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14 August 2010

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I. 3rd Anniversary Parade Update

"There's a parade this afternoon down at the pier for Shaun and John. 3:30, 4-o'clock. Don't be no-shows. You're in it."
Dear Fellow Monadista,

It has been so great to connect with so many of our fellow JOHN-lovers over the last week! Finding out about what everyone has been doing and sharing our fond memories of what it was like when we were watching the show for the first time three years ago.

Several people are having JOHN Marathons this weekend. Others have said they really enjoy the photo gallery display on the home page of our new site. Visit us on the forum and see what others are saying and sharing.

Virtual Parade
We'd like to get even more people involved with the Virtual Parade.

Please stop by, watch the video of the last 13 minutes of the show, and add you own comments to join the Anniversary Parade.

Remember Marc Ostrick? He's the genius creator of all that fabulous online content and viral media created for JOHN. Well, he's put up his own site,

The JFC Experience showcases the transmedia work of Executive Producer Marc Ostrick and Producer Julian Pozzi. There are many "lost" videos and never seen before, behind-the-scenes videos of David Milch and cast. This is a must-see experience for anyone who enjoyed the show!

Come visit us on our new site and meet some old friends...


All Your Monadistas Compañeros

Trishah, Admin
Work here, Cass

Connecting all the lost Monadistas

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