Chat Log: Ep. 10 Encore "His Visit: Day Eight" Saturday 10 January 2009

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oil: Hey save. Just you and me?
Save: so far
Save: I'm calling cissyyost now
oil: You might wanna tell people that clicking on the retrospective chat link only gets you to the archives and log link
oil: on the home page that is
Save: oh... I'll go fix that now...
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oil: HEY Chat!!
oil: 3 of us now
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oil: skor is four
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oil: Hiya Skor
oil: back to 3
skor: only a 4? on a scale of what?
skor: hey
oil: 1 to 4
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skor: well, OK then!
Chatangel: Hello finally made it in! :)
Chatangel: Hi ya'll
oil: hooray
oil: Hi Right back at cha
Chatangel: How's the weather up ther Oil? Snowed in
Chatangel: Thanks Oil
oil: Really not that much snow but Brrrrrrr
Chatangel: Hi Save and Skorda
Chatangel: the brrr is moving in here as I type
Chatangel: it was 60 this am at 5 now 29
oil: Yeah, I watched the game in Tenn today, I was shocked to see breath
Chatangel: Titans did do so well
oil: not
Chatangel: I'm about 1 hr45 min NW of Nash
Chatangel: NOt correct
Chatangel: are we going at top of the hour or waiting a bit?
Save: Okay oil, I changed the link on the "Retrospective and Chat" to come directly here.... better?
skor: I have to take this computer to other room, OK I;m back
oil: Nashville is one of the coolest looking cities to drive thru at night
skor: snowing here
Chatangel: Yes, it's beautiful at night
oil: fullm moon herre
skor: I agree, Oil. I loved it. Wish I had a longer visit
Chatangel: it was full last night... do not know if the sky is clear tonight
oil: I think my daughter spilled something sticky in the keyboard
Chatangel: Hey Save and Skor
Save: Are we waiting until 10 after for straglers?
skor: I think this is the full ine, but it is snowing here
Save: Hey Chat. Glad you made it!
Chatangel: ? where is J2N
Chatangel: Thanks.. had a difficult time logging in..
Chatangel: worked on 3rd attempt
Save: Anyone check the boards for others?
skor: wb said she was coming
Chatangel: Me too Skorda..
Chatangel: No i didn't .. but I will
oil: will look now WB said she would be here
Save: Cissyyost is not answering any of the numbers I have for her.
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waterbroad: Evening everyone
waterbroad: Have we started?
skor: hi WB
oil: speak of the devil.....
Save: Waiting until 10 after
waterbroad: okey dokey
oil: 6min
waterbroad: I think I am going to add milch's voice over to this viewing.
oil: So only 1 more ep to go and I have the full Rome series. Can't wait to watch and have my heart broken.
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waterbroad: I never got into Rome. It looked a bit to violent for me
oil: Hey Sonra
Chatangel: I've not watched Rome Oil is it good?
waterbroad: Hey Sonra
Chatangel: Hi WB and Sonra welcome
oil: Don't know yet
waterbroad: Hi ya Chat
Sonra: Hello all were are you at on no# 10
Chatangel: Oh.. not watched yet.... I see
skor: I LOVED Rome, Oil!!
Chatangel: I believe so Sonra.. thats were I am
oil: It's taking up about 25% of my DVR space
waterbroad: I really loved Carnival. I need to get that set also
skor: Hey Sonra!
Chatangel: Wow.... is HBO re-running Rome or on demand?
Sonra: Hey Skoe
oil: I'm gonna burn all the eps to DVD next week
Chatangel: Cool
oil: Rerunning on HBO2
Chatangel: I'll have to check it out.... when did it start?
oil: about 3 weeks ago
Chatangel: lol @ me always late! :)
oil: but it was running for months before that
Sonra: Where is Jimmy
Chatangel: don't know Sonra was thinking the same thing
waterbroad: So, did Farley pop up anywhere else on the boards?
Chatangel: I put an alert on epi 10
oil: probably off making fruit salad
oil: 15
Chatangel: are we going in 15 sec
Save: go
Chatangel: Save I love those clocks!
waterbroad: go
Chatangel: Where is CissyYost this evening?
Save: if your after getting honey
Save: called her 4 xs no answer any number
Chatangel: ut oh.. hope ething is ok
Sonra: I got a PM from her today!!!!!
Save: wheres J2N?
