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29 March 2008

Part I: Watch 'John From Cincinnati' from the beginning
Part II:
Pre-Ordered DVD's are now shipping.
Part III:
BOSS Sunflower Seed Campaign Update
Part IV:
Surfing Monad Stickers Sales Update
Part VI: New Monad Earth Day Ware

Part_I: Watch 'John From Cincinnati' from the beginning starting Monday 31 March 2008
JOHN Schedule on
Part_II: Pre-Ordered DVD's are now shipping.
It's not too late to get the 30% discounted price,
$41.99 includes shipping! Use this link to order to get a great price and 4% of the price will go to the upkeep of
BOSS Sunflower Seed Campaign Update
If Zippy can comeback to life then so can JOHN!
Current Donations: $1,196.83

Current General Fund: $491.04
Donate with PayPal to the
This has been a very exciting campaign and we are very happy with the response it has gotten so far!

We were hoping to have the seed delivered this Monday. Unfortunately we had a number of delays, not the least of which are rising grain and shipping (fuel) costs and trying to figure out what kind of shipment would be accepted at HBO's NYC offices. We decided to take some extra time to make sure we will be getting the most seed for our money. Our current quote is $1,333.50 for a ton (40 fifty pound bags) but we are waiting for one more quote to come in on Monday. We will then take the best over-all deal and are shooting for a Friday 04 April delivery.

As stated before, we will be using half the current General Fund to make up the difference. BUT... the more money we have to work with the greater the impact! If you haven't donated already, please consider doing so before Monday 9am EDT.

Part IV: New YouTube Video
I want to thank everyone who offered their assistance with the new video. The ideas inspired me to learn some new video techniques. I have the storyline outlined and am getting clips ready for assembly. And with the help of Ray19 (who is going to try to video the shipment being delivered) I will be putting it together after Friday. Thanks again!

Part V: Surfing Monad Stickers Sales Update
We are very close to selling enough stickers to pay back the General Fund for fronting the money for their purchase. We need to sell 42 more stickers. After that (as per the survey results) profits will be split between the General Fund and site upkeep.

We have hundreds of stickers left at a price of 10 for $6.00.
Order Here

Part VI: New Monad Earth Day Ware

Now available at our shop, Monad Earth Day T-Shirt and Stickers.
Organic Cotton Tee - Made In The USA
Lightweight for summer comfort or winter layering, our Men's Organic T-shirt is one of our most popular fine tees. It's what to wear when you care about having 100% organically-grown cotton next to your skin. The next best thing to nothing, naturally.
Earth Day 2008 Sticker
Our stickers are printed on 4mil vinyl using water and UV resistant inks meaning no fading in the sun or bleeding in the rain.
  • Measures 3" x 5"
  • Printed on durable 4mil vinyl

Thank you for your continued support!

Even if you don't yet see the end game... it's time to get back IN the game!

If you haven't donated already to the BOSS Campaign please consider doing so now... Every little bit helps!
Unused donations will go into the General Fund. Fund money that is not used for Save JOHN efforts will be given to, the organization for which Mitch Yost made public service announcements.

Donate with PayPal!

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