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Variety's American Film Market issue
31 October 2007
Our full-page ad came out today in Variety and on and the press release went out early this morning. Our purpose is to get answers fromHBO to our questions about how to get more of the story developed. In recent days there have been several articles talking about the changing trends in how viewers are watching content [see News]. We feel this is a perfect opportunity to explore alternative ways of getting new JOHN episodes made and financed. We will continue to work on our new endeavors to bring back the show on the forum please come by and join us.
         The ad is just one part of a larger effort to keep getting the word out to all the "Monadistas" that have not yet found us. In the coming days we will be adding to our list of Things You Can Do to help the effort. And as alway...

Work here, Cass.

Our Ad In Variety, Wednesday 31 October 2007

This Variety Ad ran Wednesday 31 October 2007. Variety called this their "AFM Issue" or American Film Market. A Monadista within the industry wrote and told us the following:
"AFM is a big deal simply because of the "everyone is there" factor. Essentially it is the biggest film market in L.A. And although very few big movies are sold there for domestic theatrical distribution, lot of big studios do international distribution deals there -- as well as the countless independent producers either looking to buy or sell films. What is great about AFM though is it all basically happens at one large hotel in Santa Monica. So...Variety and Hollywood Reporter stock free copies of their magazines there every day of the film market...and as I said before, every person walking through that lobby tends to pick them both up. The fact that the AFI Film Fest is going on around the same time is also great for much of the same reasons."

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