Chatangel: IDK?
oil: I was always confused is it apt to get the honey or out to get the honey
skor: I never did see the number in the clouds
Save: hey morris
skor: after,,,it is Brit, Oil. as in what are you after?
Save: series of dreams
oil: here it come 9
oil: not yet
Chatangel: a number in the clouds?
Chatangel: where
oil: now
waterbroad: now #8
oil: sorry I was late
skor: still didn't see it
Save: cold chills
waterbroad: You need to slow mo after Dickstein and Daphney
Chatangel: me either I'm on my dvr since my grandson.. killed all 3 dvd players
oil: Its right before the picture drops out of the clouds
Chatangel: ok.
Chatangel: I'm rewinding for it .. it make a 9?
waterbroad: Favorite surf scene
oil: maybe a six I cant remember now
waterbroad: No, it is an 8
waterbroad: The number which is infinity on its side
Chatangel: an 8 sideways?
oil: ahh
waterbroad: Trixie again
Chatangel: if it's sideways I saw it
waterbroad: No, you see the number 8, but 8 on it's side is the symbol for infinity
skor: or luck if you are Chinese!
Chatangel: from left to right.. sideways I saw it in the clouds
oil: Should we all rewind to confirm?
waterbroad: Either way all is good
waterbroad: Sure!
Chatangel: almost like looking through glasses
skor: I think later
Chatangel: SURE
waterbroad: after we are done?
oil: OK later after the show
skor: dies John wax his chest???
Save: does palaka?
skor: nah
oil: speaking a s a furry guys I think hes just a hairless freak
Chatangel: after rewinding 3 times it's as if there are multiple 8's
Save: I want a seal that barks my name
waterbroad: I want a seal that barks my name
waterbroad: let's sit down john
Chatangel: Austin is so young his chest may not be developed fully
oil: wow Cissy smiled
waterbroad: shawnie is home
skor: hahaha, not THAT young!
Chatangel: at 22 Troy doesn't have much chest hair
skor: some guys just don't
Save: you should get into the game
waterbroad: again, I use to love peanut butter-butter sandwiches
Chatangel: what are p butter, butter sand. do they have butter on them too?
waterbroad: Yes, peanut butter on one slice, butter on the other slice, heart attack in a few days :)
skor: do some people NOT put butter on a pnut b sand???
Save: grab your jump balls
Chatangel: Me Skorda... never had real butter with Peanut butter
oil: I like mine toasted so the peanut gets all runny with lots of butter
skor: wow!!,
Save: we're coming 9-11-14
waterbroad: don't leave town
skor: Tina has a moustache
oil: The best toasted PB sandwiches are made with toasted English muffin bread-YUM
Chatangel: what is in the window behind John on the left
skor: raw whole wheat
Chatangel: looks like a doll?
oil: creamy PB
Chatangel: Jif pb & peach peserves my fav toasted bread
waterbroad: behind john or linc?
oil: both sides butter with the top butter slice facing up
skor: xtra crunchy
Chatangel: John WB
Save: maximum right now pow boom
oil: Has to be Jif
Chatangel: air condition is in one win on right
waterbroad: I will rewind later
Chatangel: Choosey Mothers choose Jif
oil: more sugar in Jif than other PB's
Chatangel: yes. that's true
waterbroad: I am actually fond of almond butter
oil: get back down here
Save: I want to know, technically, how they got Mitch to float
Chatangel: I've never had that WB
waterbroad: good stuff
oil: sounds good
Chatangel: I thought it was digitally edited Save not sure
skor: ask my mother, she was the "stratosphere girl"
Chatangel: the posters always appeared to have pasted legs on Mitch
Save: his hand touches the ceiling in Cass' room so I'm not sure
Chatangel: or feet
Chatangel: me either?
waterbroad: I think john's facial gestures make him look much younger than he is
Chatangel: hoist under his clothes maybe?
skor: getting warmer chat
waterbroad: gideons
waterbroad: greyson's uncle wiped out big on north shore this week
Chatangel: Magic illusion Skorda?
waterbroad: a lot would depend on the angle they shot from
skor: after I have something funny to tell you chat
skor: about last summer, I will post in BB
waterbroad: Is there something really predicted for 9/11/14?
oil: The end of the Mayan calllender?
waterbroad: meet the jetson's
waterbroad: Mayan calendar ends in 2012
oil: but not 9-11 specifically
skor: The return of JFC!!! Mayan calendar ends 2012, I'm going to Tulume nexr week.
oil: Oh never mind
waterbroad: tulume?
