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Hello Our Dear Friends & Monad-ista's,

Trishah (SaveJFC) and I (ChatAngel) think it's time that we officially reach out to David Milch to show him our continued support of his work. We feel that a kind gesture is in the spirit of JOHN will help him find a way to continue the story.

And so I have a SaveJFC 2008 calendar (better late than never) that Trishah and I bought, to send him.  And I am also going to send a printed copy of the  results of the Comprehensive Survey we all participated in a couple months ago. This Survey contains some amazing detailed data from fans all OVER the WORLD!! This should supply Milch with an excellent resource for demographics, and audience preferences. Also contains a multitude of information. However, nothing that is identifiable to anyone person.

We also thought that this would be a great opportunity for other Monad brothers and sisters to add a personal note for Mr. Milch to the package. We want to mail the package before July 4th-5th. (This allows everyone at least one week advance notice.)

Please compose your note or letter in a doc or pdf format and attach it to an email addressed to: (Place MILCH NOTE in subject line).  I will print them out as is; SO make sure you spell check! Feel free to be creative! Let me know if you want to add a cd or other media (copies of the ads, music video, docu-video, youtube video, personal video message, etc.) to the package so we can coordinate getting them here in time.

I / We love you all!

Tammy & Trishah

PS: If you'd like a handwritten message, compose your message, scan it into your computer, save as a jpeg.. format not that important. I'll print those too.

I'm also posting this notice to both threads Newest Endeavor - for Mr. Milch! and Our New Endeavor thread... If you don't want to email your message to me, Feel free to POST YOUR MESSAGES for Milch on these boards!

Thank you for your continued support!

Even if you don't yet see the end game... it's time to get back IN the game!

Work here, Cass

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