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Part I: The Hollywood Reporter Ad & Video Update
Part II: A Variety Ad?
Part III: New JMonad Video

01 October 2007
Part I: The Hollywood Reporter Ad Update
The HR Ad was Published on Friday. Everyone that has seen the ad and contacted me has said what an impressive looking ad it is. We have two dedicated artists to thank for the look and countless others of you, who contributed your insightful ideas, to thank for such a great outcome.

On a personal note, I am impressed that we were able to pull this off with so few bumps along the way. AND, that this was done almost entirely through emails and message boards... In fact, I never talked with the artists on the phone. This is a tribute to the quality of the people JFC has brought together. The internet IS huge.

Print your own copy of the ad by going to our ad page where there is a link to the actual full-page ad graphic.  If you go to Kinko's or a similar printer who has internet access, you can downloaded it right from the site and have it printed in any quality or size you want.

To purchase a copy of Friday's Hollywood Reporter you will be able to find them all over Los Angeles and New York news stands.

Here is the list of all the places to buy.

Or send a check for $8.95, made out to "The Hollywood Reporter" to:
The Hollywood Reporter Library
ATTN: Back Issues
5055 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Companion Video
The companion video to the ad is now out on YouTube and can be viewed on our ad page. I'm not totally happy with the distortions that happened when YouTube translated it from the original into their format. So I am hoping to get a better copy of it for the site that will work on everyone's computer.

Part II: A Variety Ad?
The day our ad came out in The Hollywood Reporter I received an email from the ad rep I had originally spoken with at Variety when we were trying to decide in which paper to publish. The reason we went with HR was simply the price. Variety would have charged us over $7000 as compared with HR's $4,400. Of course, Variety has a larger circulation and would have included 20,000 web hits but we wanted to get the ad out as soon as possible so we went with HR.

Now, Variety is willing to match HR's price if we want to run another black and white full-page ad in their paper by the end of October. This would mean both designing a new ad as a follow-up and raising another $4,400.

Things to Consider Before Deciding
  1. Can we raise the money in time? The facts of the original fund raising are these: There were 59 people who donated money towards the HR ad. Of those, 58 people accounted for $2,345 of the total $5,354. This means that, if our "angel investor" decides not to contribute to a second ad, everyone who has already contributed would have to come up with twice as much for the ad and press release service.

  2. What happens to the extra money that should now go to Our original deal was that any money collected that was not used for the HR ad would be given to The organization for which Mitch Yost did his public service announcements. This amount is now $554.95. I will keep my opinion on this to myself for now, and just give you some possible options:
    1. Give this money to as planned and start a new fund for Variety.
    2. Let everyone who contributed to the HR ad decide what to do with their percent of the remaining amount. IWO, for every $1.00 you contributed you get to say what to do with 10.37¢ of the $554.95.
    3. Roll it all over to the new ad and give the remainder of what is left over then. If we DON'T collect enough for the Variety ad then will get even more money, however, if we DO get enough for the ad then could get even less or nothing.

  3. Is this what we want to spend our time on? We have yet to see all the articles written about our latest efforts since weekly columns may not have come out yet. The rate of signatures to the main petition has reduced over the last several weeks. Is collecting money and designing another ad the best way to bring JFC back for a second season?

  4. Will HBO listen? Will another ad get HBO to take us seriously and actually consider giving us a second season? Or do they just want us to stop bugging them about it and go away? As a partial answer to this question, you will have to read this letter, dated 27 September 2007, that Bill Mesce, Manager of HBO's Consumer Affairs wrote in reply to the letter written a couple of months ago by appliedpsych from the HBO Member Created Threads.
To Discuss These Questions
For now, we will be working on the HBO Member Created Thread: Hollywood Reporter Ad Fund Is On, at If it is decided to go ahead with a Variety ad I will create new thread for that later.

Part III: New JMonad Video
On JMonad's YouTube page, he has added another video to his "favorites" list. Here is the link to the new video: JMonad's YouTube profile can be found at:

And as always....  Work here, Cass.

HBO Contact Information

HBO Consumer Affairs: 212-512-1000

HBO Headquarters

1100 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036
Phone: 212-512-1000
Fax: 212-512-1182

Carolyn Strauss
HBO Entertainment

2500 Broadway, Ste. 400
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Time Warner Addresses - Parent Company of HBO
Warner Inc.
One Time Warner Center
New York, NY 10019-8016

Richard D. Parsons
Chairman and
Chief Executive Officer,
Time Warner

c/o Office of the Corporate Secretary
Time Warner Inc.
One Time Warner Center
New York, NY 10019-8016

Edward Adler
Executive Vice President

Corporate Communications
Time Warner Inc.
One Time Warner Center
New York, NY 10019-8016

Susan Duffy
Vice President

Corporate Communications
Time Warner Inc.
One Time Warner Center
New York, NY 10019-8016

Mia Carbonell
Executive Director

Corporate Communications
Time Warner Inc.
One Time Warner Center
New York, NY 10019-8016

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