skor: yucatan
waterbroad: oh! Get some rays for me
skor: will do
oil: Im jealous Skor
Chatangel: me too ...
skor: you can all come too
oil: I wish
Chatangel: Does anyone play shuffleboard? Is OFF supposed to be at the bottom?
waterbroad: El Camino
skor: I used to play when I was a kid, at resorts with my parents
Chatangel: I wish too.... it's os cold and gloomy here
Save: In numerology 9-11-14 adds to a "7" which has a life path meaning of: The 7 Life Path is the searcher and seeker of truth. You have a clear and compelling sense of yourself as a spiritual being. As a result, your goal is devoted to investigations into the unknown, and to finding the answers to the mysteries of life.
waterbroad: are you a numerologist also?
Save: no... just good at google searches :)
waterbroad: nothing untoward conspired in the darkness
skor: 7 os also another form of the #3, a cebter fulcrem and 3 on each side, balancing
skor: how I love Barry
skor: fulcrum
waterbroad: I loved them all
skor: Ramon
Chatangel: Skorda please explain the number Fulcrum to me after the show if you have time please?
waterbroad: I think they are parade appropriate
waterbroad: Cherry Oldies
Save: stare me down
waterbroad: stare me down
Chatangel: do design work while up on a cross
Save: all the zeros and ones
Chatangel: a Jesus reference
Save: I feel you boys are ready for the Camino
Chatangel: Save I found the binary code for tammy and Chatangel
Chatangel: added to my hbo sig
waterbroad: we gots to boogie
waterbroad: who is the actor playing the lot owner? What else was he in ?
Save: how's he for high performance, and he's not the worst underpowered
oil: 15 grand for a used el camino seems expensive
Chatangel: Very $$$
Chatangel: must be restored to factory condition
skor: but it's CA Oil- no salt rot!
waterbroad: yeah, my crashed 1985 Saab turbo in excellent condition only went for $2500
oil: I guess its a classic
skor: but el caminos have value for low riders
skor: they are the coolest of the funky cool
oil: I'd rather have a Ranchero
waterbroad: Anyone know if milch is a science of mind or now thought practioner?
skor: o want a slant 6- dodge dart or valiant
waterbroad: I have a 1968 Chevy impala
waterbroad: in much less than mint condition
skor: what's that WB? Somehow I don't think so but I could ve wrong
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waterbroad: Where did Sonra go???
skor: OIL!!!!!
waterbroad: good pigeion
waterbroad: pigeon
Save: If she mistakenly reloaded her page she got loggedoff
skor: or I mean wu
Chatangel: here is a link to a 70 reversed color el camino
oil: probably a computer glitch
Chatangel: $15K
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waterbroad: Oh no, we are losing more???
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waterbroad: welcome back
oil: oops
skor: I just don't know what to make of this part.
Chatangel: rut ro.. whats happening
waterbroad: it really needed two more episodes to explain.
Chatangel: welcome back oil
skor: so many other things we should know about and they intro all thos, seems senseless
Chatangel: me too
waterbroad: I think basically this is about freddy getting out of the drug game, and going online with john.
oil: lost 2 eps
skor: I find it hard to comprehend what HBO was thinking to ebd thos
waterbroad: johnny fever
skor: my typing is deteriorating, I turned lite off
Save: I like that it shows a different culture. And I think Milch probably had plans to expand the character of the guy who takes over for Fredie in Hawaii
Chatangel: np Skorda
Chatangel: I liked that Mawona had never acted at all before
Save: Who is Mawona?
Chatangel: Uncle Majohn wrote somewhre on the boards about Keone (Mr Wu)
waterbroad: being surfing was birthed in hawaii and there is a lot of metaphysics and spirituality in surfing, it was about time they link the islands
Chatangel: The guy taking over for freddy
skor: cheesy, I think
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Save: huh
Chatangel: That he showed up on the set and Milch wrote him in the scene
skor: I am also leaving, saw the best. Only scene left is Bill and Lo
skor: later
waterbroad: later
Chatangel: I may not spell the name correctly
Chatangel: The Hawian that comes to take the keys name is Mawana
waterbroad: the situation is deteorating by the second
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Chatangel: Bye Skorda
waterbroad: even cissy comes to tina's defense
waterbroad: now that is a car
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Chatangel: welcome back Oil
waterbroad: assocation of surfing attorneys
oil: tempermental PC Grrrrrrr
Save: I didn't catch that bfore wb... That shows real growth from cissy huh
waterbroad: Yes, even cissy comes around
Chatangel: Yes it does show Cissy's growth.. the entire family seemed to defend her
waterbroad: Moana
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oil: I really hate this whole scene and not just because it was the end
Chatangel: The guy on sidewalk was the same man that was in the red pickup that came to most of her video I believe
Save: butchie put stickweed on the map then stinkweed buries Butchie
Chatangel: Thanks WB! I was sounding it out hurriedly
waterbroad: I have the subtitles on.
