Chat Log: Ep. 9 "His Visit: Day Eight" Saturday 27 December 2008

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ChatAngel: she's here!
JimmyTwoNutz: I guess Cindy isn't going to make it huh?
ChatAngel: YEAH!
Save: I'm working on the clocks.
waterbroad: yeah!
ChatAngel: Should I call Cindy
waterbroad: yes
SONRA: Ill be right back
ChatAngel: k brb
JimmyTwoNutz: 10 Minutes
oil: Myles was sighted over at the JFC boards just an hour nago
SONRA: ya call cindy
oil: ago
SONRA: I like nago lol
ChatAngel: He may be having a difficult time getting in here
ChatAngel: brb gotta find her cell number
JimmyTwoNutz: No Generationf8 tonight ???
JimmyTwoNutz: Great..... P is playing POGO until I start the
oil: did anyone check out faomans post on "our fav music" threads? You still have time-great mood setter song second from the bottom
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JimmyTwoNutz: uh oh...
oil: correction-the bottom song
waterbroad: Killers, Human?
JimmyTwoNutz: 5 Minutes
JimmyTwoNutz: 4 minutes
ChatAngel: Where did Sonra
ChatAngel: go
JimmyTwoNutz: Storm chasing
Save: Cindy has her computer apart putting in a new dvd player so she will be late
JimmyTwoNutz: 3 minutes
Save: Are we going at 15 after?
Save: or 10 after?
oil: 10 after
JimmyTwoNutz: 10
JimmyTwoNutz: we lost sonra
Save: Jimmy, you give us the countdown and we will go on your GO
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waterbroad: there she is!
JimmyTwoNutz: there she is
GuestSONRA: r we ready
oil: aw Sonra you're not a guest. You're family
GuestSONRA: Myles is having trouble getting in
Save: Jimmy is going to give us the countdown, we will go on his "GO"
JimmyTwoNutz: % minute hold for Myles
waterbroad: hold until 15 after for miles
myles has joined
JimmyTwoNutz: 5 Minute hold
oil: 5?
waterbroad: myles!
GuestSONRA: Hey Myles
ChatAngel: I have Cindy on the phone she is going with us.. jus going to be late for the chat
JimmyTwoNutz: 15 after the hour
oil: Its like NASA here
myles: the link was not letting me in
GuestSONRA: lol oil
waterbroad: ground control to major tom
myles: it just took a loon time
ChatAngel: WB Sonra
GuestSONRA: ya
JimmyTwoNutz: sonra eats at the kids table
oil: commencin countdown engines on
myles: Evening folks
GuestSONRA: ok jimmy
JimmyTwoNutz: Howdy MB
myles: i'm on hold shoul i be?
waterbroad: yep
JimmyTwoNutz: Say hi to all the nice ppl mrs P
MrsP: hi
GuestSONRA: yes the water looks beautiful on hold
ChatAngel: Nice to meet you Mrs P
myles: Hi WB, brothers and sista's
Save: This page without clocks
GuestSONRA: Hello Mrs P
waterbroad: Hi Mrs. P
MrsP: nice to meet you all too
MrsP: hubby here said I had to log on today
myles: And A BIG HELLO to Mrs P !!!!
JimmyTwoNutz: 3 Minutes
waterbroad: You always need to log on
MrsP: nah
MrsP: don't like to chat
JimmyTwoNutz: She's a gamer
oil: so are you 2 going to have a little virtual afternoon delight after?
MrsP: just a geek
JimmyTwoNutz: brb
myles: SAVE, the link I'm in says 'index', not 'index2'
MrsP: dunno about that oil
Save: if you are in here that is okay. I just made a page without the clocks incase you couldn't get in the index.html at all
oil: Is Jimmy at home or on the road?
MrsP: home
waterbroad: poor mr. P
JimmyTwoNutz: 1 Minute
waterbroad: clicker in hand
Save: butterflys in tummy...
myles: bubles on screen
JimmyTwoNutz: On your mark
MrsP: Mr P?
oil: well the you can see him in person
JimmyTwoNutz: Get set
MrsP: yup
Skor has joined
MrsP: saw him ALL day
JimmyTwoNutz: GO!!!!!
ChatAngel: go
Save: get ques skor
waterbroad: go
MrsP: (mostly the hind end)
Skor: I was having a hard time getting in here
myles: going
oil: lol
myles: Hi Skorda
Save: click go skorda
waterbroad: Hi skorda
waterbroad: made it just in time
oil: we all did Skor
Save: we just started ... theres a lotta soul
JimmyTwoNutz: We saw surfers today
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MrsP: not in IB though
waterbroad: any waves?
