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11 May 2008

Part I:  Our New "Seed-Back" YouTube Video

Part II: Comprehensive Survey Results Are Out

Part III: HBO Submits JOHN for Emmy Consideration

Part IV: JOHN Wins First Penzeys One Award

Part I:  Our New YouTube Video:
2400 lbs. of Bird Seed for 'John From Cincinnati'

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Well it's finally done and we're very happy with the results. 
It's a conceptualized video overview of the campaigns to bring back the HBO original series 'John From Cincinnati' for a second season as a lead-in to our most recent "Seed-Back" campaign. It includes the documentary footage of the 2,400 pounds of bird seed being boxed and delivered to HBO headquarters in NYC.
        Ray, our videographer did a great job.  He got to Mikes Feed Farm early and got that perfect shot of the bird over the sign.  And then even got a bird flying in front of the HBO building in NYC.  Those two shots inspired me to create the storyline of the video around Zippy... and well, you'll see the rest.  Special thanks to Tammy for her leadership in getting "Seed-Back" off the ground and continuing to organize behind the scenes.

Part II: Results of the Comprehensive Viewer's Survey are here!
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         In mid-April I pulled the information we had gathered and went through the process of compiling it in the above document (pdf and doc versions).  The final version is 83 pages long.  Sounds like a lot, I know.  However nearly half of that is every response to the last two questions:
"How did JOHN FROM CINCINNATI impact your life?"  and  "Additional Comments..."  Up until those questions I summarized and gave examples of responses to make the data more manageable.  However, I felt it was important that everyone who took the time to answer was given the opportunity to have their ideas heard in full.
The survey is still up and running as we continue to have people answer it every week.  I am trying to get the collected data put in a form that can be statistically analyzed.  If that can be done I will put out a more in depth document later.

Part III:  HBO Submits JOHN for Emmy Consideration
Despite canceling John From Cincinnati it seems that HBO recognizes what a
brilliant show that it had in hindsight. HBO has submitted JFC for Emmy consideration in the following categories for acting. No doubt they are submitting for consideration for Milch, for writing, and for the series.

Lead Actors: Bruce Greenwood, Brian Van Holt, Austin Nichols,
Lead Actress: Rebecca De Mornay
Supporting Actresses: Keala Kennelly, Emily Rose, Chandra West
Supporting Actors: Greyson Fletcher, Willie Garson, Luis Guzman, Ed O'Neill, Luke Perry, Matt Winston, Garrett Dillahunt, Dayton Callie, Jim Beaver, Paul Ben Victor
jfc cover
Also, keep an eye on eBay for people selling the HBO 2007 Emmy Consideration 22-Disc DVD Set.  They include two episodes of JOHN. Two box sets have already sold for $41 and $51.  The above link is ending within hours but there are sure to be more when the nominees are announced. 
       Oh... Just found another HERE ending in four days.

Part IV:  Penzeys One Magazines' First award goes to JOHN!

Why "John from Cincinnati"?Penzeys One Award
We award David Milch's HBO series "John From Cincinnati" our first ever
Penzeys One Award for so wonderfully, and so beautifully validating the incredible power of love, and for having the strength to do it in a time and place less than entirely receptive to its message. As a cooking magazine, Penzeys One gets to preach the message of Cook to Love to a choir of cooks who, in their hearts, already understand that the carrot is mightier than the stick. "John from Cincinnati" was born into a much tougher neighborhood.

"John From Cincinnati" took over "The Sopranos" Sunday night slot on HBO with seemingly even harsher adult language and situations than its predecessor, but soon jumped the fence to a very different place. A place where cooks (at least the ones who can handle a diet high in salty language) can feel right at home. A place were a simple act of caring can lead to miracles both big and small, and a mother can raise her child at lunch with a tuna salad sandwich.

Among those lucky enough to experience its run, "John from Cincinnati" has opened minds and hearts. David Milch and company have shown that television still has the ability to bridge the distractions that separate us, and open our eyes to all we share in common. By making us aware of the incredible value of the relationships in our lives "John from Cincinnati" enriched us all. Congratulations.

Penzeys One Magazine includes:
  • Lots of mouthwatering recipes your family will love.
  • Creative ideas and tips that will bring fun and variety to all of your meals.
  • Inspiration to expand your cooking boundaries.
  • So much more... pages chock-full of recipes and ideas you can use tonight.

Thank you for your continued support!

Even if you don't yet see the end game... it's time to get back IN the game!

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