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04 October 2007
The Hollywood Reporter Fund & Donation to

Ad Fund Financial Information.
We hired to distribute our press release for $399 and the full-page B/W ad in the Friday edition of The Hollywood Reporter cost $4,400 for a total cost of $4,799.00.  As of today, Thursday 04 October 2007, the total amount collected is: $5,377.90 giving us a difference of: $578.92. Donation
When the HR Ad Fund was created, our agreement was that "Any money donated to the ad that is not used will go to, the organization for which Mitch Yost (actor Bruce Greenwood) made a Public Service Announcement."

Now, some people who contributed have told me that they would like to keep their money in the fund to finance future Save John From Cincinnati efforts.  Others would like theirs to go to as per the original agreement. 

The Resolution
After much consideration, I believe that the only ethical way to resolve this situation is for each person who donated to decide for themselves what to do with their percentage of the remaining money.  This means that for every $1.00 you contributed you can direct 10.765 cents of the remaining money to either SaveJFC efforts or (578.92 / 5,377.90 = .10765).  Example: If you donated the suggested $25.00 the percentage you can direct is $2.69 (25 x .10765 = 2.69).

Below is the total of your personal contributions and the percentage of the remaining HR Ad Fund that you can direct.  You can simply reply to this email and vote for either SaveJFC Efforts or Please reply by 11 October 2007. 

For the people who do not reply and make a choice, I will abide by the original agreement and send their percentage to

Your Contribution and Percentage is:

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