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Original Postcard Campaign Information
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General Information
As part of a grass roots movement to try to save the HBO series "John From Cincinnati" a monad postcard campaign was suggested. As a service to this end, I found an environmentally friendly printer,, who gave us a very good deal. As of 04 Sept 2007 we collected $448 which turned into 828 postcards! Our printer will be mailing 10 postcards every business day which means HBO will be receiving postcards every day through mid-November... which is the same time that the major online petition (6100+ signatures) will arrive at HBO.

As an additional tribute to the show, we decided to go with two postcard designs. The most voted for single monad (#6 single round "Somethings...") being mailed first, and the most voted for group monad (#1 group oval) being mailed after that. Our wonderful printer, Alfonso, at, will be mailing approximately 12 postcards a day. Given the number of cards to be mailed, the last of the campaign cards will be mailed to HBO the end of October/early November 2007... about the same time as the largest online petition (


Postcard & Teddy Bear Campaigns

Another postcard campaign took a slightly different approach... Their cards were a bit more expensive but that was made up for by their larger size. Their message was simple... "HBO Don't Dump Out".
         Additionally, they worked with a manufacturer and created teddy bears wearing monad t-shirts. These were also sent to HBO headquarters in NY. At current count they have sent 400 Postcards and 168 Bears.
50 Mendell Street #5 • San Francisco, CA 94124
(415) 218-4893 • 888-473-3603 can print any number of materials from postcards, posters, door-hangers, announcements, and anything else that goes on paper.

(Please Note: Though the printer will make a profit on the printing [because he is
in the business of making money] no one else will make a penny on this.)

Postcard Design Information

postcard vote

Vote hosted by

1) group oval 2) group round

3) single oval 4) single oval "Somethings..."

5) single round 6) single round "Somethings..."

Financial Information

The paper is called "Reincarnation". It is 13 point stock, 100% Recycled and 50% Post Consumer.

Original Quote for printing & mailing cards:

  1,000 @ 0.562 cents each = $   562

Printing for 1,000 6 x 4.25 cards = $0.17 each or $170
First-Class Mail® Large Postcards (6" by 4-1/4") = $0.41 each or $410
Total is $170 + $410 = $580 or $0.58
We are getting the cards for $0.562 each because they are black & white

Donations collected: $448.00
÷ cost to print & mail one card: $     0.562
Total postcards =     848

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