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Other Things to Send HBO...

Here are just some of the suggestions people have come up with for things to send HBO that will tell them how much we want another season of John From Cincinnati. Have more ideas? Tell us so we can add them to the list.

Here they are!

The One Zero Zero Dollar Bills

of the United People of Monad!

This note is tender for all John From Cincinnati protests. Each page has three full-sized bills that should print top and center of the paper.
Write your message on them and
send to HBO

Print Front       Print Back

Tikiyaki says: "This is what I sent to HBO. I think it gets the message across loud and clear."

full-size front    full-size back
Things sent by svengali2 (HBO Community Forums):
  • Sending a bunch of cards with various designs,
  • 6 bears,
  • 2 metal signs with "John's parking, all others will be towed,"
  • 3 small metal licence plates with "John",
  • 1 ugly plastic lizard,
  • few pens with lizard covers."
What have you sent HBO?
Let us know.

By AppliedPsych at HBO Forum "Canceled":

Here's what I sent to 10 HBO & Time Warner Execs

This is pure bee honeycomb. The Bee Farm below worked with me to produce the label that went on each package.

Durhans Bee Farm

They have kept the graphic on file in case other want to use their services.
Handwritten Monad
Old surf boards "Bear Bottles"
of honey

Handwritten "Stinkweed"
Teddy Bears with
monad t-shirts
Jars of Ocean
Water or Sand
  Packets of honey
Hand-painted Honey Bee
Inflatable Bee
Purple salamanders


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