A Quick Intro to the HBO Series John from Cincinnati

John From Cincinnati was created by the acclaimed David Milch (responsible for HBO's Deadwood) and Kem Nunn (the surf-noir novelist) who make John From Cincinnati feel like the Imperial Beach of television - not quite in this world, but not quite out of it.

The Place:

The indicate is perfectly located in Imperial Beach (IB), California - the last stretch of surf territory before entering Mexico, and an spot which captures that desolate, end-of-the-world feel. It's hard to tell whether it's the perfect place for the Apocalypse or a miracle. The cast is spread out around the territory, convening at one major space - the Snug Harbor Motel. The other regular locales include the Yost home, the surf shop (also owned by the Yosts), Kai's trailer, Bill's home, the coffee shop, and the motel where Linc and Cass are staying.

The Family:

John From Cincinnati focuses on a (somewhat) traditional family. Enter the Yosts, the nexus of the IB failures, misfits, and shady characters. The three generations include Mitch and Cissy Yost, their son Butchie, and his son, Shaun. While it is obvious Mitch and Butchie each had their own reign in the surfing world (and Shaun, only 14, who has Butchie's surf skills is likely to have his too), now the Yosts face an onslaught of dreadful luck, anger, addiction, and pain. But there is hope and that hope lies with John.

The Stranger:

John Monad (From Cincinnati). John Monad is a stranger, who isn't really from Cincinnati, and he is something else. After his arrival, the Yosts are touched by something otherworldly - something greater than anyone of them can imagine - and John seems to be the source. John's presence has already broken boundaries of time, space, and logic and one can only imagine what's next.

The Extended Family:

Bill Jacks is still a cop, even if he is no longer with the police force, even if he has completely isolated in retirement, grieving over his wife Lois. His house is chunky of parrots and cockatoos that encourage him through life and he tries to remain strong enough to fill the gaps that Butchie has made in Shaun's life.

Kai is like the glue holding what's left of the Yosts together. She maintains the surf shop, takes care of Shaun and Butchie, and generally keeps things as level with the family as possible. Tina Blake gave birth to Shaun, but abandoned him on Cissy's doorstep because she knew that he would have a better life that intention. After leaving IB, she became an adult film star and only returned when she saw Shaun's accident on the news. She's hoping to have a second chance in Shaun's life, but Cissy is far from blissful about her return.

The Remaining Astronomical Players:

Linc Stark customary to represent Butchie in his prime and comes back for a second helping of the Yosts after seeing Shaun's tape. Linc has a lot of obstacles to overcome before the Yosts will allow him to portray Shaun, especially since Mitch blames Linc for Butchie's downfall.

Meyer Dickstein is the lawyer (engaged to a fiancÚ that frightens him, played by Jennifer Grey of "Dirty Dancing" fame) that loves surfing and is dedicated to helping Butchie stay alive and well. He serves as the local law expert, although he does focus on Butchie.

Barry Cunningham, the new owner of the Snug Harbor Motel, won $11 million in the dwelling lottery and returned to IB with the hope of making friends, improving the Motel, and overcoming the past to create a better future.

Cass is supposed to be all about vintage, but she's about a enormous deal more than that. Her camera will hold the key to questions that haven't even been proposed yet. Originally posing as a filmmaker for Linc, she has since become a free agent and has changed her focus from Mitch to John.

Exact Freddy Lopez knows Butchie from Hawaii, before Butchie became a heroin addict and misplaced his talent. While Freddy is ultimately a tough criminal, he has a soft spot for Butchie and his family and will do his best to protect them.

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