MrsP: pretty flat
waterbroad: too bad
ChatAngel: Cindy is watching when her computer is back on she'll be here...
ChatAngel: my computer is getting wet
JimmyTwoNutz: ok
skor has joined
ChatAngel: Rain
JimmyTwoNutz: Beach
ChatAngel: blowing threw a 1'n opening
Save: show starts now
waterbroad: Johnny Fever
Save: mexican beach
waterbroad: shaun is gone
JimmyTwoNutz: Oh no!!!!
skor: where is everyone? O am on the beach w. chuck
waterbroad: zippy is gone too
oil: Love Palakas defensive move there
JimmyTwoNutz: OH NO!!!!!
Save: zippy!!!
skor: now wetsuit hanging
waterbroad: chemist and mitch on beach
JimmyTwoNutz: saw this guy racing zebras today too
MrsP: the chemist?
skor: ik analgesic pioneer
Save: trying to stay eligible
waterbroad: howard hessman
JimmyTwoNutz: ET
JimmyTwoNutz: Dry land is a bitch
Save: dry lands' hard
waterbroad: even the chemist recognizes john
JimmyTwoNutz: Nice tat
skor: sonra here?
JimmyTwoNutz: Nice car
waterbroad: hot ride
MrsP: she is just SOO nice (sissy)
skor: win me a car like erlemeyer's. OK?? fill houise against a flush
skor: sinrabeast
oil: reminds me of a snail
waterbroad: butchy
skor: cissy is so irritating
GuestSONRA: I like cissy
waterbroad: but not as annoying as mitch
skor: sometimes I could throw cold water on her
skor: mitch I understand
JimmyTwoNutz: Poor Bill
Save: whole different weight class
ChatAngel: I understand many things with Cissy
waterbroad: ground is hot
JimmyTwoNutz: Not in IB
myles: Ramon, so calm
waterbroad: teddy II
skor: ramon is an axis mundi
myles: Palaka bear ing gifts
waterbroad: wa, wa, waaaaa
JimmyTwoNutz: FTW
JimmyTwoNutz: F HBO
oil: FTW?
JimmyTwoNutz: Fuck the world
oil: ah
GuestSONRA: esad
Save: Rebecca DeMorna did not realize tht her character was a grandmother when she signed on to do the show. She was furious about it when she found out. So Milch wrote Cissy as angry, so that Rebecca's anger wouldn't hinder her performance.
JimmyTwoNutz: FTW is on the back of the bear
oil: ah
waterbroad: did she not read the script first?
waterbroad: Dr. Smith
skor: but her anger does hinder her performance, it is too strong I think
Save: Apparently not. There wasn't much of a script and it was being written on the fly when they were casting
JimmyTwoNutz: she must of been very Pissed
GuestSONRA: She and ed oneil are the best actors
skor: unrelenting
Save: She wanted to quit but couldn't get out of the contract
waterbroad: I could not imagine anyone else playing Cissy
myles: Barry's character is pretty well written too, complex
JimmyTwoNutz: P could
skor: Susan Sarandon could
MrsP: ewww
GuestSONRA: complex
skor: barry os great- wish we'd gotten to know him better
waterbroad: Dwayne
JimmyTwoNutz: did one figure have a boob???
waterbroad: it is zippy
Save: monad has a "pocket" for zippy
JimmyTwoNutz: oh
JimmyTwoNutz: looks like a boob to me
Save: ouch my tit
waterbroad: well then, enjoy that thought
JimmyTwoNutz: speaking of boob
waterbroad: and what was the point of that footage?
JimmyTwoNutz: world culture
Save: auto pilot
myles: too many unanswered questions
skor: i went back- where are you guys now?
myles: butchie and cass in hotel
Save: butchy in room with cass
GuestSONRA: skor where are u
waterbroad: butchy writing phone # to cass
JimmyTwoNutz: giving numbers
Save: did i hurt your tit or anything
myles: Kai on beach
skor: okgood I am with you now kai on phone hearing cissy
Save: youre there
JimmyTwoNutz: I miss that pier
waterbroad: cissy running on pier
Save: what happened to the pier?
waterbroad: Is the pier gone?
cissyyost has joined
JimmyTwoNutz: No.... I just miss IB
Save: cissy!
waterbroad: Hey Cyndi
cissyyost: hrllo my friends
JimmyTwoNutz: Cindy!!!
ChatAngel: Welcome Cindy
waterbroad: Gonna say, saw it on surfline the other day
skor: hey cissy
Save: we are just past cissy on peir, bill is talking to white board
cissyyost: hey save!! hey Chat, thanks for cueing me!
myles: Bill?
