Work here, Cass.

Great! Glad you've decided to join us in our efforts to continue the story of John From Cincinnati.

We are working in three areas. (1) Stay visible. (2) Get connected. (3) Show HBO why they should reconsider their decision.

The full-page ads keep us visible so that it is known we are not going away. By staying connected with other Monadistas we are supported and have the advantage of a wealth of diverse knowledge and experiences. And since the ratio of number of viewers to cost of program is important to HBO it must be important to us.

Below are instructions on what to do to find all those lost Monadistas (i.e., Friends of John From Cincinnati) and show your support for JFC. If you have a suggestion for this page email it to:
HBO Is Watching John's YouTube
We've been told that HBO is watching the number of people who subscribe to jmonad's profile and videos on YouTube. So take a few minutes and do the following.
  1. Get a YouTube Account
    If you don't have a free YouTube account click "Sign Up" in the upper right corner and fill in the form. When you do and click "Sign Up" at the bottom they will send you a verification email to the address you entered.

  2. Click the link in the email they send you and you will be taken back to the site and will already be signed in and ready to go.

  3. Go to John Monad's profile on YouTube:

  4. Click on the orange button.

  5. Then click each one of the videos in his "Favorites" section and hit all the buttons there also.

  6. Now, every time John adds a new video to his profile you'll be notified.

  7. EasyLinks to subscribe to all JFC YouTube Profiles:
  8. Also...

    Leave a text comment regarding the website when viewing a video.

    Say something like:

    "JFC Fans! Join us at SaveJFC dot net, sign the petition. And subscribe to user "jmonad" videos because HBO is watching."

    Please note that YouTube doesn't allow you to write "" it has to be "SaveJFC dot net". Don't worry, YouTubers are used to this.

Bring up JOHN in conversations around the water cooler, at Lunch, Breakfast and Dinner. Take your mug everywhere. Sound excited, excitement is contagious. Talk up the show and the efforts for it's return, let people know why you want the show brought back.

Blank business card sheets can be purchased at most office supply stores. The pack include directions for printing.

Business cards can also be ordered for only the cost of shipping at because the back will have a small section advertising VistaPrint.

Send Monad Holiday Cards
Our new holiday Monad Card can be bought as a single card or in packs of 10 or packs of 20. The message inside says, "May the spirit of JOHN FROM CINCINNATI keep you eligible throughout the year!"

There are T-Shirts, Hoodies, Sweat Shirts, Mugs, and even a Teddy Bear sporting this festive design.
If you would like a different product with this picture or any other, please email us and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

2008 Monad Calendar
And here is our 2008 Calendar with 12 unique monad designs. Original art was contributed by Rajunz, chau_oops, and Trishah. You can see all the designs and purchase the calendar at: 2008 Monad Calendar.

All profits go to the upkeep of website.
Sign The Petition
Click the "Petition" tab above then click the "Sign The Petition" link. It's a great way to show your support of JFC's return.

List of All Petitions Mugs



Purchase JFC DVD
Buy Here Since it's release Amazon has dropped the price to under $30.
And when you click through from this site, a portion of the price will go to the upkeep of this site!

Add To Emails
As a signature, try something like:

"If you liked 'John From Cincinnati' join the effort to bring him back!"

Add your favorite catch-phrase from the show: "I'm here on orders from my bird." "Work here, Cass." "I want a seal that barks my name."
Copy and save one of these graphic to your hard drive then add it to your email signature.

Add JFC Video Links to your emails and email signatures.

Go to our Video Page and find one that you like. At the bottom of each picture it will say "YouTubeLink". Right-click these words and copy then paste this link into your emails.

To make it a clickable link in an php email, use this code.

<a href="ADD_YouTubeLink_Here">Here's my favorite JFC Video!</a> Two-sided
"What Would John Do?"
Buy some ware
and make sure you wear it every opportunity in public, ie baseball games, at the mall, out fishing, shopping at WalMart.

Buy the DVD's when they come out, let people know you have a copy and wouldn't mind letting them them borrow it. tell people once you watch one episode your going to be hooked. Yard Sign
Comprehensive 'JOHN' Viewer's Survey
This survey is designed to gather a better picture of 'John From Cincinnati' viewers and their opinions about the show and HBO.

We need this information to better articulate the case for continuing the show to HBO. on MySpace
Go to and click on "Add to Friends" under the "Contacting savejfc" section.

Subscribe to Newsletter: Sign Me Up!

John From Cincinnati on Hey!Nielsen
Hey! is an effort by Nielsen Ratings to get a wider variety and more accurate representation of what viewers really want and think.
     Logon, create an account, and then click the and buttons and give your opinion of the show and rank other peoples opinions.
     According to their "quick start guide #4" we can add ONE (1) opinion daily per topic on Hey!
     Please start blogging, and searching everything, John From Cincinnati, then place an opinion about it on the Hey!Nielsen JFC page. This will keep JFC's ratings high.

Visit HBO Forums Often Discussions about the ads and related savejfc efforts are on the Member Created Threads.

Welcome Newbies
When you notice a new (1-3 time) poster on any thread "welcome" them. Sign their guest book, send them a PM that includes the url and Our New Endeavor page.

chatangel suggested this because she found the member created boards by accident, "without a bookmark HBO makes it difficult to find your way back."

Make a small sign to go in the rear of your car window, since it has to be read on the go, try to keep the words down and the type big.

Take JFC to the streets!
Print out a copy of our origianl ad. Make your own. Or printout one of the screen saver pictures and write "Save John From Cincinnati -". Then put them everywhere people will see them...
  • Telephone poles (where legal)
  • Mailbox posts
  • Grocery Store bulletin Boards
  • Library Bulletin boards
  • ATMs
  • Apartment Complex Bulletin boards
  • Community Center Bulletin boards
  • Retirement home bulletin boards
  • Laundromat bulletin boards
  • College dorms (only if you're a resident)
  • Bus stop shelters
  • Locally owned stores (with permission)
  • Church bulletin boards
  • Pay phones
  • Oil/Tire Change and other car maintenance-type businesses Posters & Stickers

Mini Poster Print Sticker (Oval) Sticker (Oval) Sticker (Bumper)
HBO Contact Information
HBO Headquarters
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Fax: 212-512-1182
Fax: 212-512-5698

HBO Consumer Affairs:

HBO Studio Productions
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Carolyn Strauss
HBO Entertainment

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Michael Lombardo, President,
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Bill Nelson, CEO
Eric Kessler, Co- president
Richard Plepler, Co-president
Harold Akselrad, Co-president
David Baldwin, Executive Vice President, Program Planning
Robert Roth, Executive Vice President and CFO,
Time Warner Addresses - Parent Company of HBO
Warner Inc.
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