Chatangel: cool
waterbroad: My hearing is just to awful
Save: Is the family holding Mitch down to the ground?
Chatangel: Mitch has a farmers tan
Chatangel: Yes Save
waterbroad: They could of used this time for more explanation
waterbroad: Did Kai go surfing or to Cincinnati
Save: best scene
waterbroad: my father four walls barries bar
oil: best scene of the series this
waterbroad: The best scene
Save: ha, I guess we agree huh
Chatangel: my father freelances in cass' camera
oil: hard to keep a dry eye
Chatangel: agreed
Chatangel: notice the depression in the bed
waterbroad: yes, she was bed ridden for a while
Chatangel: from bills viewing angle
Chatangel: or as if she's there listening
waterbroad: where do you start, stop
Chatangel: that one line ... oh breaks my heart
Save: zippy
waterbroad: I love you my Lo'
waterbroad: Milch is surmising zippy is Lo'
Save: Mother of god Cass-Kai
Chatangel: I cry everytime Bill says that
waterbroad: do you thinks she was in cincinnati?
Chatangel: Yes I do, do you?
oil: If anyone ever decides to revive JFC, I would love to see Lois
waterbroad: Yes, when she left Ramon, she was very "glazed looking", like on autopilot
Chatangel: Me too Oil!
skor: she has the same wetsuit on, I think she was surfing
skor: din;t know of course
Chatangel: Oh... Kai in cincinnati
Save: I'm trying to find the actor for the used car salesman
Chatangel: He is famous Save trying to remember what ?
oil: Did Lois ever appear in any of the viewer written eps
waterbroad: Billabong ( on Kai's wetsuit) is Keala's real life sponser.
waterbroad: Are we going to rewind to the numbers in the clouds?
skor: that's one for you to write, Oil
Chatangel: Peter Jason is John's Father's real name
Chatangel: from inside the epi
Save: Peter Jason
waterbroad: Was the car salesman suppose to be john's father?
Chatangel: yes WB.. Thanks save
Chatangel: Yes
skor: I also think we need to work on 'Dr Smith trains dwayne and Ramon'
waterbroad: I am going to check that back out. I actually saved the webpages for inside the epi, in case hbo shut down the jfc website
Chatangel: Deadwood actor Peter Jason....
oil: I checked it out, it does look more like an 8
waterbroad: dr smith was going to do surgical procedures on the children of mexico who have a genetic tendency for cleft palletes.
skor: why can't O see the number
waterbroad: Ramon was already smuggling them into the US and keeping them in room 41 (?)
Save: Where is the "8" on the DVD timeline?
oil: center of the scrren Skor, just before the clouds clear
Chatangel: The 8 is after Meyer and Daphene...
skor: ok I am going back one more time
waterbroad: 0:03:21
Chatangel: it appears as if yu are looking through a pair of glasses to me. it starts out large then gets smaller
skor: I had never lostened to the Milch commentary beforem it is amazing
Chatangel: I cried right along with Milch
Chatangel: The commentary helps things but not near enough
oil: Now I wish I had bought the official DVD set
waterbroad: Yes, not only do I see the main #8, but I see multiple 8's and a few infinities
Chatangel: I'll transcribe it for you oil if u'd like
waterbroad: The commentary does fill in a bit
oil: That's OK, I'd rather hear Milch say what he says
Save: It's at 3:22 I'm uploading a screen shot... give me a moment
oil: But Thanks anyways
waterbroad: Yes, milch is great to listen to.
Chatangel: I saw the 8 right side up! :)
waterbroad: Yeahhh!!!!!
skor: IThanks, Save. I usually can do those "magic eye" things, but I am hopeless here
oil: He has very masculine voice
Chatangel: after aboout 8 rewinds I'm doing it again
skor: I bet he has a hairt chest, too!!
waterbroad: Wayne Dyer says 18 is the most spiritual number becasue it represents one with infinity (Power of Intention)
Chatangel: Thank you Save!
waterbroad: Sounds like he has had a few cigarettes in his time
Chatangel: Omgoodness that 8 just pops out now!
waterbroad: Yes, and look for the other 8's
oil: He sounds like he's pounded a few scotches too
waterbroad: yes :)
Chatangel: What is the smybol that it similar to a stop sign but pointed at the top?