Save: bird... sry
waterbroad: barry leave bar
ChatAngel: She is cued with us
cissyyost: cissy walk away from joe
ChatAngel: you're welcome sweetie
cissyyost: i really appreciate it, really
Save: barry and doc
JimmyTwoNutz: Cindy... say Hi to Mrs. P.
waterbroad: Barry's best scene
myles: yes
MrsP: hi Cindy
skor: dr smith is compassion walking
cissyyost: Hello Mrs P, and thank you dear, for your kind thought
MrsP: welcome
cissyyost: it was so niice to hear from you Dorothy, so very nice
Save: cissy with vietnam joe on pier
ChatAngel: Glad that we are all here together
JimmyTwoNutz: Joe needed a bigger part in this show
waterbroad: love this scene with Butchy and Kai
Save: great scene
cissyyost: i'm ahead, i'll pause, zach and linc sitting on car hood, so let me know???
myles: found a site last night, jim beaver was responding to Milch new show
ChatAngel: that's where I am Cindy
Save: sweet and stupid like you
waterbroad: where is this sight?
myles: I wrote back and told him to join us
ChatAngel: butchie punches Linc
cissyyost: i wait for butchie to punch linc
cissyyost: ok, i unpause then now?
skor: post link on info Myles, ok?
ChatAngel: Beaver is on my friends list Myspace
oil: go cissy
waterbroad: how cool
skor: me too, chat. He is a good person
cissyyost: thanks oil, good for us to be here
myles: on dec 19, jim says he didn't hear bout show 'ninth' being cancelled
skor: writes good stuff
myles: and he has connections
skor: onteresting, myles...
cissyyost: vfw bar?
ChatAngel: That one blog is the only place I read that it is canceled
JimmyTwoNutz: Punch!
Save: buttchy punches linc
Save: now
cissyyost: opps, wrong again, tell me when we are in the bar
Save: hairlip thinks he's on to something
skor: very trixie-esque scene
myles: so did someone say Trixie is on another show, ER maybe
Save: cissy on beach
waterbroad: Yes, er, and again, she played "trixie"
Save: Cass is on ER
Save: Emily Rose who played Cass is on ER as a new intern
myles: I used to follow er, hav'nt in yrs, I'd watch just for her
oil: go cissy
Save: in bar now
cissyyost: thanks oil
cissyyost: i'd gotten scared there
waterbroad: another great barry scene
JimmyTwoNutz: Nice face
cissyyost: very good face, those tears, expression
myles: doc and barry, well written
cissyyost: the hallelujah chrous
JimmyTwoNutz: Rosa
waterbroad: those roses are beautiful
cissyyost: ramon with roses, yes, rosa
cissyyost: seems i got there, thanks to all of you
waterbroad: Now why did they not put in english translation in subscripts?
GuestSONRA: lolWB
cissyyost: we all wondered that first time around Water
myles: cost too much !
cissyyost: hey little sister
GuestSONRA: hey cindy
MrsP: i didn
cissyyost: rosa so happy
cissyyost: ahhh just married
waterbroad: I actually checked out thay avon catalogue. There where no monads
MrsP: i didnt think subtitles were necessary, but then again I grew up down there--
cissyyost: LOL water
MrsP: you cant help but understand a little spanish
ChatAngel: I have NO clue what Ramon and Rosa said
cissyyost: so you speak then mrs P
MrsP: not really
waterbroad: I would not mind some of ramon's cooking right now
myles: funny lines
cissyyost: sounds like more than me Mrs P
myles: the monads
JimmyTwoNutz: huge
cissyyost: since our kitchen just shorted out, i'd go for any food!!!
waterbroad: mitch is home
cissyyost: mitch, yes
cissyyost: and Dr. J
cissyyost: or owsley
ChatAngel: WHat is the red bushes in bloom? They look like azlea's
cissyyost: missed that
ChatAngel: scene with Anderson and Jacks
cissyyost: will look again later
waterbroad: It had only taken me a week to relate WKRP in Cincinati
oil: maybe I can help you with that Cissy. PM me later
cissyyost: dust to dust
MrsP: missed them
MrsP: probably hibiscus
cissyyost: oil, will do
JimmyTwoNutz: Palm Ave.
ChatAngel: small blooms
cissyyost: Mrs P I was thinking
MrsP: oh
MrsP: bougainvillea
GuestSONRA: rose of sharon
waterbroad: tree house is a mess
ChatAngel: I'm a florist not the hibiscus we have here
cissyyost: yes Mrs P, bouganvillia
cissyyost: sonra, you think?
skor: t
ChatAngel: That what I thought Mrs P
GuestSONRA: t what
oil: good reflexes Mitch
ChatAngel: thank you.. didn't realize they came that red!
