anyway, kind of too deep
Cissyyost: Save, i sent it to the admin address, you didn't get it? i can send again, tell me which address
Guest4877: you doubt he even knows? that cant be good.
sonra: u dont agree with what guest
Guest4877: people past a certain age doing ivf
Guest4877: it seems medically unsound
Save: hummm... I don't see it there. I've checked all my emails
sonra: age is just a no#
Guest4877: well yeah usually i agree with that but im thinking of the health of mother and child
Guest4877: but im no doctor either
Skorda: but the poor kid, just getting out of diapers when is mom is getting in them
Cissyyost: ex's son is not a nice or even good person
Guest4877: hhahaha
sonra: She may not have to experience the terrible 2s lol
Guest4877: thats too bad cissy, but good shes an ex i guess
Cissyyost: I try again Save
Save: Thanks Cissy
Guest4877: i just got this horrible thought of when a child is already wanting to care for another child, the whole baby doll thing, but instead its her own mother
sonra: oh fuck
Guest4877: you like those two words
Skorda: I guess I should put the movie in
Skorda: I need to dance
Cissyyost: save, check t @ t
Guest4877: dance off your fish platter
sonra: ya sometimes
Save: I got it Cissy THANKS!!!!!
Skorda: Is that another word for ass?
Cissyyost: amen!!! good on josh!!
Guest4877: oh no i thought you said you went out to eat earlier
Guest4877: but now it is
Guest4877: what did josh did
Guest4877: wwjd?
Skorda: oh...THAT fish platter, yes it is heavy greasy and very much still with me
Guest4877: what movie?
sonra: lol
Skorda: but it was good- esp. clams
Skorda: Mama Mia
Cissyyost: sonra, everyone who gets away from that man is doing well, too bad for his sugar mama
Guest4877: ahhh
sonra: mama mia
Cissyyost: feel sorry for her
Guest4877: mama mia papa pia
Guest4877: looks like a good movie
Skorda: nah not a good movie, just good scenery and music good to shake to
Guest4877: my apologies for talking so much, i cant help it it seems
Guest4877: thats written on the cover i think
Skorda: maybe it's the red bull talking, lol
Cissyyost: we're all here to talk to each other, right?
Guest4877: Mama Mia, not a good movie, just good scenery and good to shake to
sonra: well
Guest4877: no no red bull here
Cissyyost: want to see new film, priest
Guest4877: yes cissy
Guest4877: oh yeah i love meryl streep
Skorda: streep is terrific
Cissyyost: phillip seymore hoffman could win another oscar, be like tom hanks
Guest4877: yeah whats your favorite with her?
Guest4877: hes awesome too
sonra: No No Heath Ledger will get it
Skorda: out of Africa, when redford says, "don't move"...
Guest4877: oh im remembering he was in cold mountain, i was thinking of that earlier
Guest4877: you think?
Cissyyost: heath can only win for suppporting... is hoffman up for supporting?
Guest4877: you know im ashamed to admit i havent seen out of africa
Guest4877: but now i must
sonra: I think the dingo got my bany
Skorda: You must.
Cissyyost: oh, out of africa is great i love it
Cissyyost: watched the sting the other night, having my own little paul memorial
sonra: baby
Guest4877: yeah that was a good movie, i like sophie's choice, silkwood, um, damn so many
Skorda: The scenery, the soundtrack, Streep. Redford maybe miscast, but I liked him as denys
Guest4877: oh the hours
Skorda: she was brilliant in Sophie's Choice, too
Cissyyost: read sophies choice could never watch the film, have 2 kids
Guest4877: she has such an unusual face
Guest4877: yeah i can see why cissy
Skorda: the book was great, but the movie is still worth seeing
Guest4877: kramer vs kramer
Skorda: not an unusual face
Guest4877: i think so
Guest4877: unusual good unusual beautiful, that type
sonra: oh fuck
Guest4877: ohwhat was that charlie kauffman movie with the orchid
Save: I'm going to end the chat log now. Just FYI
Cissyyost: ok save
sonra: ok save
Save: You can keep talking amunst yourselves though
Cissyyost: you got everything? all of it?
Cissyyost: you out then save?
Save: No. I'm still missing a good 15 min or so. Live and learn... or just don't talk so much... Next time I'll just save the chat half way through
Save: Yeah. I'm pooped.
Skorda: gotta run..catch you later...BB???
Guest4877: ah, adaptation
Save: You can keep going though.
Guest4877: yeah save? you going to sleep?
Skorda: bye
Skorda has left the chat. (Connection closed)
Cissyyost: damn, i was here, i got it all, why didn't it go? he did the cnt a thing i pasted it to you, why didn't it get all of it?
Save: Ive been working hard on getting a website up and running so haven't beenover to the boards much.
Save: L'm larning PHP coding
Cissyyost: geez, bye Skor!
Cissyyost: lol
Guest4877: thats cool though. maybe you can post the address on the boards sometime.
Guest4877 has left the chat. (Connection closed)
sonra has left the chat. (Connection closed)
Save: It wasn't you Cissy. Apparently the chat only saves so much text then it starts cutting it off. Your's was already being cut off when you save it.
Cissyyost: oh, good, i was worried it was me as usual,
Save: Well I say I call you now Cissy... right?
Guest793 has joined
Cissyyost: right, i'm out to the kitchen then!
Guest793: oops
Save: no opps
Guest793: yeah looks like everyone is done for the night, it was fun
Save: it's okay guest
Save: who are you?
Guest793: thanks for the chat, i really like the setup
Guest793: on the hbo boards, generationf8
Save: OHHH
Save: okay
Save: You need to put in your name so we don't have to call you guest
Guest793: yeah i'll do that next time
Guest793: ok i'll talk to you later, thanks again
Save: Glad to have you here
Save: OH
Guest793: thank you, its nice to be here
Guest793: oh i thought you had to go
Save: When you are going to buy the the DVD
Guest793: i didnt want to lag around like a bum
Guest793: when i get an opportunity to
Save: Go to and click on Music page and click through from there
Guest793: i will remember to do it that way
Save: That way I can make some money for the site
Guest793: yeah thats important
Guest793: i think cissy thinks i ditched her
Guest793: she'll see the chat
Save: Good. Cissy and I are now on the phone with each other. my fingers are tired so I'm gonna go now
Save: Cissy is away from the computer and say Hey
Guest793: alright, have a good night and i'll be back next time
Guest793: tell her hey and see her on the boards most likely
Save: Looking forwared to it! See you then
Guest793: night
Save: Night and nite from Cissy
Guest793: night cissy
Guest793 has left the chat. (Connection closed)