Chatangel: shape
waterbroad: and just during the taping
waterbroad: where on the screen?
Chatangel: soon after the 8 it appears on the right between water and the pier
skor: ?her
oil: I have to good night ladies. I used up my daughters allotted 1-1/2 hours of PC time. Lets do this again sometime.
waterbroad: I don't see it, but I see a profile of a face?
oil: say
Chatangel: as they are surfing in...
skor: Night Oil!!!
waterbroad: Yes, we will have to come up with another time
Chatangel: it may be a camera reflection
waterbroad: good night
Chatangel: I see it several times
oil: farewell
Chatangel: It may be from cass's
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Chatangel: night Oil hugs
Chatangel: Where WB
waterbroad: We need to put up screen captures with an override on the areas that we see things.
skor: ok I'm out. Bye! If Save gets the screen shot let me know OK??
Chatangel: Night Suzie ((hugs))
Save: It's really hard to get a good screen shot ow WMP but here is the best I could get:
Chatangel: I have a blank WMP screen on the link
skor: thanks for trying, Save
Save: The 8 is in the upper right corner or the shot but on the live screen it is almost dead center top
skor: night
Chatangel: thanks
skor: I could not open your screen shot
waterbroad: looking
Chatangel: me either
skor: maybe on my other computer
Chatangel: copy right possibly?
Save: try reloading the page
skor: I don't think so chat, screen shot is screen shot
Chatangel: the dvd smybol is in the bottom
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waterbroad: now i can not find it
waterbroad: oh well.
Chatangel: When I lower the laptop screen I can see that something is supposed to be there
Save: This is so weird
waterbroad: I need to get some sleep. An early AM tomorrow. Any ideaa for next week?
Chatangel: too dark sweetie
Chatangel: Isn't weird
Save: J2Ns wanted to do a trivia night but there are no definite plans
Chatangel: Night WB ((hugs))
Chatangel: really I'd love to do a trivia night
Save: I'm going to attempt getting another screen shot while I still have it on the player
waterbroad: Trivia would be fun. I am enjoying our Sat night chats
waterbroad: okay, have a great week. Good night.
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Chatangel: me too... should we start again with epi 1
Chatangel: I'm still here
Chatangel: trying to find what that shape is I see on the screen
Chatangel: It's A polygon
Save: If we do this again I think we should wait a little while. Do something else in between.
Chatangel: agreed found the meaning of the polygon
Chatangel: Meaning of Dreams ... Spiritual Art, Music & Dance Spiritual Awakening ...
Chatangel: it's on the screen after the 8 several times between the water and pier
Chatangel: I had a great time this everning and learned a bunch of new stuff that is hidden in this series
Chatangel: I'm sure there is more
Chatangel: I will be searching the episode to see if I can find more.. I play on computer and do screen shot
Chatangel: Good night sweetie.. love and hugs!
Save: Okay, I think I got it now
Chatangel: ok.. I'll check it
Chatangel: total black screen
Chatangel: ? This is crazy.
Save: hole on... one more try...
Chatangel: what time are you getting up...
Chatangel: Ok I will
Save: Try this link
Chatangel: that one went to the site index
Chatangel: or all the links on the left side of the page
Chatangel: I clicked something wrong still black email it to me and see if it works that way
Save: sent
Save: The shot I can get only shows the bottom loop of the 8 though
Chatangel: I sent you the first and last shots of the links to see what we are seeing
Chatangel: thanks
Chatangel: I attached the photo from a screen shot.. couldn't see from the email link either
Chatangel: this is crazy bless your heart
Save: That is really so strange bc I can atleast see that there are clouds in the shot. Are you using firefox?
Chatangel: Yes 3.0.5
Chatangel: It's crazy.. I'll open Ie and see it show
Chatangel: s
Chatangel: The inside rectangle is alot lighter in IE but can not make anything out
Chatangel: it appears to be a large black rectangle with a purple rectangle inside it
Chatangel: gif appears to be better in IE than the png
Chatangel: as in quailty but can not make anything out
Save: okay, I give up. Maybe somebody else can do it. At least now we know it's at 3:22 on the DVD.