MrsP: he needs to just sucker punch her
MrsP: just once
waterbroad: good physical scene
cissyyost: fuck you every where!!!!
JimmyTwoNutz: He could use an ass kickin him self
GuestSONRA: fucking chemist
skor: all colors!!! I have a purple one, not here thos. here I have rose of sharon , very different
cissyyost: yes, very good physical scene
ChatAngel: Rose of Sharon is in the hibiscus family
GuestSONRA: yes
cissyyost: ouch knee mitch
Save: I like how mitch starts taking responsibility from here on out
cissyyost: me too save
skor: yes, similar-big blooms, but not as bis as some hibiscus
cissyyost: same family
cissyyost: genus
GuestSONRA: Skor have u ever seen the double of rose of sharon
cissyyost: i'm tryin to follow
myles: I wonder how miltch was gonna connect john/terrorists/alien, whatever
JimmyTwoNutz: I'm helping my son move down there next week.... I'll check for you
cissyyost: maybe sho will buy it and we will know
ChatAngel: Our Rose of sharon is a plant ,shrub that can surive the winters
skor: I don't think so, sonra
oil: sometimes I hate how everyone in IB speaks in riddles, sometimes I love it.
myles: Dexter and JFC, Sunday night's, yeah
cissyyost: chat, that is so nice
GuestSONRA: Some rose of sharons have 32 blooms
cissyyost: I still love it oil
GuestSONRA: i mean 2 blooms in 1
ChatAngel: Yes.. Sonra and I have the same type Rose of Sharon
skor: I wish we'd had time for Cissy to mellow some
waterbroad: Love that line, tell me what you
cissyyost: mitch is so beautiful in this scene
GuestSONRA: They r the prettiest
skor: another season or two
cissyyost: cissy, mellow??
cissyyost: lol
myles: Mrs P, your son gonna live in IB ?
MrsP: yeah, so he says
cissyyost: skor, yes, from showtime
myles: Ha
MrsP: back from where he was from
waterbroad: a rake works
JimmyTwoNutz: shovel too
cissyyost: i didn't know that Mrs P
cissyyost: bar, red, scary
oil: Palaka so casual
JimmyTwoNutz: boys being boys
waterbroad: suave
cissyyost: yes, boys being boys
cissyyost: like that
skor: I LOVE this bar scene- esp when monads appear. BTW- I watched weeds first time today- 5 episodes, so far. It's good
ChatAngel: here's a link for rose of Sharon's
waterbroad: Goodbye Doctor Smith
myles: still can't figure this scen out
Save: contact
cissyyost: Big and Huge, I also love this Skor, the reply
cissyyost: myles, we are all monad if we know or not???
cissyyost: a little strange, that's all.... lol
skor: I have about 30 of those in my yard, Chat. All around the edges. I have to trim them back every few years.
cissyyost: i like that line from butchie
cissyyost: about poison
skor: Butchie has faith
JimmyTwoNutz: Stand up to her Butchie!!!!!
waterbroad: notice how butchie is more relaxed around Cissy
GuestSONRA: U should trim 4 inches every fall skor
Save: Butchie: Dad looks like he wants to take poison.
cissyyost: Butchie is all better about cissy i think since he got in the jeep with kai
skor: Cissy needs to be just a touch more aware of her world
cissyyost: he passed it got past it
GuestSONRA: hows that
waterbroad: Watching Ramon makes me hungry
cissyyost: cissy needs to know things are different, and she can be too
cissyyost: food.....
JimmyTwoNutz: Don't pat yourself on the back too hard Dickstein....
cissyyost: lol jimmy
waterbroad: still have to try the tuna recipe
cissyyost: me too waterbroad
skor: Dickstein just loves being a part of all of this...
myles: mine is better
cissyyost: doesn't he? skor
waterbroad: someone actually built that car. who has that kind of time
cissyyost: myles, send me yours
cissyyost: love that line from linc
skor: guys down on the beach in Mexico, waterbroad, lol
waterbroad: Anderson starts to come around
cissyyost: plenty time if you have not a job
cissyyost: sweet anderson
Save: Linc: When they’re done doing whatever it is they do to you, what do they do, pile drive your head into the floor?
myles: the food !
cissyyost: save the line i love that one
waterbroad: cissy still the pessimist
cissyyost: she hasn't understood yet
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JimmyTwoNutz: She smiles?
cissyyost: awww, i love this scene, Dr J and cissy
cissyyost: freddy praying
myles: freddy talkin to god
waterbroad: Welcome giangho
oil: Freddy prays to his acid god
Save: Freddy: Whoever I fuckin’ ran away from in that volcano 25 years ago, I’m talking to you. I don’t give a fuck. I don’t need to understand. (We see Palaka lying in his bed in the next room, listening) I would ask you, avoid harming that kid. I would say I am here to ask you. I would say I came here to be here. I came to California… to ask. Whatever’s gonna happen…
cissyyost: good save!
