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StinkweedUSA.com was created by Ostrick Productions as the "real" website for the company owned by Linc Stark, a character on the HBO original series 'John From Cincinnati'. The Stinkweed site also features video of real-life surfers doing promotional work for the fictional brand.

After the series was cancelled, HBO permanently took down the site. Since you can no longer visit StinkweedUSA.com we have put together a few screen shots of what the site looked like...

For more information about the site see: jfc.wikia.com/wiki/StinkweedUSA

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Stinkweed.com Homepage
Stinkweed logo and actor Luke Perry as Linc Stark, Stinkweed's founder.

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StinkweedUSA interior page "We're Here You're Not.

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Stinkweed Logo t-shirt originally sold on the HBO.com website are no longer available.

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StinkLead.com is a fan website created the day after "His Visit: Day One" aired.

At the end of the episode, Cass sends a text message to Linc, with the address: "lincstark@stinklead.com". This is probably a continuity error -- Linc's company is Stinkweed, and there is an official website at StinkweedUSA.com.

A John From Cincinnati fan opened the "Stinklead" site, with the text: "Coming Soon".

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