JimmyTwoNutz: Nice tits
oil: sexy jug ears!!
cissyyost: love how jerry does this
waterbroad: Kia
myles: kai, looking coool
JimmyTwoNutz: keeping the faith
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waterbroad: waiting for the return from cincinati
skor: whi was that???
myles: sexy jugg ears, love that
skor: who
waterbroad: I said hello
ChatAngel: Gotta jet Deadwood DAn and Capt fight tonight
cissyyost: skor, i dunno
Save: hold on I'm comin'
cissyyost: chat!
skor: butchi so majestic
oil: Eight days has gone by wayyy to fast
waterbroad: Good set up epi
cissyyost: yes, butchie waiting, so perfect, so sure, such faith, great song for us
ChatAngel: I'm still here Cissy
MrsP: thats a really nasty fight
cissyyost: good chat, was confused with the odd name that came in
myles: well it ain't IB here in Bos, but tomorrow may hit 65...a beach day !
ChatAngel: But this is my one of favorite Deadwood episodes
waterbroad: So, where gerry and dwanye and item to start with, or did they become one?
cissyyost: lol myles
cissyyost: i think became, jerry and dwanye
Save: I think it has been going on a long time with gerry and dwanye
cissyyost: dwayne
JimmyTwoNutz: Good viewing everyone.... well done all
waterbroad: Yes, suppose to hit mid- 60's here in NJ tomorrow
oil: I have to bug out early tonight. Promised my sis I'd help with Mom's obit. Night all
cissyyost: nice to see you all, be here doing this.
Save: nite oil
GuestSONRA: Night Oil
cissyyost: oil, can i call later?
myles: night brother
MrsP: nice to meet hyou all
MrsP: you
waterbroad: night, good luck with services
MrsP: (cant type today)
cissyyost: mrs P, even nicer for us!!!
myles: A pleasure Mrs P
waterbroad: it was great hanging with you
ChatAngel: you too Mrs P ((love n hugs to you))
MrsP: thanks a bunch!
JimmyTwoNutz: She does 2 shows on Saturday
myles: lol
skor: see everyone later
cissyyost: you should visit us more often mrs P
waterbroad: lol
waterbroad: see you, good night
cissyyost: bye skor.....
MrsP: (not well reviewed by the Press)
cissyyost: bye water
MrsP: you are terrible
myles: gotta get some food,
waterbroad: so, we love JFC
cissyyost: press didn't watch long enough
myles: G'night family
waterbroad: the press didn't effect us
waterbroad: night myles
ChatAngel: Goodnight... my brothers and isters I love you all dearly!
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cissyyost: maybe later myles?
MrsP: ask jimmy if he likes my shows
cissyyost: Tam, thanks so much, i love you too
waterbroad: night tammy, love to you
GuestSONRA: Night John-boy
MrsP: bye all
MrsP has left the chat. (Connection closed)
waterbroad: bye mrsp
cissyyost: lol, mrs p,
JimmyTwoNutz: See ya later
cissyyost: bye jimmy
JimmyTwoNutz: She was naked the whole
waterbroad: happy new year
Save: I haven't eatten yet today either
cissyyost: yeah, right
cissyyost: ah save we in same boat
ChatAngel: sent a copy of the chat to you Trishah
waterbroad: I have dinner dishes to clean up
JimmyTwoNutz: Night all till next week
cissyyost: i'll have a sandwich, since that's what I can do!
ChatAngel: go eat.. ttys love ya
waterbroad: see you next year
ChatAngel: ((HGUS))
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cissyyost: night Jimmy
waterbroad: night chat
ChatAngel has left the chat. (Connection closed)
cissyyost: love you chat
waterbroad: Well, I guess everyone is calling it an early night.
JimmyTwoNutz has left the chat. (Connection closed)
cissyyost: night Jimmy
waterbroad: night chat
ChatAngel has left the chat. (Connection closed)
cissyyost: love you chat
waterbroad: Well, I guess everyone is calling it an early night.
Guest3522 has joined
cissyyost: sonra you still here?
GuestSONRA: yes
waterbroad: Gen, is that you?
cissyyost: good, we haven't talked in a while
Guest3522: Jimmy... still no clocks
GuestSONRA: So how r u doing
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Save: The clocks are down bc the main worldclock site is down